Bernard Hopkins: “I believe that if Mayweather and Pacquiao fight tomorrow, I think it would be easy money for Floyd Mayweather”

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I recently had a chance to catch up with boxing legend and reigning IBF/WBA light heavyweight champion, Bernard Hopkins, to talk about his future and get his thoughts another great fighter in boxing today.

In part 2 of my interview, Bernard talks about the possibility of him getting fighter of the year if he becomes the undisputed light heavyweight champion. Bernard also talked about the future of Floyd Mayweather Jr, and if he believes that a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is getting closer to happening. In closing Hopkins talked about what he thinks he will do when he accomplishes all his goals in boxing. Here is what Bernard Hopkins had to say.

Jenna J: Bernard, do you think if you beat Adonis Stevenson that you will be the fighter of the year?

Bernard Hopkins: No, I’m not saying I hope to get it now. I’m saying that with all these accomplishments, with that as a caveat. I don’t think I deserve it or want it now. It’s up to them to decide.

I feel at the end of the day it’s all about people’s opinions, but then when you back things up against the wall where they can’t deny you — I’ve been in this position where you couldn’t deny me based on what I’ve done that year, whether it’s 2001, whether it’s living in the past of living in the present, I force the respect to be given to me, not ask, not beg, not plead — I didn’t do that, that’s not my style.

Understand my track record, and my personality that I don’t ask for nothing. Nobody gave me nothing, I fought by performance, by breaking and setting records and doing things that are not done now, before, and possibly never.

It’s hard to deny a person due process of justice with what he deserves. That’s why I like being under that type of pressure to come through to say, “when was the last time a fighter of the year has been in his forties?” I don’t know, maybe you can tell me.

Jenna: Speaking of fighter of the year Bernard, do you think it’s getting to the point where Floyd Mayweather is running out of big named opponents and he’s gonna have to look towards making a super fight with Manny Pacquiao?

Hopkins: I don’t think he’s gonna be forced, no. I believe that if Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao fight tomorrow, I think it would be easy money for Floyd Mayweather. I didn’t think totally that way four or five years ago when the hype was at the highest. I think that Pacquiao took three notches back. That’s my opinion — and that was before the knockout from Marquez.

My thing is that no, I think that at the end, the fights that are out there — do I think there’s a 10-15 long line of people that would want to see fight Floyd Mayweather and pay for it? No. So you got to pick, whether it’s up in weight, whether it’s up a notch or two or whatever.

The fighters have done it from the past, the fighters are gonna do it in the future. There’s no stranger to the Henry Armstrong’s of the world — who I believe went up six or seven weight classes, all the way up to super middleweight from 135 lbs. So when you go back then and you go see other things, after a while you have to do what you have to do if you want to continue to make big fights and make big numbers, and get big numbers.

Sometimes you’re gonna have to take a little more risk than you normally take because you cleaned out big names in a division where most people might not care about it. I don’t think nobody is actually attached to one guy and they have to do this because he’s the only one in town.

Jenna: Do you think people still really want to see a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?

Hopkins: I think to be honest with you, it’s a buzz of certain numbers that would like to still see that fight, but you and me will probably agree that the buzz of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight compared to four years ago or longer is not the same because things have happened since then — and I’m not just talking about the knockout.

I don’t agree with anybody that thinks that Pacquiao-Mayweather is the big fight per say of the perception of who would win and who would lose like it was before. I think we lost that opportunity, I think we lost the biggest super bowl in boxing.

Jenna: In regards to yourself, if you do become the undisputed light heavyweight champion of the world, what’s there left to do?

Hopkins: To possibly fight the baddest man on the planet, and then go ahead and continue to do what I do outside of the ring, and that is, contribute to boxing on the business level, and give the young around the world that might approach me for advise on not only the business part but advise on how to keep their bodies right.

I will continue to build my brand, and continue to do my personal entrepreneur stuff that I’ve been doing for almost two decades now, that I don’t highly publicize but a lot of people know what that is — and it’s a good thing. Trust me, I’m okay. I’m always gonna do something to stay busy.

For right now, either love me or hate me, you’re gonna have to watch once in a life time, in this situation of my history and my legacy. Some might get bored and tired with it, but one thing they will do, they’re gonna tune in and watch to see if this is the train wreck, whether it’s October or September, no matter who it is, and I’m glad they’re there because they motivate me.

Jenna: I’m looking forward to seeing you get in there with Adonis Stevenson, you’re something special to watch. Looking forward to seeing you keep doing what you’re doing.

