Bob Sheridan: “This is just another payday for Manny Pacquiao, but Jeff Horn has the opportunity of a lifetime!”

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Hall of Fame legend, ‘The Colonel’ Bob Sheridan is one of the most well known and respected commentators in boxing. He has been calling boxing’s biggest fights for more than forty years and has seen many of the greatest boxers come and go from the sport. I recently had a chance to speak to Bob and talk to him about another legend in boxing, Manny Pacquiao. Bob shares his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn, gives his views on Horn’s chances and also gives his official prediction for the fight. Here is what Bob Sheridan had to say.

Robert Brown: The Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn fight is back on again and it looks like it’s going to happen in Brisbane this July. What are your thoughts on that fight?

Bob Sheridan: I’m thrilled for Jeff Horn to be able to get a nice payday, he’s a wonderful kid and I think he’s a terrific fighter. He’s got the opportunity of a lifetime now to try to beat the legendary Manny Pacquiao, who is getting to the age where you never know just what might happen. Now it appears July the second is going to be the fight and I think it’s fantastic.

Robert Brown: Do you agree with most people who say that Horn has no chance at all in that fight?

Bob Sheridan: Jeff Horn is not known in the United States and he’s not known in the UK, and he really isn’t that well known even in Australasia. He got a lot of exposure fighting on the Joseph Parker cards in New Zealand and Australia. Jeff Horn is an Australian kid, he was an Olympic fighter and I would think that the Australian people would love to have the opportunity to see him fight a guy of the caliber of Manny Pacquiao, to find out exactly where Horn is.

There’s a lot of doubters that don’t think he has a ghost of a chance but I think he has a chance because Manny in his last fights, he’s risen to the occasion — Jesse Vargas was a kid like Jeff coming up, and my question is, with all the distractions that he has going on, can he get himself properly prepared for this fight? With that said, I’ve never seen Manny not prepared to fight and be ready to fight.

Robert Brown: How do you expect the fight to play out?

Bob Sheridan: In the fight itself, Jeff Horn is going to be fighting a guy who is faster, quicker, a six time world champion, Horn has never fought anyone of this caliber but he fought the very best as an amateur and he was very successful in the Olympics and now he’s taking the next step. He’s fighting an aging fighter, will he catch him on the right night? I don’t know, but there’s a lot of interest in this fight.

I’m very interested in Jeff Horn and I think it’s a huge attraction for the Brisbane area to have this fight there and to see one of the great future Hall of Famers in Australia. In terms of Jeff Horn’s chances of winning the fight, I think he has a shot. He’s a hard puncher, he’s also very athletic, and he’s shown in past fights that he can back off of the canvas, I think it’s a very interesting fight.

Robert Brown: What does Jeff Horn have to do to get a pass mark in this fight?

Bob Sheridan: Go the distance, look good. If he gets knocked down, to be able to get back up. To score score some good shots on Manny, land some heavy blows and engage him. When we talk about the speed that Manny Pacquiao had in his prime, he doesn’t have quite that speed, and what I look for is the possibility that this up and coming welterweight is really and truly a world class fighter.

It’s a huge step up for Jeff Horn but I think he’s of that caliber and has that ability that he can make a fight of this. If he makes a fight of it and it’s really exciting, it will be great for boxing in Australia, and all of the Australasia regions. The promoters don’t expect Jeff Horn to win this fight, they’ve given Horn because he’s a product of Duco and when they did the deal with Joseph Parker, they said they would promote Parker and take on Horn. They don’t expect Horn to do anything with Manny, this is just another payday for Manny, but Horn has the opportunity of a lifetime. You know he will be in the best possible shape he can be in, he’s a tough gritty kid and he’s a nice kid. I’d love to see him be successful and surprise everybody.

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  1. bruce mctavish says:


  2. Ausfan85 says:

    Jeff Horn is very much underrated, while Pacquiao is overrated. Pac has shown signs of decline since 2011 and is no where close to the fighter he was. Could be a few factors, some people get all sore about if we talk about. But there is a reason all the KO’s stopped. Extra factors made him a great fighter and without those he is just good. Jeff Horn can beat a good fighter. Don’t be shocked by a upset.

