Jeff Mayweather: “Manny Pacquiao has been knocked out cold, but everybody is still speaking like he really has a chance with Floyd”

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I had a chance to speak with former IBO super featherweight champ, Jeff Mayweather. ‘Jazzy’ Jeff is the uncle of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and spend his time now training fighters out of Las Vegas. Topics discussed in this interview include, the possible Mayweather-Pacquiao match, Canelo Alvarez’ upcoming fight with James Kirkland, Thurman vs. Guerrero, and much more. Here is what Jeff Mayweather had to say.

Robert Brown: You said that feel Pacquiao’s career is winding down, do you think Bob Arum is cashing out?

Jeff Mayweather: I guess I would say that could be it, but at the same time, it’s not really cashing out because it’s a fight that the public wants. The public’s been wanting this fight for so many years, so I don’t think it’s really cashing out. I think it’s more of just finally saying, “Okay, let’s do it now,” as opposed to, “I’m putting my guy in and I think this is the right time to put him in there.”

Like I said, the significance of this fight, it’s build over years and years but at the same time, the right time for Manny Pacquiao was to take that fight five years ago when he was on the A side and it was a fight in which most people really didn’t know or even felt that Manny would lose or anything like that.

So many people were so sold on Manny Pacquiao, that it was a situation in which it was a fifty-fifty split. Since that time, he’s had a loss, he’s been knocked out but still you have fans that are still crazy over him. Floyd hasn’t lost, he’s been beating younger fighters, up incoming fighters, all these guys that are some of the top guys in the weight class. Manny Pacquiao has has lost and he’s been knocked out cold, but everybody is still speaking like he really has a chance with Floyd, when the reality is, he really doesn’t have a chance.

Robert Brown: Manny’s had losses but there’s still a lot of buzz around this fight and people want to see it. Do you have a theory as to why that is?

Jeff Mayweather: I think the only theory is that so many people dislike Floyd because Floyd enjoys his money. He enjoys his money so much that he puts it in your face. He’s not saying, “Oh look at my money,” but people take it that way.

People don’t realize that this man is risking his life every time he steps in the ring, he should be able to do what he wants to do with his money. You hate him because he has money? Is that really a reason to hate somebody? That’s the bottom line because you don’t have a reason to hate a guy just because he’s winning, you hate him because he fronts the fact that he has money.

Floyd’s not selling drugs, he’s not poisoning anybody, he’s not out robbing nobody, he can go do whatever the hell he wants to do with his money, he earned it! It was the same with Ali, everyone hated him because first of all he’s African American, he was braggadocious and he was making predictions and they were coming true.

There was a story of a lady that followed Ali until he lost and finally said when she got in his face, she said, “They finally got your black ass.” That was her hate towards him, just because he was winning. It’s not just the winning, it’s the combination. Ali was kind of like Floyd in a sense, he was braggadocious, good looking guy and he talked trash. He talked trash but he was backing it up.

Ali wasn’t fronting his money like Floyd but it’s just that he was so confident and bold about the things that he did and said, that people took it the wrong way. Rather than looking at it as being confident, they looked at it as being braggadocious and thinking that he was about everyone else, but I didn’t see it that way.

Everyone’s got their own opinion and I think that when you win, somebody always wants to see you get knocked off, no matter how. I think that’s one of the things with boxing, nobody wants to see a person get out undefeated and hoping that when they do leave the sport, that everything is intact. Floyd’s in that position right now and hopefully he goes out on top and walks away from the sport with no blemishes and moves on into the realm of being a promoter.

Robert Brown: Another big fight coming up is Saul Alvarez vs. James Kirkland. What are your thoughts on this match?

Jeff Mayweather: Kirkland is dangerous, so there’s always that chance of Kirkland possibly catching him and maybe knocking him out, but at the same time I think that Canelo is gonna beat him and he’s gonna beat him fairly easy. I think he’s gonna beat him because to me, Kirkland is the same exact fighter as Alfredo Angulo — he’s a guy that can’t get out of the way of a punch, eats punches, he’s just tough.