Hopkins: No problem, continue being the undisputed messenger and announcer of knowledge out there and I’ll be looking in and tuning in every now and then. Thank you.

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62 Responses to "Bernard Hopkins: “I believe that if Mayweather and Pacquiao fight tomorrow, I think it would be easy money for Floyd Mayweather”"
  1. Anonymous says:

    Good advice hopkins.I know you are better than mayweather jr.I hope your advice will help him to came out from nightmare (fears)

    • Anonymous says:

      your saying that Pac got KO by Marquez did you not notice that Pacman was winning that fight & Marquez got a broken nose & ready to be KO as well maybe ask Bradley how Marquez body change after the VADA checkup…they dont have VADA when Pac fought Marquez how can you KO a roid incridible hulk in front of you.

  2. perry ayos says:

    There is only one way to prove it. Un-duck the Duck and be a fighting Cock, not a dancing chicken!

    • Anonymous says:


      • RumirNemo says:

        THEN WHY AIN’T FLOYD MAYWEATHER, JR. DES NOT WANT TO FIGHT THE PACMAN … TH E REASONS ARE SO OBVIOUS …FOR TE REASONS THAT Floyd wants to wait and see that the Pacman will make a big mistakes in his career… and then here goes t he wolf in Floyd….. its very obvious t hat Floyd is actually a COWARD… for he is so afraid that if he lost there will be no more… he w ill not have a career in boxing no more…

    • Anonymous says:

      IHOP is better tha BHOP!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    how do you know bernard?that mayweather will beat pacquiao?how do you know please explain..

  4. Barry Gil R. Pilar says: bernie again? nah!, what can we expect from hopkins? he is chasing mayweather hoping that floyd will get in the ring with him that is why he is always talking good things about floyd. Well, this tactic is pretty obvious since our friend bernie also holds a position in GBP. I should say floyd now is more scared to fight pacquiao because maidana has exposed his weaknesses, im sure pacman will knock him out!

    • Rene Yumol says:

      I like it, man.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree.b-hoop is chasing

    • Ding says:

      you said it right Barry. Bhop and Junior are birds with the same feather. Both are saying hype about themselves and at the same time downgrading the accomplishment of Manny. Its very obvious that Bhop is trying so create noise for himself by mentioning his fights (which is boring to watch in general) because he feels the attention he was getting is short of his expectations. With all of those comments that he made, he did not achieve much respect he hope for, but he just put himself on a negative impression from boxing fans.

  5. floydcot says:

    so tell floyd first to show his balls to fight manny. Stop praising the fake, coward woman beater floydie! Maidana exposed him! If manny fight floyd now it would be easy money for manny.

  6. balagtas says:

    Nothing is expecting for Hopkin to speak better about Pacman, the same man predicts that Pacman will be KO by Oscar. Evidently otherwise happen.

  7. Rene Yumol says:

    Oh, Bernard Hopkins, you sounded like FM, Sr. Always saying things in words about this PAC-MONEY bout. Why don’t your camp just act on the words that !) Pac will be whooped by FMJ, 2) that Pac is not on the level of FMJ, 3) that this fight (with PAC) will be an easy money for FMJ, and so on and so forth. I believe it is time to act, man, to put into life what you camp has been saying about PACMAN. Hey, by the way, I admire your achievements, Bernard. I believe you are one of the greatest fighters I have ever known. You are not ducking any fighter and fighting anyone that was put in front of you. I like your attitude, Mr. Hopkins. I salute you. I suggest that you advise FMJ about this. Good luck to you on your fight with Adonis Stevenson. My hats off to you, Bernard.

  8. Amy's Man says:

    I like it,.reverse psychology.encouraging Floyd to make the fight happen.

  9. jayvee says:

    You sound so much like you’re Floyd’s bitch, Bernie. You kiss his ass too much.

  10. artjd says:

    Hopkins, I think you better hug Floydie now, he’s shaking in fear with the mere mention of “Pacquiao”. C’mon, man, be a true friend, Floydie needs you right now.

  11. Rey says:

    BHops also criticized a long time ago of not being tested by an African American inside the ring.

    Well, from then on…..Bradley came on and you know the rest.

    You know where BHops racial allegiance lies in this case.

  12. Rey says:

    And in addition…..BHop is also lining up in the queue for a shot at the mega fight. So he has to be REALLY NICE to Floydie. BUILD UP FLOYDIE’s Ego.

  13. Alfredo says:

    Who do you think will win adonis stevenson or manny pacquiao if they ever fight.

