Floyd Mayweather Sr: “All they gotta do is keep their eyes on Maidana and he’ll be disqualified before the fifth round!”

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(transcribed by Michael Readman) On September 13th, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will return to the ring, and for the first time in nearly twelve years, he will be matched up against an opponent that he has already faced, Marcos Maidana. The rematch announcement was welcomed by many fans and media, but when it came to a certain member of Mayweather’s team, he was less than happy with the choice of opponent.

In part 1 of my ‘On The Ropes’ interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, he gives his thoughts on his sons choice to step in the ring with Maidana again. Floyd also discusses what he thinks will be different this time and if he believes his son will stop Maidana. Additionally, Mayweather speaks on Maidana’s tactics in the ring and how he thinks his son will do in the rematch. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, I figured it was time to get you back on the show, especially since your prediction came true, your son is in fact fight Marcos Maidana on September 13th.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Didn’t I tell you I thought he was gonna fight Marcos Maidana again?

Jenna J: You did, you did say that. What are your thoughts on that? I know you didn’t really want to see Floyd fight him again.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: No, I didn’t want to see him fight him again. Not because of, just all the wrong, bad, nasty shit he was doing and then his coaches were right behind him all the way, you know. Anytime you got coaches telling you to do stuff like that — hey, all they gotta do is keep their eyes on him and he’ll be disqualified before the fifth round gets to him.

Tony Weeks did a very, very, very poor job. The job that he was doing, nobody in the world would have called it justice, it was nowhere near. One thing that I can tell you is that we’re going into this fight and we’re going to win.

We’re going to win but I’m just saying that anybody can throw you off with that kind of stuff. Nobody giving you no kind of warning, you’re head-butting somebody, you’re pushing somebody out the ring, you’re twisting somebody’s arm, you’re putting your elbow under somebody’s neck and you hit people below the belt and behind the head. Man come on, who in the hell thinks he can make it? Can’t whoop nobody like that man, it ain’t right.

Jenna J: Why do you think your son is fighting Marcos Maidana? Why does he want to do it again?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, I know one reason would be that he’s coming back to show somebody and show the people the better Floyd, that’s one reason. Of course, the other reason would have to be money. It couldn’t be no other way, what else could it be?

Jenna J: So you think your son thinks a rematch between him and Maidana will sell well?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: It will sell. I know it will sell because the fight sold good the first time, so it’s gonna be bigger this time.

Jenna J: As a trainer Floyd, what are you going to do differently for your sons approach for the rematch compared to the first fight?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well you know, I haven’t gotten to all those points yet. Well, I really got it in my head right now, what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna let that rest with my son because I want everything to be element of surprise. It’s obvious that my son feels like he can win because he wouldn’t have took the fight again.

My son could have said, “I wanna fight that guy or that guy or this guy.” This guy made it tough for my son — he only made it tough because of all the dirty tactics he was using. That’s the only reason he made it dirty, that’s the only reason he made the fight tighter for him because of all the dirty stuff he was doing.

If you see them boxing this time and they don’t call no shot, he’s gonna be disqualified or he’s gonna lose to a technicality, period. I’m just telling you, you will see a thorough boxing lesson.

Jenna J: Do you think your son wants this fight partly because the first fight was close and he wants to win more convincingly?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yeah, well we know the only reason why he got close. If Floyd would have done some of that same stuff that he did, it could have been real easy, real, real easy. He would win twelve rounds right there, if Floyd was doing the dirty stuff. It’s a different approach when you really don’t fight that way.

Floyd ain’t a dirty fighter, so Floyd can’t fight that way because he’s not groomed to fight that way. I never groomed him to fight that way and my brother Roger never groomed him to fight that way, or anybody else that I know. That’s not Floyd’s way. Floyd’s way is the right way and the clear win way, and that’s using all your technique and using good, and right and fair.

Jenna J: In the first fight, your son was staying on the ropes intentionally. The second time around, do you think you will try keep him in the center of the ring more?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: That would be one of my goals, to make sure — don’t get me wrong now, because he’s not just gonna dance with him. He can do that and beat him too, but he ain’t gotta do that.

I’ve got some different things now that are gonna get by and a lot of people ain’t even gonna see it. They’re gonna see it, but they ain’t gonna see it, watch what I tell you. There’s some things I’m gonna do, he’s gonna crack him every time and people will say, “How in the hell did he hit him?”

