Amir Khan vs. Adrien Broner continues to make waves

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The proposed bout between Amir ‘King’ Khan 28-3(KO19) and Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner 27-1(KO22) has without a doubt got everyone on the current boxing scene talking, not to mention Khan and Broner themselves.

It does however seem that the fight is destined not to come to fruition at this juncture, although the rivalry and verbal sparring between the two fighters via social network won’t be deterred.

Broner is rumored to be moving down a weight class back to 140 to face John Molina, while Khan may possibly be signing with the power wielding adviser, Al Haymon. Whether or not this whole situation bears any fruit, remains to be seen.

Khan was thought to be in pole position as the next man in line for a shot at the cash king and current Pound for Pound linchpin Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. With Floyd Mayweather 45-0(KO26) ripping up the script and opting to take on the man who gave Adrien Broner his first loss–Argentine brawler Marcos Rene ‘El Chino’ Maidana 35-3(KO31)–instead of Khan, it certainly fueled the fire for what now seems to be a bigger fight as every day passes.

‘King’ Khan had this to say on his Twitter page, “Broner should keep quiet. Malignaggi beat him but didn’t get it. Maidana the fight after destroyed him and I would make him retire.” Khan then went on to try and wind up Broner some more with his next Twitter post, accompanied by various pictures of Khan knocking Maidana down with a body shot back in late 2010 and pictures of Broner on the canvas against the Argentinean. Khan said, “Me v Maidana. Broner v Maidana. Broner looking at the pictures you was in a lot of trouble. I rest my case!”

Adrien Broner responded via his Instagram site: “Khan aint shit!!!!! OK, I admit I got hit by some great shots by one hell of a puncher and I hit the canvas, but this guy, Amir Khan can get hit by the wind and he will fall. Check this shit out, he go down more than a prostitute. #GlassJaw #ChickenShit.”

The Bolton native then offered his riposte to Broner: “Just got told Broner doesn’t run his twitter page. He can’t read or write. It’s probably one of his stripper girls typing it for him.”

Khan also accused Mayweather Jr. of being “full of shit.”

It goes on and on and more than likely will continue to build until the two pugilists meet head on inside the squared circle. The two fighters are doing a cracking job of hyping any potential future bout.

Let’s just put everything that has been said to one side for a moment and get down to what really matters – Who wins between ‘King’ Khan and ‘The Problem’?

We all know there are a lot of points to be raised for both boxers’ cases. If the fight does indeed happen at some stage, how would you see the bout going down between Khan and Broner? Would it be a worthwhile fight that could headline on its own, or is it more of an under card bout?

On top of that, the main thing regarding both former world champions – Who would have the best chance of defeating Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and why?

Can Broner handle the speed of Amir Khan? Will Adrien Broner be able to land a heavy enough shot to question Khan’s suspect chin?

Will the weight be a factor for Broner? It could be said the same for Khan, who is still getting accustomed to the welterweight division–if that’s where the fight was to take place, should it actually go ahead of course.

How will Adrien Broner handle his first loss in the professional ranks?

Khan has previously beaten Marcos Maidana of course, something Cincinnati rival couldn’t achieve.

My point is, would the current version of Amir Khan be able to beat this current version we see of Marcos Maidana?

I really don’t think Khan will come out of that fight too well at all. I have been wrong before and I dare say I will be wrong again in the not too distant future.

On how the current form table sits, I think this is the main reason Mayweather opted to fight Maidana over Khan.

Yes Khan has the win over Maidana and that’s what people are saying, but would Amir Khan be able to do what he did against Maidana without getting knocked out, as things stand?

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3 Responses to "Amir Khan vs. Adrien Broner continues to make waves"
  1. belly says:

    Khan knows better then to take this fight. One more loss its all over…..AB, ALWAYS BREAKING GLASSSSS

  2. DC says:

    Broner is a lightweight, a fat, loud, stupid, doucey, lightweight. He will get smashed by Khan.

  3. I don’t see why Khan doesn’t fight Kell Brook…Brook is IBF #1 much better than Collazo.
    Probably get paid more too. Big fight in UK.

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