  14. Aldrin says:

    Hopkins is not a credible person when it comes to his opinion for pacquiao, this guy makes noise before against pacquiao not fighting slick and in his prime african-american boxer. But now pacquiao beat a top 5 p4p fighter in tim bradley and his saying that pacman has take back 3 notches and its an easy money for mayweather when they fight today. Are you kidding me hopkins? U’ve been suckin fliyd’s dick for few years now what credibility do you have when it comes to giving your opinion for paquiao. None…

  15. Dirk says:

    Easy money for Floyd,huh? or sending Floyd to hospital after the match with Pacquiao….Hopkins,Floyd knows better about his life than you know,men!

  16. Spectator says:

    Hopkins should remind his duck boy to man up and face pacquiao pronto because ppv paying fans are no longer willing to see his scam “fights”. Showtime’s Espinoza must be crying now for entering into a 6-fight contract with the greatest fraud of all time. It’s not too late though, Showtime still got a chance to recoup its loss by forcing the fraud into a fight with pacquiao.

    • jess says:

      Everytime the issue of fighting Pacquiao comes up, Fraud Jr never runs out of stupid excuses. But fighting other boxers Fraud Jr has no excuses. Which is which? A lot of fans are confused with this disgrace to boxing (Fraud Jr)

  17. ironmike says:

    Floyd Sr said it’s an easy fight. Bernard also said is gonna be an easy fight for floyd jr. blah blah blah, y’all sayin is gonna be easy then why not floyd jr fight pac is you assholes says it’s easy?! y’all mother fuckers have to back it up! Honestly, the whole world knows Floyd jr is scared of the little brown man from asia.

    Berard, you making a mistake challenging stevenson. end of your old ass career after Adonis Stevenson beat the crap outta your old wringkly ass!

    and Jenna, do us a BiG favor please? don’t ask stupid questions to stupid people like the May”fuckin”weathers and this old man bernard hopkins.

  18. PACMANUSA says:

    Same old shit different day !

    Black fighter claiming this bumm is better then Pacquiao . Typical black response a whole lotta crap !

  19. PACMANUSA says:

    Let us not forget this old guy and gayweather are both EX CONS !

    May as well add Bonehead Broner to that list . Only thing they all have in common is spending time BEHIND BARS and being BLACK !

    • jess says:

      Knowing the mental temperament of excon Fraud Jr., he will go again to jail because he cannot stand what the law requires of him. Mark my word. Bhop & Fraud Jr are excellent authors of many boring fights. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. eths says:

    Hopkins goes off topic when asked about May-Pac fight. If course, it lost its steam. But if he is being “truly” transparent, he should not always go to Mayweather’s defense on the issue of not fighting Pacquiao when he himself claims it’s easy Money for Floyd. How could he defend Mayweather not wanting to fight Pacquiao when this fight will be an easy win and “big” money. Isn’t Mayweather only fights for “money” and considering that this fight could easily still be the richest fight in boxing history. He is a hypocrite. He makes it out like Mayweather is this “superfighter” when he knows some Mayweather fights were fixed like against Mosely, Ortiz, Guerrero and Canelo and in some fights he received a “gift”. And even he himself wanna fight Mayweather for the money only because he knows Floyd wouldn’t fight him if the fight is “real”.

  21. Dens says:

    After Pacquiao fight with Bradley, Mayweather said that he’s not impress with Manny. But Floyd’ last fight with Maidana, I can say that he can’t win aginst Manny.

  22. eths says:

    And don’t he ever accuse Pacman of doping when he was the one who doped in the past with solid evidence. I say you’re not a truly great boxer when you perform great with the help of illegal substances.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Translate the useless blah blah blah of boring Hopkins so the fans will know who is the real deal between Pac & May.

  24. pikkon says:

    B-Hop your man Floyd is too scared to hear Manny Pacquaio’s name as his next opponent..He would do anything to avoid the fight..So don’t even mention it..Don’t you know that every great fighters wanted Floyd to fight Manny Pacquaio because they believe he would whip Manny?…The great Ali,Sugar Ray, Holyfield,Foreman,Hearns,Hagler, Tyson, Duran, and the Mexican greats Chavez, Morales, Barrera,Marquez, you name it.. They all wanted the mega fight to happen before these two fighters retire…

  25. floydcot says:

    i really don’t understand what floyd wants to show, if he fight for his legacy he should fight manny. Now if he fight only for the money he need manny much more. So the truth is, he really scared of manny, so accept the truth floyd even it hurts you he he….

  26. Looka here, let me tell you people whats really going on.

    They aint nobody that can beat my son, nobody, period.

    All a yall dumb muthafukas pacman fans are blind as shit, you will only see what your tiny mind allows it to see.

