Alex Ariza kicks Freddie Roach and coaches nearly comes to blows in wild scuffle ahead of the Pacquiao bout (video)

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There was a bit of a dust up at the gym in Macau, China, ahead of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios bout. The situation seems to have started due to Freddie Roach wanting to have the gym and Robert Garcia insisting that he was not going anywhere until he was done with the media and Brandon finished his work out. Things took a turn for the worse when Alex Ariza got into the mix and started telling Roach to “get the f*ck out of here.”

In the video you see Ariza kick Roach. Also, Roach gets into it with another member of camp Rios and started throwing insults that were ethnically based, and nearly got Roach hurt when the much larger man wanted to hurl more then insults back at Freddie. The crazy situation ended with Ariza making fun of Roaches stuttering, and Roach ultimately leaving the gym. The fight is less then 4 days away and already you can tell there is fireworks in store for the battle in Macau.

One has to wonder if this type of distraction is good or bad before the big fight or whether or not it will change either trainers approach to the bout. I would have to think both teams will check this kind of controversy at the door and let the fighters do the fighting, because that is what the boxing fans are really looking for.

Here is a video of the scuffle brought to you you can see how events unfolded.

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18 Responses to "Alex Ariza kicks Freddie Roach and coaches nearly comes to blows in wild scuffle ahead of the Pacquiao bout (video)"
  1. warlito nodela says:

    what a….so unnecessary….they are a bunch of uneducated fellas….ariza is such an idiot…why make fun of roach’s pd…big boy with small brains…

  2. nonito says:

    Team Rios showed how unethical they are..
    specially Ariza who acted like a mentally deranged man ..

  3. pacgirl says:

    What a bunch of losers! Especially Ariza. Come on man, you gotta grow up!

  4. tony c says:

    the resort should take some action on this incident and impose some criminal justice against Ariza. There was no need to kick Freddie and the whole event was very distasteful. If the argument was regarding the use of the time allotted to each camp the resort should in fact notify the authorities in China and impost some form of justice after the fight as this is bad for business. Robert should have also controlled Alex as he works for Robert.

  5. this ariza is insecure man coz his fighter brandon will took a beating and smash with pacquiaos mighty arsenal it will be unleash this saturday come fight night i cant wait to see this it will be an easy fight for pacman. pacquiao will make a statement and show his tools for what his all about rios will be a walking punching bag with pacquiaos powerful wrath,………………………………………..

  6. freddie roach this bunch of robert garcia nonsense people kick there ass tell to pacquiao to keep his hands full and destroy and demolish this proud rios man in the ring period………………….

  7. sir freddie this stupid people robert camp will pay the price come fight night pacquiao will do it to dismantle this proud guy rios this saturday it will be payday mr. freddie keep pacquiao warm up always coz saturday it will be explosive coz pacquiao will explode smash this rios out of nowhere., dont miss it,…………………………destroy bam2x……………………………………………….

  8. FUKCED team RIOS…fucked DRUG ADDICT ALEX ARIZA…after that fight…you will go big time loosers and go back to your old COKE country of columbia…mother fucker assssss tiny brain…and that mother fucker mexicans fat dwarf chiken your so lucky im not there asss hole…i will eat your mother fucker race… that country is nothing but corrupted and the center of all DRUG CARTELLAS…..Mexico

  9. bokhunter says:

    Actually guys, you don’t have say dirty words regarding race or country. The fault was on Ariza, He’s not supposed to be involve but he’s a sucker. He build himself not to be fired by Robert someday. But he knows nothing about boxing how can he be hired again by well known coaches? Most of the boxers fired him. Later on Garcia will realize if he’s really of good help to them then he will fire him either.

    • Jose says:

      I’m half Mexican and you couldn’t walk behind me . I’d break you like I’d break off your moms. You know your girl love that Mexican dick. Jealousy does not be come you.

  10. yua says:

    we want roach vs ariza for the welterweight bout…hahaha

  11. inbetween says:

    ariza…come over to pilippines..especially at gen san..roach is our son..we going to eat all of your flesh..

  12. PACMANUSA says:

    Good Lord willing PACMAN will beat down Rios like the little wetback female dog he is !

    I hope PACMAN beats him so bad he has no choice but to retire !

    • Jose says:

      Where the you dumb asses think Manny Pacquiao came from idiots. And get off Pacquiao’s dick. And that guy Freddy was referring to isn’t even Mexican smart asses. 1 more thing don’t get mad at us Mexicans cause we are either running thru your sisters, Mothers, girl friends, Cousins, Daughters You can find us every where soon in your own living room. Getting ready to have a baby with at least 1 of your family members!!!!!!

  13. ultimate shlong says:

    The whole scenario was a rice cooker ready to explode. The parties involved & the situation at hand were the perfect recipe for such blowout. Roach & Garcia’s camp were never in good terms since the Pac vs. Margarito fight. Garcia’s camp were shown on video mocking Roach’s disease on youtube that was uploaded by that Jewish reporter Elie Seckbach, this was in 2010. Garcia & team issued an apology that Roach accepted but the hatred is still there ever since. Elie was forever banned from WildCard gym also.

    In regards to Ariza, well Roach fired him due to personal reasons & this gave Ariza more ammunition to hate on Roach, among other things. The Garcia team then hired Ariza due to the success he brought to Manny’s camp through the years.

    This whole fiasco could’ve been avoided for sure but, Roach most likely felt disrespected because it was his gym time & it was being wasted by the least of his favorite group of people on the planet. If it was another camp, it’s most likely that Roach will give way & let them use his gym time respectfully.

  14. Mike#1 pacquiaofan says:

    Many news before that ariza is a big asshole but still I don’t believe it before But now I KNOW after what he’d done with FreDDie. TRAITOR man Traitor! After he got most of his fortune and money to Freddie because of Pacquiao fights. He should show some respect man… He is now the right hand of LUCI… Hater advised: ARIZA,Never walk in a crowded place alone, many fan of BOXING is looking for you. They will eat u alive.. I just hope NoNitO DONaire will not influence by the bad attitude of his Trainer And team. STAY In FILIPINO traits NONITO.. God bless Manny and Freddie..

  15. Alfonso says:

    Listen people if you have ever been in an altercation like this one, you’d know that when some takes a step towards he/she isn’t trying to give you hug. Since Freddy has the prize pupil he was trying show his authority or use his fame to bully the Rios camp out of the gym. The fact is Freddy made racial remarks toward to groups of people and this should be the focus. If someone had said the “N” word, it would be on the front page news. The fact is Freddy has a temper, insulted Robert Garcia and made move towards Alex Ariza. This doesn’t excuse Alex Arizas remarks. Either way this was distasteful on both ends and when temper fly high, you end up seeing peoples true colors.

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