    • Jon says:

      In other words your saying Pac used PEDs? Don’t beat around the bush with your bullshit theory’s. Pacquiao never really had KO capability he chewed out or weared out opponents with TKO’s NOT one punch KO power. He demolished Margaito and Rios but showed them mercy and could have EASILY got the TKO. If you want to accuse a fighter on PEDs then accuse the ones that hav great suspicion like Mayweather using 750 ml of PED cleanser and Marquez with his “chemist” ped strength trainer. Pacquiao never had that much proof against him at all.

  3. Whatever this fight between the Pacman and Jeff Horn. I do truly believes that Pacman will easily dominate this upcoming fight against J.H. This Ausie fighter is becomiq too much overconfident and too fucking cocky about this fight against Manny. Manny never try to underestimate or becomes too critical about his opponent’s fighting stance. He (Manny) is just being too humble guy and very easy going. Look the fight last Nov. against Jessie Vargas. Jessie Vargas was making too much trash talking and being too overconfident before fighting against Manny. Same here with Jeff Horn, he’s already trying to make some kind of comments before the fight that he’s gonna beat Manny. He is trying to underestimate Manny’s declining fighting abilities over the few years. At the end of this fight in July 2nd. Jeff Horn will definitely taste the bitterness of Manny’s special power despite of being the older fighter between them. So let Jeff Horn makes all kinds of underestimating negative comments against the great Filipino boxing icon for now on and see what will eventually going to happens at fight night. I do believe without a doubt in mind this very cocky Aussie fighter will end up crying sadly with tears and feeling too much sorry to hometown crowds. Manny Pacquiao will definitely with true smile and great confidence of his upcoming Victory with this Cocky Aussie fighter. Oh yea!!,…

  4. Reymundo Cruz says:

    Hey boxing fans. This guy Aussie guy Jeff Horn is already being too much cocky and trying to underestimate the Pacman’s fighting ability. He is making the similar trash talking of Jessie Vargas ‘comments last year’s fight against the Pacman. He (Jeff Horn) will definitely tastes the bitterness power of the great Filipino icon very soon if possible. Some boxing analyst and boxing fans that dislikes the Pacman can’t truly predicts the outcomes of this fight. Jeff Horn will definitely in my own special prediction will have the same bitter loss like what the British iconic fightRicky Hatton’s fate in the power hands of the Pacman, I don’t care if Jeff Horn was a great Olympian back then and fought undefeatedly against good quality fighters over the past few years. But for Manny is a very smart and very cautious fighter despite of few bitter losses in the past. He will definitely prove that he’s going to brawl with this young Aussie cocky fighter. Jeff horn’s team is the trying too much for being such asshole against. The great Pacman. Because Pacman’s will have a better fighting confidence and greater fight strategies against a very cocky fighter like Jeff Horn. As for Manny, he’s strong Christian and Filipino Power will never diminish despite of age. God will truly helps Manny to be the Victorious Warrior in Jeff Horn hometown crowds in Brisbane, Australia. Go Manny!!…

  5. This is the list of best iconic fighters all over the world that I have admired so much over the years, Ali, Joe Louis, George Foreman, Lewis Lennox, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Felix Trinidad, Oscar De LaHoya,
    Ray Boom Boom Mancini, Shane Mosley, Juan Manual Marquez, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Triple GGG, Manny Pacquiao, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Eric Morales, Antonio Barrera, Alex Arguelo, Roman Gonzales, Canelo Alvarez, Julio Chavez, Sr. Nonito Donaire, Jr., Rolando Navarette, Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, and of course, the great boxing icon of Rocky Marciano. But the most charismatic boxer of all-time is ALI.