    Its really like this right here, If pacman want the fight dont sign the contract with Arum at the end of this year and we can make the fight happen, we aint giving a cent to bob motherfuckin arum slimeball jewish fucking snake, he aint getting shit from us.
    And when all you stupid people realize that the sooner you will be at peace with yourselves, arguing over shit you dont know.

    To go to 49-0 for my son is the target, to save the best till last is our wish to go to 50-0.
    Deal with it, you dont call the shots, we do! Yall wanna know why?

    “You cant get whisky out of a bottle of wine and you cant strike gold in a silver mine
    I’m the best, in the north, south, east and west.
    for all the rest there’s no contest, I must confess”

    Let me tell you right now aint no god damn way that no damn pacman beats my son, period.


  27. El_Critika says:

    forget it.

  28. JUZAIL says:


  29. JUZAIL says:

    chicken mayeather is too coward to fight the pacman, look man when pacman fighting before with barerra upto marquez mayweather is a big fan of pacman…now that the time for them to fight chicken gayweather runs quick aheheheck….

  30. emmanuel says:

    bernard is just trying to be in the good graces of floyd in the hope that floyd will agree to fight him. big money for both. in other words, he’s licking floyd a$$. if but for the sake argument what he says is true and easy money for floyd, can he convince floyd to fight manny before he sells himself to floyd?

    it is clear that bernard statement is self-serving.

  31. jess says:

    Yeah, easy fight for Fraud Jr if he face Pacquiao. This is why he is scared to death to square with Pacquiao. The evidence of his cowardice is his one-thousand-and-one excuses to avoid a match with Pacquiao. Bernard, use your brain. You like Fraud Jr because you both create special boring fights.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hopkins , you’re performance in the ring is very different from Manny,and also the accomplishment.
    And also the pricefight that he was receiving. Manny is a paperview guy.

  33. Nazareno San Jose says:

    Pacquiao knockout loss to Marquez cannot be a measure to say Mayweather can easily wipe him. Hopkins premature thinking draws lack of sense. Then why don’t you convince Mayweather to make that fight happen to prove yourself..

  34. the jury says:


  35. BBop says:

    bhop is dreaming for a big money fight with mayweather that is why he wants the people to think that pac-may fight is no linger a big fight. he wants people to think that hopkins-mayweather would be bigger than pac-may. haha! dream on.. it’s gonna be a boring fight. two boring fighter squaring off in a ring. i can imagine the fans from all over the world getting koed on their sits. lol! nice try bhop keep dreaming

  36. glen says:

    But boxers don’t fight with out preparations…. So good luck on that easy money… Get real Bhop… Floyd’s is scared.

  37. MIKE MCNULTY says:


  38. hagire says:

    Now Easy Money for the quack y Duck!!!
    Before: Amateurish boxer, Random blood testing, Not on his level, Concern about his Health, Want to
    suck all the pay per view , Arum feud issues, blah blah blah.
    Nobody cares on your undefeated record, you will be remembered as the greatest ducker of all time who do not challenge his self proclaimed TBE. The Best Ever without fighting the best of this Era.
    B-Hop better advised your friend to have the balls , Pacquiao will be all over him. The chimp look terrible on his last fight with B-level fighter without speed, movement, and angles.

  39. baratingas says:

    Floyd’s elbow defense is irrelevant to Manny’s left straight and hook because Manny is a southpaw the reason why Floyd doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao, no matter how many times he reviewed it in a film he can’t see any strategy how to solve it. But being said, Floyd cannot be KO by a single punch and I also believe he can beat Pacquiao because he mastered how to hold when he sees trouble. A typical black american boxers’ style…hit, run and hold, what they called “sweet science” but boring to some. A hopeless wish anyway, because Floyd’s only concern is his undefeated record, he made a lot of money out of fighting a sure win so why should he risk his record. Have you ever heard a Floyd fan or his ally sport writer urge him to fight Pacquiao? NO, but instead, cuddling him and validate his excuses…from purse split, olympic style drug test, the jail issue beating his girl friend that was done in purpose to avoid fighting Pacquiao. He’ll do everything and he’ii not be out of excuses because Floyd and his legion of fans are partner in crime…they believe to the bones everything what Floyd says. at the end of the day,,,his fans are a big part why it didn’t happen…I admire the “money man” for being smart in everything, the smartest boxer of all times unlike Pacquiao who dwells in multiple aspirations, a boxer. singer, preacher, politician, professional basketball player, etc and according to Mayweather is stupidity, this time Floyd is right….

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hopkins will surely not fight pacman in his prime :)

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