Floyd Mayweather Sr: “I can safely say this right here, Floyd’s power is stronger than Pacquiao’s!”

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(transcribed by Michael Readman)’The Battle of East and West,’ the name of the event was not memorable, but a punch in that bout between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton was. In the second round of the bout, Manny Pacquiao shocked the boxing world with his devastating one punch knockout win over the then light welterweight champion. Since that fight, trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. has yet to go head to head against Pacquiao, or even a Freddie Roach trained fighter, but even since that bout, he has been open with his views about the fighters that come out of the Wild Card gym.

In part 2 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I get his thoughts on Pacquiao’s motivation to fight his son, and who he believes is the stronger fighter. I also get Floyd’s views on training someone to face a Freddie Roach trained boxer. Additionally Mayweather talks about his son’s standing among the all-time greats, and who he would like to see his son face next. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: You think Pacquiao would only fight your son because of money? It wouldn’t have anything to do with pride of being the best?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, he already got knocked ice cold already anyway. The way he got knocked cold by a man that much older than him — hey I mean, what can you say? There ain’t too much to be said, he’s done.

I think Pacquiao fights for glory and all that but, to be honest and to tell you the truth, there is no way in the world Pacquiao can whoop Floyd. He don’t have the skills, he don’t have the finesse, he don’t have speed, he don’t even have the power that little Floyd got now. Being that they ain’t going on no more, hey I can safely say this right here, Floyd’s power is stronger than Pacquiao’s.

Jenna J: You believe that Floyd is a stronger puncher than Pacquiao at this point?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Oh yeah, hell yeah. Floyd hits with punches fluently, good fast straight punches, punches that get there, get to the point. The way Floyd knocked down Ricky Hatton and the way he knocked out the other guy, what’s the other guys name?

Jenna J: Victor Ortiz?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yeah, Victor Ortiz. Floyd has some pretty good knockouts, he ain’t slow with his punches either.

Jenna J: After September 13th when your son thoroughly out-boxes Maidana, which I fully expect him to do, he’s gonna have to fight somebody in May. Do you think he is targeting Manny Pacquiao because its the biggest fight out there?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I’m gonna tell you, there won’t be no fight for little Floyd to fight because little Floyd’s at that age now where everybody usually starts taking a downfall. I’m not gonna say what he’s gonna do, but I’m just saying that so far Floyd’s been the best at his age, he’s been very good. He’s been better than anybody I know, including the great Muhammad Ali.

Jenna J: Next year by the time your son does enter the ring again, he will be thirty eight years old. When do you think it’s gonna start taking an effect on him — the age — when will it catch up?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: It could take effect on you at any time, but you’ve gotta realize one thing about most of them guys is that most of those guys in boxing today have took beatings. Little Floyd, he ain’t really took no real beatings, you know. He ain’t got hit in his eyes and stuff.

You do something like Victor Ortiz did, I’ll make sure that shit don’t happen again. I’ll tell that son of a bitch there won’t even be no fight because if it goes on like that, there’s gonna be another problem and the problem ain’t gonna be with Floyd either.

Jenna J: Floyd, you as a trainer, you haven’t had a chance to face off against Freddie Roach in over five years — not since the Ricky Hatton fight. As a trainer do you at all have a desire to take a fighter and beat a Roach fighter just because of that fight that happened in the past?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yeah well, if Floyd fights Pacquiao it will be shown right there. Floyd is old enough to be out the game but Floyd’s gonna beat his ass, I’m gonna tell you that right now.

Jenna J: So that would be the fight that you would wanna train someone against?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Any fighter that’s good enough and halfway knows his skills, I can bring the rest of the stuff out of him and whoop any fighter Freddie Roach’s got! Believe it or not, say what you want to, I’m the best.

All we gotta do is name the fighter and get the size and we’ll do it, and I want you to put that in the paper too! From me! From Floyd Joy Sr’s mouth, the best trainer that ever lived!

Jenna J: Who would you prefer to match up against? Someone like a Pacquiao or someone like a Miguel Cotto? Both in which Freddie Roach trains.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well we ain’t talking right now about someone that Floyd can’t beat. Who else do we got right now he ain’t beat once? If he beat them once, he’ll beat them again for sure.