One thing about being tough is you can be tough until they keep hitting you and keep hitting you and eventually you’re gonna crack. That’s the type of fight that I see. I see that Kirkland may even have one or two good moments in the fight, but I think that overall it’s gonna be a fairly easy fight for Canelo.

Robert Brown: Do you think Canelo wins by unanimous decision or by KO?

Jeff Mayweather: I don’t really see him knocking Kirkland out, Kirkland is tough and durable. I see him basically beating him in the same type of fashion that he beat Angulo but Kirkland will still be there until the end I think.

Robert Brown: Keith Thurman will be fighting Robert Guerrero, what are your thoughts on that fight?

Jeff Mayweather: That’s a good fight. To be honest, I lean towards Guerrero. To this point, Thurman is a good fighter and he’s getting better, but at the same time, he still hasn’t fought anybody. I don’t like to say that because I don’t like to say that about fighters but what I’m saying is, the level fighters that he’s fought, if he’s as good as he’s supposed to be, he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do, because he hasn’t fought nobody.

Robert Brown: Also on that card Adrien Broner will take on John Molina, how do you see that fight playing out?

Jeff Mayweather: It’s an interesting fight but I think that’s a fight that Adrien Broner can win. I see Broner winning that fight quite easily by decision.

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42 Responses to "Jeff Mayweather: “Manny Pacquiao has been knocked out cold, but everybody is still speaking like he really has a chance with Floyd”"
    • STEPHEN TARR says:

      they made cotto 1 in 5 minutes the longer the delay the less likely it will occur. Paquiaos side agreed to everything so whats the problem, if paquiaos side dont agree with something make a press conference and explain to the fans, Fact is mayweather side are repeating previous negotiations wait until Paquiao cant wait no more and when paquiaos signs an alternative bout blame paquiao and Arum for not wanting the fight i see a clear pattern with the punk floyd

  1. what’s the next alibi after drug tests, bob arum, PPVs, A-side ?

  2. KillingTime says:

    What Jeff? Floyds a little like Muhammad Ali now is he? Jeez., you Mayweathers are off your chops. Floyds got his hand in his pants & he likes it. That’s about the gist of it. People aren’t that simple .. when. there’s SOMETHING to like they usually will.,Ali was a looker & had that ” magic “, the kind of words he spoke are stratospheres away from your nephew’s. Floyds not pretty man. Get the hell outta here.

  3. el tango says:

    If he think pacman is chicken why floyd doesnt want to fight pacman if your nephew is not coward let him signed the contract as simple as that and let ur mouth shut off please!

  4. Jay says:

    He got knocked out cold yet Floyd still hesitant to get in the ring with him. He got knocked out cold… but it Floyd didn’t have anything to do with it.

  5. Jay says:

    *but Floyd didn”t have anything to do with it

  6. Jeffrey sheaf says:

    you know as well as everybody else Mayweather is avoiding Manny Pacquiao he is playing games they should have fought 5yrs ago and as for manny being knocked out cold yes he was but Mayweather knows he is still dangerous,Mayweather has been fighting a lot of nobody’s lately put your demons to bed and fight manny now.

  7. Mayweathers always says manny will be ko ed then sign the contract…so millions will see manny ko in the ring not in their fuckn mouth.

    • jojo campana says:

      mayweather will do everything to avoid pacman, he loves to be in the hall of fame undefeated…lol
      but who will vote or indorse you if always avoiding, picking and ducking fighters….lol. pacman agreeing will all his condition, now he is hiding somewhere…funny

      • jojo campana says:

        mayweather keep saying , his been knocked down cold ..easy to beat him…prove it moneyman..what are you waiting for stop hiding…lol if you think jeff mayweather its easy for yor nephew convinced him….let see what happen. …. i knoew you scared too to pacquiao….no guts.

