Jean Pascal: “I’m not gonna waste my time with Stevenson. I’m gonna try to face Carl Froch or maybe Chavez or Bernard Hopkins one more time.”

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The biggest fight that can be made in all of boxing is of course Mayweather-Pacquiao, and while things looked positive, talks have now shifted and the fight the fans all want to see might not happen. With that fight currently on life support, talk amongst fans has shifted to what other big fights can be made in boxing. One fight that fans most want to see is a potential fight between two of Cananda’s biggest stars, Jean Pascal & Adonis Stevenson, and while that fight seems far off right now, trash talk between the two stars has already begun to heat up.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with former light heavyweight champion, Jean Pascal, I discuss with him in detail a potential fight between himself and Adonis Stevenson. Pascal shares his thoughts on Stevenson as a fighter and talks about what his next move will be if he takes the belts from Sergey Kovalev. Additionally Pascal speaks on boxing’s most talked about fight, Mayweather-Pacquiao and also lets the fans know what they can expect from his fight March 14th against Sergey Kovalev. Here is what Jean Pascal had to say.

Jenna J: If you beat Sergey Kovalev, they are going to mandate Adonis Stevenson to fight you. Will you want to fight him?

Jean Pascal: I’m not gonna waste my time with this punk. I’m gonna try to face Carl Froch or maybe Chavez or Bernard Hopkins one more time. This guy doesn’t want to fight anybody except cab drivers and I’m not a cab driver so he’s not gonna want to fight me.

Jenna J: So if you win the title belt, you’re gonna keep him out of the picture and defend the title elsewhere?

Jean Pascal: That guy is irrelevant, he’s irrelevant. He’s saying he’s the king, king of what? He’s a world champion and he cannot fill up an arena with more than four thousand people. Nobody cares about Stevenson in Quebec, nobody cares about Stevenson in the entire world.

You see me with no belts and with Bute I filled up a stage with twenty thousand people. I’m gonna fight Kovalev, we’re gonna have probably like fifteen thousand people. I sold more than one hundred thousand tickets in my career. Stevenson is a nobody.

Jenna J: So no matter what he’s willing to take, you won’t fight him after this because he didn’t fight you before?

Jean Pascal: Exactly. I’m not gonna waste my time with this punk.

Jenna J: In your fight with Lucian Bute, you worked with Roy Jones Jr, and in your last fight you had Roy as well. What kind of role does Roy Jones serve in your corner?

Jean Pascal: Roy Jones brings knowledge to the team. He used to be the pound-for-pound king, so he brings a lot of knowledge in the corner. I’m gonna be with my long time coach, Marc Ramsey, with my cutman, Russ Anber. I’m gonna also have Angel Heredia with me.

I’m gonna have the same team that I had when I beat up Bute. I may not be the pound-for-pound king boxer right now but I’m telling you, I got the pound-for-pound cornermen in the world.

Jenna J: I want to get you views on the talks of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao happening in 2015. Do you have a different view now based on how both guys have looked in recent bouts?

Jean Pascal: To be honest with you, I love Floyd and I don’t know if the fight’s gonna happen. Four years ago I was going with Floyd all the way, right now I think it’s a fifty-fifty fight.

Jenna J: Why do you think it’s a fifty-fifty fight compared to the past?

Jean Pascal: Because I think Floyd is starting to show his age, he’s slowing down just a little bit and because of that, it’s gonna help out Manny Pacquiao. I still give maybe a slight edge to Floyd but the fight is gonna be closer than five years ago.

Jenna J: What do you think about Pacquiao now? In his last fight he knocked his opponent down six times; do you think he’s the same fighter he used to be?

Jean Pascal: I don’t think he’s the same fighter but I think he’s back. His last two fights, he showed that he still has it, so I think Pacquiao is back on track and we’re gonna see with his next fight if he’s really back on track.

Jenna J: Let’s go back to your fight with Sergey Kovalev. What can the fans expect in terms of a fight, what kind of fight will they see?

Jean Pascal: To be honest with you, that’s gonna be a good fight. I think it’s gonna be a technical fight because if I go into this fight and try to brawl with Kovalev, I may get knocked out. I’m gonna be careful, I’m gonna use my defense, I’m gonna use my footwork and I’m gonna box this guy.

Jenna J: If you do beat Sergey Kovalev, is there any kind of rematch clause where you would have to fight him another time?

Jean Pascal: If the fans want to see a rematch, I’m gonna give the fans a rematch. I’m a crowd pleaser, I want to please my fans. If the fans want to have a rematch, I’ll give the fans a rematch.

Jenna J: If you do win that fight, in most people’s eyes you will become the light heavyweight champion of the world again. What will that mean to you, to regain that recognition?

Jean Pascal: I’m not going to be only a two time world champion, but I’m gonna be TBE in Canada, the best ever in Canada. That’s a great motivation for me because I know I can do this and to be TBE in Canada would be a great accomplishment for myself and also I’m gonna be in the top ten pound-for-pound in the world as well.

Jenna J: You have a lot of fans that support you, is there any message you want to pass along to them?

Jean Pascal: Guys hat have faith and believe in me, I’m training very hard for this fight and you can bet on me because I’m gonna win this fight. Also Jenna I want to wish you a happy new year, all the best, nothing less and lets keep rolling with the punches in 2015.

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  1. Benjie says:

    Havent you heard????? Mayweather is not fighting pac… This article is worth nothing. They fight outside the ring hehehehehehe

  2. billabong says:

    said everything i wanted to hear lol he got my PPV buy. would anyway its going to be a great fight.. to champs going at it like it should be.. no ducking dodging exuces they worked out a deal no fuss and are fighting.. either could win.. they both know its not an easy win

  3. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Mayweather will win? i dont think so that motherfucker nigger is scared! until now he’s blaming arum again for the failed negotiations, floyd will never run out of excuses!

  4. jess says:

    The reason why fans are not hearing from Floydie Jr. after Pacquiao announced to the whole world he has accepted all the conditions of Floydie Jr. is he is thinking of other outrageous alibis he has not used yet to avoid a fight with his arch rival. Floydie Jr. is a disgrace to the sports that made him rich.

  5. Fan says:

    Since Mayweather is insisting that he brings the money to the table, why not both SHOWTIME and HBO co-telecast the fight on PPV. FMJ is under SHOWTIME and MP is under HBO. Then we will see who really brings more money on the table. The fans will speak for themselves, where to watch the mega fight.
    FMJ’s cut on SHOWTIME and MP’s cut on HBO.

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