Golovkin and Chavez Jr heading towards a collision course

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Arguably the best fighter on the planet tipping the scales at 160lbs, IBO champ Gennady Golovkin, withdrew from a scheduled clash with Andy Lee which was set to take place on April 26th. Golovkin will honor a 40-day mourning period in his native Kazakhstan after the tragic passing of his father, Gennady Ivanovich Golovkin. Tom Loeffler, the managing director of K2 promotions estimated Golovkin’s return at June or July at the earliest. Upon his return, the popular slugger now has a credible option at the table to do business with.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has absorbed heavy criticism during his 51 fight career. Uninspired performances and a lack of commitment to the sport featuring heavily in the barrage. The fact that the WBC governing body has ranked Chavez #1 in the super middleweight ranking list certainly doesn’t help matters. Being the son of legendary Mexican fighter Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. does in this department.

Whilst much of the criticism can be justified, when motivated to do so, Chavez can deliver the goods in the ring. What Chavez lacks in the technical department, he supplements with brute pressure. Combined with an ability to absorb punishment and show resilience, Chavez makes for a formidable challenge.

Gennady Golovkin has shone thus far in his career, with Matthew Macklin being his biggest scalp. Golovkin has knocked off second tier names and it seems his biggest opponent at this point is his ability. With Sergio Martinez opting to return against Miguel Cotto and Geale turning down the April date, Andy Lee offered his services.

Chavez previously stopped Lee in their clash, and many felt Lee would suffer the same fate at the hands of the Kazakhstan power puncher. After redeeming himself against Brian Vera in their rematch, Chavez verbally placed himself in the path of the Golovkin steam train.

Golovkin and Chavez’ style would mesh perfectly to make for a brutal fight. The heavy handed technician would have no trouble finding Chavez as the Mexican would meet Golovkin head on. Willing to take one to give one, Chavez would surely test Golovkin’s chin and resilience.

Up to this point, Gennady has rarely faced genuine resistance in the ring. If the Chavez protective line could hold off Golovkin’s best heading into the championship rounds, how would Golovkin cope with a late Chavez onslaught after a long, hard fought fight? To envision any fighter absorbing Golovkin’s best over twelve rounds, will test even the most vivid imagination.

If they are to move Gennady Golovkin into the pay per view market successfully, an impressive and commanding performance over Julio Chavez would be a step in the right direction. Whilst a slick operator that fights on the back foot can give Chavez a long frustrating night–as displayed in the Sergio Martinez bout, Gennady Golovkin is not type of fighter. Primarily a front foot fighter, Golovkin’s aggressive style is exactly what Chavez thrives on. The question is, which man can take the heat in this possible scorcher?

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  1. Wow wow wee…. this is a fight worthy of a pay per view!!!!!! As long as changes Jr is committed in this fight, its gonna be awesome.

    • baratingas says:

      This is a perfect match, this is the sweet and sour science, this is not the hit and run boxing because they are both warriors in the square ring, this is worth paying, worth watching to those who love the contact sport…that’s why MMA are so popular now, the true meaning of blood, sweat and tears…unlike the black fighters who are trained to be a track and field boxer with the exceptions of old fighters [Joe Louis, Liston, Frazier, Norton, Foreman, Hearns and Hagler] endangered species, they’re all gone…BUT, the majority of the black fans will not watch it…they like the Floyd style…

  2. Noel says:

    ‘Hope this fight could happen! Big bang fight!

  3. irus says:

    he’s good ..but he still got to proove himself with noted fighters or he might be just another canelo…

  4. irus says:

    so…we cannot say yet hes the best fighter in the planet ..even arguably..

  5. Herald says:

    Chavez is a B level fighter, he would get pounded from pillar to post

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