I’m gonna tell you right now, as soon as I get with my son, we’re gonna stop all this stuff here, all this nick nacking and all this head-butting and twisting arms, holding people in the neck and throwing people out the ring and hitting people in the balls and hitting people behind the head and everything. We’re gonna straighten all that out.

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  1. UrSuperhero says:

    lol no one belives that… manny is known for his quickness an explosive power.. Floyds known for his quickness an defensive skills . . I guess the reporter cant grill “there” guest .. but even they know..

    • Aaron says:

      Come on Jenna…u kind of asked the right questions but came acrossed wimpy. It’s your job as a journalist to press these jokers as to why the world’s two best boxers still haven’t fought. Next time come more prepared

  2. tracy says:

    judging by cracked sr comments, clearly he knew his son cant fight pacman, his gay son wont see again the light of day. gayfloyd will always be remembered as the man who feared paquiao, lol!

  3. tracy says:

    shoulder rolling and dirty elbowing, nah, it wont work w/ pacman, pacman will destroy your gay son dirty elbow and coward shoulder. Cmon, let the fight proceed, winner takes all the money, drug test done!

  4. TheGayMomma! says:


  5. Glen says:

    Statistics say otherwise.

  6. Joe says:

    Really ? Then fight Pacman …

  7. Joe says:

    Talk is cheap … fighting Pacman may mean $300 million, according to one article 🙂

  8. edel says:

    when a person is biased and dilusional can’t accept the truth. Good luck! Sr. wake-up and get a cup of coffee and smell it.

  9. floyd mayweather jr. says:

    well my apologies to what my asshole father said to jenna j. my father is delusional and a pathetic liar. he knows well that I can not beat that little midget pacman. and in no way I could use shoulder roll and other defensive tactics. that motherfucker is too fast with too many punches!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Floyd sr is a delusional!! Floyd gayweather ia s loud mouth coward.

  11. EL TERRIBLE says:

    kip ur mouth shut dirty old man,u always praise ur son in any way, but u always failed ur cmitment to KO his oponent in hs previos fyts. ur son s always a gay when he nvr fyt pacman. ur ugly as kingkong!

  12. noel says:

    ok tell your fucking son to fight the pakman!! you monkey old man!!

  13. Deb says:

    That’s right Floyd Sr….say it right there, very far away from where Manny Pacquiao is. It is truly safe there.

  14. PACMANUSA says:

    Tell this stupid bitch to quit interviewing this old crackhead hoodrat motherfucker !
    Typical response from these idiotic people . You can take the rat out of the hood but you can’t take the hood outta this fucking RAT !

  15. and bigger and yet no fight??

  16. Uglyduck says:

    In Your Face!!!!!!!!!

  17. Uglyduck2 says:

    Keep dreaming…. Quit drugs.

  18. jenna says:

    Jenna interviewed a monkey gets a monkey answer


  20. Hernan says:

    The moment Floyd Sr. said he is the greatest trainer, all credibility of this interview went down the drain. LOL

  21. ras says:

    Oh yeah, hell yeah. Floyd hits with punches fluently, good fast straight punches, punches that get there, get to the point. The way Floyd knocked down Ricky Hatton and the way he knocked out the other guy, what’s the other guys name?


  22. Floyd sr., do you want to test the power of your son why not you call manny so that we can see what is your talking about in prove it to the world. Dont always ducking with manny i think your gonna advertise only your son for his coming fight.

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  24. agustin says:

    Floyd Sr is dreaming he is a BIG mouth like hes son jr..

  25. Anonymous says:

    lets say you are right old monkey and so your son is afraid to fight pacman your son is a coward ducker

  26. hagire says:

    mayweather sr. is nothing but a jealous predator look alike.
    If you put floyd jr. out of the picture then who are they by now.How many of his boxers won the championships?How many achievements he had as a trainer?
    And now who is the joke coach! lol
    If pacman is easy fight and easy money then why not fight and stop ducking.

  27. boxmeister says:

    Waste of time doing and reading this interview…the SR begets the JR…as usual smelly brain farts coming out of their mouths…just to hype Maidana fight always teasing, maligning a far away Pacquiao. Vanities galore!

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