    And, the bad news is this very cocky on my list is Jeff Horn. My definition of him will never become iconic, even though, he might try to upset against Manny on there upcoming fight in July 2 of this year. But I just hoping that he will never defeat Manny, because Manny’s Power will definitely overcomes and dominates Jeff Horn’s fighting style and strategy during fight night in Australia. The only thing that Jeff Horn will win is because he and his team might do something unusual before the fight probably by taking some kind of enhance performing drugs and cheat his way out because that his own hometown.
    I wish this fight should happen in the hometown of the Pacman in the Philippines because he is defending his championship belt. Why does the promoters have to brings this fight to the challenger’s hometown in Australia, isn’t obviously unfair for the Filipino boxing icon? Whether they’ll fight for free or over million of dollars, Manny will whip this fuckig cocky Aussie fighter at anytime or anywhere. I do believes that the great Pacman never slows down despite of all the negative comments of him. And despite of the few bitter losses he had over the past years, he never be discouraged by it because he’s too much a very humble guy. I bet that Jeff Horn will truly tastes his true bitter loss againstManny, because his cockiness will not let him prevails, just like what happened to Jessie Vargas last year. Manny just being too humble enough nod never ever act cocky or being too overconfident against his potential foes before fight night. I wished that MANNY can act a bit cocky and trash talks over his opponent’s fighting abilities, but he has more great wisdom than being cocking or undermining his foe before they could get in the ring. As I said, Manny is very much silent and humble to trash talk about anyone. That’s the good trait of being a positive Christian and very patience person. A true humble warrior always seems to win at the end of a battle, right? Being cocky never wins that much of a surprise. That is my point of view about Manny Pacquiao. Just let this guy do all of his own cocky behaviour towards his hometown crowds. God will always gives Manny great strength and true wisdom despite of the negative comments of boxing fans around the world I always believes in Manny’s courage and determination and fighting strategies and most of all, his true personal humbleness to all the people around him.

  6. This is the new list of potential foes of Jeff Horn, whether he defeats The Pacman or not after their fight in July.

    1. Jessie Vargas
    2. Amir Khan
    3. Tim Bradley
    4. Keith Thurman
    5. Kell Brook
    6. Terence Crawford
    7. Danny Garcia
    8. Errol Pence
    9. Juan Manual Marquez
    10 Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
    11.Canelo Alvarez

    So here!, Mr. Jeff Horn, I want to see how can you fight these great fighters outside your own country if you want to be a true boxing iconic hero, but first, I want to see how you gonna defeat the great Filipino iconic boxer of all time in July. I want to see how you can prove your fucking cocky behaviour towards your own hometown in Australia. And if happens to upset the Pacman by surprise, unless you gonna induce a lot of enhancing performance drugs, since you’ll both be fighting in your hometown, you and the rest of team could do something unusual to bribe the boxing officials to upset the Pacman. But whatever you will try to bring all the good tactical strategies agains Manny into the ring at fight night, please be cautiously prepares the true fighting wisdom of Manny, whether one of you will win by a KO or decision by the ring judges.because I still believes that Manny have the strength and special power to defeat you in the ring. Jeff Horn, maybe you had fought with all those good quality boxers in the past, but seriously most of them were only very low key unknown fighters in the world. None of them where as great fighters such as Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley, Juan Manual Marquez, Oscar Dela Hoya, Eric Morales, Antonio Margarito, and of course, Floyde Mayweather and Manual Cotto, etc. At least, Manny have already fought with them in some fashionable failures and true success. Now Jeff Horn, you can study how to prepare for manny Pacquiao ‘s last few fights over the years by only watching his fight videos on YouTube channel or other means’ but you will cannot prepare for him in your sparring mates.
    To be that successful in defeating, you need to have great and fast and powerful strong fighters like Manny’s true power as a simulation. Because Manny could hire someone as a good or better boxer or fighter that can simulate your fighting styles, Maybe Manny’s team could even hire one of his last opponent in Chis Algire that he fought in 2014 in China. Because this Chris guy has similar resemblance of you in every angles, except the power punches. But who you gonna hire to be a sparring mates that can resembles Manny fighting styles and power angles. What particular Asian that fights and boxes like Manny as your videos. Watching his fight wouldn’t helps at all, because you need some who acts and fights likeManny does in every angles in the practice ring.

