Amir Khan’s car Crash Drama: Who’s next for Khan after sham fight in Saudi Arabia?

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Amir Khan will now face Australia’s Billy Dib in his fight next month as his original opponent, Neeraj Goyat, has been injured in a car crash.

British fighter Khan was due to fight Indian Goyat in an exhibition bout in Saudi Arabia on 12th July which would have seen him pocket in excess of £7m. Whilst it has likely changed the odds (swung even further in Khan’s favour) you can check the odds and bet on boxing matches on Betfair.

Whilst Khan has faced a bit of backlash for his decision to take on this pretty poor excuse for a fight, how many of his fans would do the same? He’s reportedly making £7m for a single night’s work, likely an easy night’s work and can then resume goading the likes of Mayweather and Pacquiao for a fight that he’s never going to get.

With it being really obvious that those fights aren’t going to materialise, we’ve taken a look at who Khan, who’s coming increasingly close to the end of his career, should fight next:

Kell Brook

This fight has been discussed, argued over and touted for a seriously long time. How has it never happened?

It’s always been a fight that Kell Brook has been really interested and actively tried to make it a reality, but from Khan we’ve always seen him push it back in favour of the glamour fights in Vegas, thinking he can pick it up whenever he wants… he might not have as long as he thinks.

The internet was rife with rumours very recently that Brook had decided to hang up his gloves and the first thing many must have thought was “great, that fight is never going to happen now!” but luckily for the fans, Kell quashed that rumour just as quickly as it spread and let us all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

As I said before though, if Khan really does want to fight Brook, the chance is slowly slipping through his fingers.

Breidis Prescott

So, whilst this is kind of a joke, it kind of isn’t… going in to his fight with Prescott, Khan was seen as the ‘Golden Boy’ of British boxing and after the fight it seemed that all changed. With a few wild punches, Prescott seemed to turn King Khan into a figure of half-embarrassment to British Boxing fans.

When you also consider that instead of gaining revenge for that devastating knockout, Khan moved on to other opportunities, it seemed like a missed opportunity to right a massive wrong. Since that fight, Prescott has stayed active and has been racking up losses as quickly as he knocked Khan out. I honestly think that whilst it’s not a massive fight and won’t be a huge draw in terms of PPV revenue, it would be much better received than going over to Saudi Arabia to fight a nobody for loads of money and very little else.


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