Artur Beterbiev: “I am ready to face anyone in the division. Kovalev, Stevenson or any other fighter!”

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Light heavyweight contender Artur Beterbiev, 11-0 11KOs, is close to finally realizing his dream of fighting for a world title. His next fight, November 11th will be for the vacant IBF light heavyweight belt against Enrico Koelling. It has been a long overdue opportunity for the former Olympian, but one most in the industry feel he will be ready for.

In my interview with Artur Beterbiev, I discuss with him the upcoming fight against Koelling and get his thoughts of fighting for a world title. Beterbiev also talks about the light heavyweight division and some of the fights he would be interested in having. Additionally, Artur shares his thoughts on Andre Ward’s retirement and talks about what fans can expect on November 11th. Here is what Artur Beterbiev had to say.

Robert Brown: You have a world title fight against Enrico Koelling coming up how exciting is this opportunity for you and how has training camp gone so far?.

Artur Beterbiev: I started my preparation camp for an eliminator fight. But the eliminator turned into a world title fight. So this training camp is continuing as a preparation for a title fight. I am happy about it. I have come closer to my dream of becoming a world champion. I started moving toward this goal three years ago. I did not know at that time when this moment would come. But now I know about this and I am preparing for this fight with due diligence. My training camp is going very well.

Robert Brown: What do you feel will be your strengths against Enrico Koelling conversely what do you feel are weaknesses of Koelling’s in which you can exploit?.

Artur Beterbiev: I prefer not to discuss anyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Enrico is a very good fighter with many fights on his professional record. You will all see on November 11

Robert Brown: Do you have any concerns about anything Koelling brings to the table what does he have you need to watch out for?.

Artur Beterbiev: I watch his fights, he is my future opponent and he is my number 1 contender for the world title. So I will try to do my best to get the title.

Robert Brown: The Light Heavyweight division is a stacked division with names such as Stevenson, Jack, Alvarez and of course Kovalev how do you feel about the depth and the state of the Light Heavyweight division?.

Artur Beterbiev: I think the fans must be excited about this. There are many good fighters in the division, so, hopefully, they will see lots of goods fights in the future. It is good for the fans of boxing. 

Robert Brown: Assuming you get past Koelling who would you like to fast next.

Artur Beterbiev: Let’s not put the cart before the horse. I am completely focused on my title fight now and do not wish to speculate about this.

Robert Brown: You beat former Light Heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev in the amateurs any interest in rekindling that rivalry in the pros should the opportunity present itself how do you think a fight between yourself and Kovalev would play out?.

Artur Beterbiev: I am ready to face anyone in the division. Kovalev, Stevenson or any other fighter.  I will be able to give more details if any of them becomes my future opponent. For the moment I am focused on Koelling only.

Robert Brown: What are your thought on a potential mega-fight between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua who do you think would win?.

Artur Beterbiev: I do not watch boxing unless someone becomes my opponent. So you would better ask specialists about this fight.

Robert Brown: Now that Andre Ward has retired who do you believe is the best Light heavyweight in the division right now, conversely, how do you think a fight between yourself and Andre Ward may have played out 

Artur Beterbiev: I did not think about this. Ward decided to leave, so it is his decision. I was ready for the fight against him or any other opponent for the title. As for the best fighter in the division, it would be fair to wait until the title fights are over and then organize the fights between the title holders.   

Robert Brown: Please give us your prediction for your fight against Enrico Koelling?

Artur Beterbiev: I cannot predict the result of this fight. But I will try to be in the best shape, because, above all, I must be satisfied with my preparation for this fight. I am very much critical of myself and always set the highest goals before me. That’s why I must prove to myself that I am ready to show my best skills during this fight.

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10 Responses to "Artur Beterbiev: “I am ready to face anyone in the division. Kovalev, Stevenson or any other fighter!”"
  1. DEON says:

    This guy is a complete beast in the ring. He has won every fight by KO and he’s flying under the radar. Soon people will know who he is.

  2. Theosis26 says:

    Beterbiev is the real deal. Legit one punch ko power in ether hand makes him a threat to anyone in the division. He should hold that belt for a while!

  3. Hmabshir says:

    This guy is a bum, when he steps up he is finished. He was dropped and hurt by a light punching bum. Stevenson murders this guy

  4. Kiowhatta says:

    The two to watch are Bivol (who has the amateur pedigree, sound technique and power) and Betrbiev – who is a crushing power puncher.
    The rest are secondary – Stevenson is a cherry-picking flake, Badou Jack is great to watch but has a flawed technique, Alvarez can be beaten, Smith Jr is an interesting study, Kovalev has perhaps lost his mojo.

  5. skinnystev says:

    beterbiev is the real reason slappin soggy quit he could not face up to the beating he knew was in store for him so he quit

  6. Brooklyn926 says:

    A lot of people say he’s unproven and to some extent he is in the professional ranks.. but he’s the real deal and although unproven I feel he’s the best in the division.. aside from maybe Stevenson’s left hand I don’t know who or what can stop this guy, he’s a very destructive force

  7. JULIEN44 says:

    Ward retired in order to duck Beterbiev or Dvozdyk or a rematch against Kovalev (in a no biased country) or even the left hand of Stevenson.

    Ward is a ducker we all know that, he only fights in his backyard surrounded by his corrupted ref and his judges.

    Ward saw how Beterbiev totally destroyed (like a tiny midget) the american ex-world champion Tavoris Cloud during his 5th fight. The same with Alexander Johnson or Gabriel Campillo.

    You have there a real man humble and faithful who will destroy all arrogant american midgets who will have the balls to enter in a ring with him…

  8. uppercut510 says:

    this dude is a beast cant wait to see these fights

  9. Boxing Logic says:

    Ward ducked Beterbiev, as everyone predicted he would. His team always cherry picked specific styles and ducked the rest. Ward never faced anyone with elite speed, and Ward never faced anyone with knockout power who could fight inside. They avoided those two styles like the plague. As for southpaws with speed and power like Bute or Stevenson, forget about it, you probably couldn’t even mention them in front of Ward’s team or they might ask for a restraining order. Real boxing fans see through the hype and the spin and they can see this.

    • stefjonno1 says:

      That’s not the way it appears to me. What appeared to me was the Fact he was Olympic champ/SM Champ/ then stepped up to fight the bogeyman of the LH division and won a close debatable decision then stopped him in the rematch. And then retired to enjoy the rest of his life without god willing any health problems.

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