  7. Manny Pacquiao never try to act very cocky towards his boxing opponents. He does not going around telling about how he going beat to beat Jeff Horn in the upcoming fight on July’, despite the fight records of potential opponent. He just keep it as humbly secret to himself. Unlike this Aussie guy Jeff Horn ‘ he is already making such bold statements about his chances in fighting and upsetting the Pacman. even before Manny have signed the contract. He and his team are already had been commenting how they’ll strategises in defeating Manny in fashionable way. But for Manny’s team doesn’t say anything yet about his next opponent In Jeff Horn. I do realises that when Jeff Horn knew that he is going to fight with Manny, he’s already telling to the boxing fans around him he’s gonna defeat Manny. He is already trying to underestimates Manny’s fighting abilities of is power. Let him say what he wants. I do truly believes that Manny will give Jeff Horn his bitter medicine. Jeff Horn might able to underestimates Manny’s declining fighting power but he cannot predicts what the true boxing wisdom of the Pacman. I don’t care enough how smart Jeff Horn can be in the ring during fight night, but somehow, Manny will eventually use his true experience and great intelligence and power to dominate the fight against his foe. Manny will be very seriously cautious and do what he does best in the ring. Of course, Manny has learned a lot from his previous fight losses against Juan Manual Marques, Erik Morales, Tim Bradley, and to Floyd, Jr. Over the past few years. Because these fighters had great boxing experiences and better fighting IQs than what Jeff Horn has now. Jeff horn never ever had fought with the very most high quality elite fighters in the world in the past, only low key fighters that almost totally unknown in the world

  8. Reymundo Cruz says:

    Hey boxing fans, jeff horn fighting against the Pacman is truly come true for the Aussie fighter. I do predicts now that Manny will definitely won’t be intimidated by Jeff Horn’s undefeated fight records and height and boxing skill. Jeff Horn is a bit cocky and too overconfident against the Pacman. He even has a video that he was waving some few hundred dollar bills to lure to fight with Manny. How a rediculous video and very cocky behaviour that he did. Manny doesn’t need to such thing against a potential foe. It is very childishly attititude to something like that. But Manny is very much humble and easy going what’s happening around him. Manny is like a Bruce Lee type that doesn’t care enough to underestimates someone else’s perspective views. He knows what really matters most before he’ll meet someone in the ring at fight night. Manny’s personal quiet demeanour will be the main factor for the fight. He don’t need to go around telling the world and trash talking how he will defeat his next foe. He just keep it to himself and confidently ask for true spiritual guidance before the fight event. Only the fans is the one making such bold coments, including myself obviously. But I. Am sure that Manny will do his best to win this fight against Jeff Horn despite the age gap between them. It will eventually be the similar fight event against Jessie Vargas, no matter what kind of boxing IQ that Jeff Horn will use in the fight against Manny. Manny will be more cautiously and very focused in every steps of the way during the fight. Manny have already learned all his true mistakes from his previous failures and successes inside the ring when he fought wit the most elite fighters in the past years.

  9. Hey, Mr. Sheridan, I do want to bet you that Manny Pacquiao will never be intimidated by Jeff Horn. Don’t even try to take away the true power and great personal wisdom from the Pacman. Jeff horn is just a quite fucking cocky Aussie fighter. I hope that Manny will give him his first bitter loss. Manny has still a strong fighting spirit within him but very humble that he don’t try to act ver cocky towards other people. If you rooting for Jeff Horn against the Pacman, don’t feel very sorry for him If the Pacman will be the true victorious one in their fight event on July 2nd. I do believe that Manny’s great boxing wisdom and true personal humbleness, regardless what other people saying about him. Perhaps Manny is not truly slowing down yet despite of his age and past bitter losses to other great elite fighters that he had fought with. I would say that Jeff Horn is not even special kind of fighter that brings into a stardom status. He didn’t actually fought with great elite fighters. The only ones he fought with are those less quality and unknown boxers in the sports, manny will truly become again very dominant but more cautiously. So what if Manny haven’t won by knockouts in his last few fights. Manny has the true compassion not to hurt anyone by KO, because he’s controlling his emotional feelings not to hurt any fighter he may facing in his later years in sports of boxing.i do care about Jeff Horn’s undefeated records. Do you think Manny is scared of Jeff Horn because he thinks he is tough and few inches taller than Manny? We’ll see about that during the fight night between them.

  10. iriga city boy says:

    Pacquiao never dishes his opponents and gets cocky.If Horn and other people in the world think that Pacquiao is on a slope downward and spent,watch out!! I still believe that he will prevail over the Aussie.He(Horn) might have the 50,000 throng of people in Brisbane’s arena rooting for him and the whole continent of Australia,but he’s not fighting a ‘tomato can”(Pacquiao).He is in front of a legendary warrior who’s
    a gritty one and can fight in a hostile environment.

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