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Jeff Mayweather: “Pacquiao’s a guy that’s in need of Floyd, Floyd don’t need him. The guy is $68 million in the red, with his taxes and the IRS.”

66 Submitted by on Wed, 12 February 2014, 20:40
(by Robert Brown) Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with former IBO Super Featherweight champion, “Jazzy” Jeff Mayweather. A variety of topics were discussed, which included, Bob Arum’s controversial comments about Floyd Mayweather and a potential Mayweather vs. Pacquiao bout. Jeff also discusses Freddie Roach’s controversial claims against Manny Pacquiao’s former strength and conditioning coach, Alex Ariza, Continue Reading...
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How casino bigwigs are raking in huge profits from boxing

3 Submitted by on Wed, 12 February 2014, 18:07
Slot machines, betting are creating a lot of money in casinos around the world Big bosses of mega casinos around the world may be driven by competing interests and objectives, but they all share the common reverence for boxing heroes such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez. Gambling bigwigs have capitalized on the sport’s worldwide popularity Continue Reading...
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