Chauncy Welliver: “I’d fight Shannon Briggs anytime! I feel my pressure would drown him out and I’d beat him!”

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Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to perennial Heavyweight contender Chauncy Welliver. A number of topics were discussed including Welliver’s do or die battle against hard punching knockout artist Lucas Browne. Thoughts on the Shannon Briggs comeback, his desire to have that long awaited fight with Briggs, the futures of Manny Pacquiao and much more, here is what Chauncy Welliver had to say.

Robert Brown: You are coming off of an injury suffered in your last fight, how is the injury now and will you be 100% in time for this fight against Lucas Browne on November 12?

Chauncy Welliver: It has healed nicely with physical therapy. Tore a tendon in my arm but it is holding up well training for this so I feel it should be 100% on fight night.

Robert Brown: You’re coming up against Lucas Browne, who is an undefeated Heavyweight commonwealth champion in his home country. What are you going to have to do to get the decision in this fight and are you worried about being on the wrong end of a controversial decision?

Chauncy Welliver: With this being a WBC title bout, I think we will have the most fair officials possible and I feel I just need to give my all and my efforts will be rewarded with a unanimous decision.

Robert Brown: How much do you believe your noted durability and experience will be a factor in this fight, do you believe you can take Browne’s punches and also have enough power to hurt Browne should the opportunity arise?

Chauncy Welliver: People say I’m durable so we’ll see. I feel he’s a great prospect but also think having 3 times the experience he does will be a major factor. I am not a hard hitter but a man doesn’t take punches the same in the 12th round, so we’ll see how he takes ’em in the later rounds.

Robert Brown: How much closer does a victory against Browne bring you towards possible title opportunities?

Chauncy Welliver: I think a win over him moves me very high in the rankings, and justifiably too because he is a top dog in our division and I feel with more experience he’ll be a force.

Robert Brown: Does this shot against Browne present you with your last title run and if you lose this fight will your career be over?

Chauncy Welliver: I took this fight to see if I am still a contender. If I can beat him, I move to an eliminator, maybe then a title shot. A loss puts me in my place and I will have a retirement fight at home.

Robert Brown: Assuming you get past Browne, a person you have a lot of history with, Shannon Briggs, has recently made a comeback. He got on a winning streak and got his hands on a couple of belts, would you like to fight Briggs if the opportunity presented itself and how do you think the fight would play out between you and Briggs?

Chauncy Welliver: I’d fight Shannon anytime! Shannon is a strong guy, been around for years, but I again, feel my pressure would drown him out and I’d beat him. Shannon’s worked some good attention lately but not in the ring. I’d love to fight Shannon in my hometown in a “winner takes all” bout, but he’d have to grow something in order to even consider the bout.

Robert Brown: The fight between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne is coming up, what are your thoughts on that fight and do you believe Wilder could be the real deal?

Chauncy Welliver: I like that match-up because it is a true “pick ’em” fight in the heavyweight division. I feel Stiverne is an awesome athlete, but think Wilder is as good as the hype. Lots of questions about Wilder but I feel he’s ready to give some answers.

Robert Brown: Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora 2 is coming up, what are your thoughts on that fight and your prediction?

Chauncy Welliver: As much as I hate to say this, as I am not a Chisora fan and am a fan of Fury, but I feel Chisora may win this one. He’s on a bit of a hot streak after the Haye fight and Fury has been fairly inactive. I think it will be a fun one to watch with my heart on hope on Fury and my money on Chisora, but no result would surprise me.

Robert Brown: Manny Pacquiao is facing Chris Algieri, most people believe the fight should be a relatively comfortable night for Pacquiao, please give us your thoughts and prediction for that fight?

Chauncy Welliver: I am a Pactard so this is not a fair question, haha. I feel Manny has lost a step and Algieri is a tough kid. I think it will be more competitive than people think, but Manny wins this one.

Robert Brown: Do you agree with the opinions expressed by some people that Floyd Mayweather is slipping a little, what are your thoughts on that assumption and who do you expect to be Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent?

Chauncy Welliver: Being a Pactard I gotta say yes, Floyd is slipping out of loyalty to Manny. HAHA. I think he’s slipping a little and he’s also very one dimensional. As time goes by, more of these guys are figuring him out. I hope he chooses Manny next but I’ve lost my breathe saying that for the last 6 years.

Robert Brown: Regardless of capturing the heavyweight title is there a dream fight that you wish takes place before you retire?

Chauncy Welliver: Chauncy Welliver vs. Shannon Briggs. I’ve wanted that fight for a while now. He’s talked crap about me and I was never anything but respectful to him until he crap talked me. I feel Shannon is a great athlete, but in saying that, I think he’s one of the most wasted talents to ever hit boxing. He could have been a champion a long time, but his heart held him back in fights. If he would have bit his lip and charged forward a bit more, let his hands go, he might still be a champ today.

Robert Brown: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you are doing outside the ring, family, business interests etc.?

Chauncy Welliver: I have a beautiful wife Sarah and daughter Lemyn who are my world. I give my all for them. I want the best for my families future. I’ve also opened a gym in Spokane, by far the biggest and nicest in my town. We were recently voted the “Best gym” in Spokane’s “best of”. We had more votes than any other gym in town, and that’s not just boxing, that’s Gold’s, YMCA and the big boys like that. It was a great victory. This past August I received the key to the city here in Spokane, a huge honour as I love my city very much.

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  1. wbox says:

    1 dimensional makes 8 division world champ.

  2. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Enough with Mayweather! the boxing world is tired of his numerous alibis and countless demands. He will never fight Manny because he is damn certAin that Pacquaio will hurt him. If he does take Pacquaio next it will be the end of the road. Therefore, let’s put all this hype in the cOrner because a coward is a man who lives in his fear everday and its kinda difficult to change that. Mayweather must never commit the error of picking Pacquiao because the southpaw bomb is too dangerous for him!!

  3. Pacquiao is one dimensional…Gayweather is one Dillutional.

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