Abel Sanchez: “I think Canelo’s vindicated. They put on the kind of fight that clean good fighters put on, giving us the thrills in every round!

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The Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez rematch happened one year after the first, but it turned out to be well worth the wait, as the combatants put on one of the best fights of the year. Going into the match, there was a lot of talk on both sides about the controversy of the first bout and the positive drug tests from Canelo. In the end, the fight itself exceeded expectations and both fighters left the ring with a greater respect for each other.

Trainer Abel Sanchez was one of the biggest critics of Canelo Alvarez, pointing to both his approach to the first bout and the positive test that delayed the rematch. I had a chance to speak to Abel in the aftermath of the rematch and get his views on the fight and Canelo’s performance. Abel breaks down the key moments in the bout and talks about AlvarezĀ Gambling in the match by standing in front of Golovkin. Here is what Abel Sanchez had to say.

Jenna J: This weekend, boxing fans were treated to a heck of a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Can you talk a little about the fight?

Abel Sanchez: I think that we got the fight that we were all hoping we would get. We got a real classic between two of the best fighters in the middleweight division. I think they are separated by one round in the first fight and one round in this fight.

The twelfth round was a pivotal round in this fight and two of the judges had it for Canelo. There’s a lot of dispute about what people think but the bottom line is, the three competent judges had Canelo winning by one round, and we have to accept the fact that that’s the decision.

Jenna J: Were you at all surprised that Canelo came forward and took the fight to Golovkin?

Abel Sanchez: No, we knew that we had not only goaded him enough but there was pressure on him to perform for his fans. I think they both fought a fantastic fight. Two gladiators came out of the ring as champions. They both gave everything in the ring and I think that’s what we wanted.

Jenna J: Do you think this performance vindicates Canelo for the positive PED test?

Abel Sanchez: I think he’s vindicated. I think that he fought the kind of fight that his fans and the fans in general expected. He fought the kind of fight that he talked about. He made a mistake and we have to believe that he did it, he was checked twelve to fourteen times for this fight and they were all negative. They put on the kind of fight that clean good fighters put on, giving us the thrills in every round. The pace was unbelievable, it was great to see from the corner.

Jenna J: You urged Gennady to be very active in the twelfth round, did you feel the fight was held in the balance going into that last round?

Abel Sanchez: I thought that we needed to make sure of a win, you close strong and you do the things that you need to do to show the judges that you’re in control. I thought we won the twelfth round and a lot of people do also, but that’s the beauty of having three unobstructed views from ringside to judge a fight with unbiased eyes. Unfortunately for us, that round was the difference.

Jenna J: In the tenth and eleventh round, Gennady seemed to hurt Canelo. Were you surprised that Canelo held up to that?

Abel Sanchez: No, I knew that he would hold up. I’ve seen him train, I’ve seen him fight before, I’ve had him in the gym with us before, so I know that he’s an exceptional fighter. I hope that that would have happened earlier in the fight so that we could have had more time to hurt him.

These two guys left their hearts in the ring at the end of twelve rounds. I’m sure the things they said to each other after the fight will never be known but I’m sure they were of mutual respect and admiration for what they had just done.


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16 Responses to "Abel Sanchez: “I think Canelo’s vindicated. They put on the kind of fight that clean good fighters put on, giving us the thrills in every round!"
  1. aboutfkntime says:

    props to Abel Sanchez, who has proven that he has class

    I hope the rest of Golovkin’s supporters take notice

  2. Redd Foxx says:

    I agree. I did believe it was meat contamination.

    • DARKSEID says:

      How do you explain canelo looking more jacked at 154 than he did in the golovkin rematch, which was before he got caught.

      I’m sorry but anyone who believes the failed tests were due to meat contamination have some pretty flimsy standpoints lol

      How many mexican fighters eat mexican meat, and canelo was the only one who failed 2 drugs tests lol?

      • Bjl12 says:

        Many boxers (especially Mexicans) like HOF Erik Morales, football players and weight lifters, as well as children soccer teams have tested positive for Clenbuterol after living/training/playing in Mexico.

        Canelo’s levels were at meat contamination amounts:


        Canelo fought BETTER with enhanced testing between 1st and 2nd fights = No clen.

        Why did he “look” different? Because he “trained” different. Notice how Canelo’s stamina wasn’t as bad? No clen.

  3. bigdunny1 says:

    I feel like I’m in the upside down Sanchez has been nothing but gracious admitting defeat manned up no excuses like a man. Unlike GGG who stormed out the ring like sore loser skipping his interview, or loeffler who has been tweeting and making excuses to the media like a bytch. Sanchez the crazy loud mouth is actually the only adult in that camp.

  4. DramaShow says:

    Horse****. Even if he knocked ggg out in the first round he still failed a drugs test, hes a cheat.

  5. mrpain81 says:

    Abel did a great job at baiting Canelo to fight toe to toe, it’s too bad GGG couldn’t capitalize and resorted to the Cuban school of boxing.

    Props to Abel for admitting the truth and letting the world know his horse is on his way to the glue factory.

  6. BigStomps says:

    Why is Abel Sanchez steadily swinging off Canelo’s nutts like George of the jungle??

  7. gabossboy says:

    Abel knew GGG was loosing the fight and repeatedly instructed him to stop backing up and fight this guy. He realized that there was some harsh things being said during the lead-up and that could cost GGG a rematch. Perhaps, he wanted to right those wrongs to ensure another opportunity. He also realized that GGG was getting bullied by a smaller fighter who came up in weight.

  8. Slimjoe says:

    They did not expect Canelo to come forward, GGG was lost when he saw Canelo right in his face. I guess he did not train for that kind of fight

  9. mrpain81 says:

    I would hire Abel just to talk shit, he has a big mouth and is a funny mofo.

    The promotion should give him a bonus, after a few times “Good boy” “Mexican Style” and “big drama show” from GGG sounds like a Muppet getting his string pulled by a toddler.

  10. Japanese Boxing says:

    He didn’t even win the fight, shit judges. Boxing needs vindication more than this can.

  11. MisanthropicNY says:

    So we’re going to pretend like GGG isn’t almost 37?

  12. Thaman2x says:

    The Old age argument is horse****. Had GGG knocked Canelo out, would age have been a factor in that too? You can’t have it both ways.

    Able Sanchez has been talking positive about Canelo for 1 of 3 reasons:

    1. He hopes to get a rematch and **** talking after a loss will make Canelo and GBP less likely to do a trilogy
    2. He has an inkling that GGG is going to seek out a replacement trainer.
    3. He has a strong desire to stand in Canelo’s corner at some point.

    Either way, I applaud him for accepting the decision. It was a close fight, I scored it 115/113 for Canelo. Rewatched it several times without the D-Rider Lampley in my ear, and maintained that score. 3/4’s of GGG’s jabs never even landed. Canelo’s peek-a-boo defense (having his hands near his face) took the brunt of those jabs and as a result of the proximity to his head, when the punches hit his gloves, his own gloves moved his head back. That’s not a landed punch.

    Good Day folks

  13. Verus says:

    I know some people believe Canelo was given the nod over GGG because he had a better game plan and fought a better fight. But that is just wrong. The real reason (take your pick) is: De La Hoya paid off the judges, Canelo is a cheating PED abuser, GGG is old, the Nevada boxing scene is corrupt, or because a Mexican Shaman put the evil eye hex on GGG and forced him to back up all night.

    In this age of conspiracy theories, the next excuse the GGG clown car will come up with is that Abel Sanchez was secretly working for Canelo.

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