Jenna J: Floyd last I spoke with you I asked you about Pacquiao, and you said the fight was closer than we think. Do you think Pacquiao really wants a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Let me say this right here; Pacquiao runs his damn mouth all the time, talking shit — at least Freddie Roach do. Freddie ‘The Joke Coach’ Roach, he runs his mouth, I don’t think it’s Pacquiao that much. Pacquiao, I know he really don’t want to fight. He’ll say he wants to fight and this and that but he don’t wanna fight. Pacquiao fights now because he needs money.

Pacquiao fights now because Pacquiao needs money and what Pacquiao’s got to understand is, he can’t believe people like Freddie ‘The Joke Coach’ Roach and that’s where the joke is coming from right there. His money’s being got and he don’t fucking even see it, that’s the joke right there.

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  1. TheGayMomma! says:

    still quack quack! to sell your fight! hahahaha

  2. PACMANUSA says:

    Stupid fucking hoodrat .

    He needs to go back down in the Detroit sewer he came from .

    And take his coward ass son with him !

  3. jek2x says:

    We’re tired of all of these alibis, jus fight pacquiao! PERIOD!

  4. razorbonz says:

    F*uckloyd moneyquin gayweather talk shits…

  5. pillio says:

    ALibis are for cowards. Excuses are for DUCKERS.

    Once a MAYWEATHER always a COWARD
    Once a Coward always a DUCKER
    Once a DUCKER always a FLOYD

  6. floydcott says:

    ….keep mentioning pacman to sell coward floyd fight.what a shame…

  7. red santos says:

    i want to sew the mouth of this f*ucking gorilla!

  8. Victor says:

    Manny wants to fight FLoyd not just because of Money. Manny said before. Lets fight for Charity. Meaning, some of the earnings will go to the world charity. Thats a fighter spirit!

    What reply did we receive from floyd..? NOTHING! He is a chicken! Scared of Manny Pacquiao.

  9. pacquaio says:

    thanks jenna for giving floyd mayweather more ammo – i wasnt born yesterday but i remmeber floyd saying manny your ‘next’ like 4 years ago anyway expect floyd to get the decision agasint margrito ( i mean maidana)

  10. FloydsWhiteEgg says:

    So lame excuses. All Mayweather’s are fucking shit…

  11. Bruce Virgillo says:

    The whole world knows it that the Mayweather’s Clan are just a bunch of coward ,ugly looking , criminals Apes ! Cul miento de negro iho des puta

  12. pikkon says:

    The Mayweathers could not accept that Manny Pacquaio is a thorn in Floyd’s cap.

  13. hagire says:

    can’t believed this daddy chimp to say that pacman is ducking his baby chimp,you can write a novel from the series of alibis to avoid the pac and about money pacman even dare the gayweather to fight for charity and its no fluke,saying that they gave mm a rematch because it will sell more ppv now is absurd a pac-mayweather will break all ppv records

  14. theboxing411 says:

    Mayweather Sr. is always running off at the mouth. he better read what Floyd jr. former best bud had to say, yup 50 cent. In a recent interview he said that Floyd would be broke every other fight, he would spend like theres no tomorrow then when the irs came knocking he had to fight just to pay them. he said this was every other fight. mayweather jr only sells ppvs cus people want to see his ass get beat. before De La Hoya, Floyd couldn’t sell 350k in ppv. De La Hoya made him and that’s that. if Oscar would’ve never brought him to the spotlight, he prob still wouldn’t sell 500k. Floyd is just a ducker. Julio Caesar Chavez was 87-0 with 72 knockouts before his first lost! he didn’t run around talking all that greatest ever shit. if Floyd fought as many fights as Pacquiao, would he be undefeated? no way. but back to mayweather sr. one day he says one thing then flip flops. remember after jr fought Oscar, in the ring sr. said Oscar won that fight that simple. even uncle roger said and I quote “if you don’t have a loss, then you haven’t fought everybody”. just thought Id throw that in there.

  15. Leon Heart says:

    Pacman had enough money to buy a Presidential Seat in the Philippines…. He doesn’t need more… People only buy PPV Fights of Floyd coz they want to see it first how Floyd got beaten up inside the ring but unfortunately, it is far from reality coz of Floyd’s style up there ” The Running Man “, ” Hit and Run Specialist “,..and not because they were fans of Floyd.. That’s the truth! Me myself does’t last 3 rounds of watching any Floyd’s fight coz it’s sooooo boooorring..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mayweather us the All-time Greatest Duck

  17. aymokay says:

    This guy trained hatton…..hahahaha

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