Boxing Betting: Tips and Predictions

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Boxing is extremely popular among sports fans and punters. However, it can be difficult to predict the outcome of a bout. Odds-on favorites often go down in flames, while the underdogs take the headlines. That’s where we come in. You can improve your chances of winning by studying the markets and analyzing various statistics. suggests that there are several ways to increase your balance and swing the odds in your favor. For instance, you can pinpoint the latest boxing deals and offers before placing your wagers. What’s more, you can evaluate the latest data for a full rundown of form. We’ll provide more boxing tips and predictions below.

Boxing Markets

It’s important to grasp the various boxing markets before you get started. Fighters like Tyson Fury, Canelo Alvarez, and Vasyl Lomachenko are often the odds-on favorites. For that reason, you may need to bet on alternative markets from time to time. The good news is that you have plenty of options.

Instead of betting on the winner of the fight, you could place a wager on the method of victory. If your pick wins most of their fights by knockout, shop around for the best price. Odds comparison websites are extremely useful in this scenario. Alternatively, you can bet on round markets and knockdown specials.

Analyze Form

Even the best boxers have bad days at the office. Don’t back a fighter because of their reputation, make sure your decision is based on merit. If Andy Ruiz is defending his (IBF) International Boxing Federation title against Anthony Joshua, for instance, you could analyze the head-to-head results.

Furthermore, don’t back a fighter because he/she is your favorite. Betting with emotion is a rookie mistake. Sit back and analyze the stats. If they read in your favor, you will feel more confident about your selection. However, if you don’t like the stats, you should rethink your strategy.

Compare the Odds

Most online bookmakers use different formulas to price their bets. Give yourself plenty of time to compare the odds before committing to a wager. If you can get higher returns with another bookmaker, we’d recommend taking advantage of it.

Finally, you can enhance your odds by assembling multiples. However, you should only bet on the bouts that you know plenty about. Don’t waste your time and money on unknown fighters. Your chances of winning should increase if you follow the steps highlighted above.

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