        • OneTonMan says:

          Mayweather’s (Jeff) reasoning that getting KO’d before will not give Pacman a chance to win against his nephew. Pacman got KO’d once, and he rebounded to win a belt. He got KO’d a second time and later won an unprecedented 8 belts during the course of his comeback. Now he got KO’d the third time, you know what’s coming to Mayweather…..

  8. eths says:

    I like Thurman and Kirkland (unless it’s a fixed) to win those fights mentioned. But Jeff may be right i saying Floyd wins over Manny. But who knows…

  9. ed says:

    They always make those knockout losses as a measuring stick between the two fighters. As long as they never get into the ring, we will never know. I’m getting tired of all the mayweather’s excuses. The big fight is not happening.
    Just boycott all of his fights, make showtime recieve it’s backlash, show them that the paying public is the boss. They are making a fool out of us and it’s really frustrating. Nuff said.

  10. erap says:

    This is funny.

    Floyd running away from a guy who’s been knocked out cold before.

    Now, that’s the definition of a real coward.

  11. ruel says:

    floyd doesn’t have that K.O. punch!!! unless you do a VICTOR ORTIZ who still called on the reff after being hit instead of protecting himself. which MEANS – Manny will simply annihilate floyd because floyd cannot hurt Manny!!! And that’s why Floyd and his uncles and father are running and hiding from Manny! lol!!!

  12. paparey says:

    Manny pacquiao has no chance if he has no arms.

  13. arska says:

    Who the hell is Jeff Mayweather ? Just because he is a Mayweather he makes himself relevant lately.
    (Duh!) Let your nephew out from his mother’s skirt and fight the Pacman and let see what will happen. You keep on saying that he Floyd will whip Pacman’s ass out. Jeff, you just want some attention don’t you because you are the “nobody” among the Mayweathers.

  14. pautan says:

    Pacquiao’s been knocked out twice already before marquez did it. And he came back and we saw what he did to Barrera, morales, oscar, haton, cotto, margarito, and everyone else. We love mann because he is great inside and outside of the ring. We hate flloyd because he is chocken. He is not near ali and he’s ugly like you, jeff

  15. Toney says:

    Why pulling the race card, Jeff? People just want to see Floyd fight Pacquiao. That’s all. You sound as if they are trying to feed your nephew to a lion. And pls don’t compare Floyd to Ali. Ali has wit and humor, and he was good looking. You’re nephew isn’t pretty at all, he’s trying to be funny but nobody’s laughing.

  16. bastard floyd says:

    pleaseeee leave me alone, Pac scared the shit out of me why I would face Poocquiao when I can pick a bum? Manny is so great I can’t beat him punch 4 punch if I don’t inject xylocain my fist is so fragile so I need to inject steroid for numbing. bok bok bok bokk bokkk bokkkkk bokkkkkkkkkk…..

  17. TBE my ASS!!! says:

    Unnamed sources reveal the disappointing news that Mayweather has not even included Pacquiao
    in his shortlist of possible opponent, living up to his words that he won’t be fighting
    a has been boxer like Pacquiao. This is quite against the sporting spirit and does nothing to the
    shining champion image of Mayweather. All the more, it only increases Pacquiao’s worth as an opponent
    that the greatest boxing champion was too scared to take on.

  18. janjan amuser says:


  19. glen says:

    I had never seen an uncle suck his nephews’ ball this much.

  20. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Uncle Jeff made me laugh every time he did an interview. Well, Floyd could do whatever he liked with his money, no question about that. However, its not his money the reason why numerous people disliked him but his character. He has the talent in pugilism but he beat up too many women viciously. I really dont think that he could knock pacquiao out just because Manny had been knocked out cold before. If Manny has no chances in beating Floyd as what Uncle Jeff claimed then why on hell his nephew continually avoided Pacquiao with too many hilarious excuses? Nah!

  21. James says:

    Maweathers are not in the same page,Jeff doesn’t like the fight ,always put down PAC,but Roger wants the fight and said PAC deserve it.

  22. Edroland says:

    Pacquiao beats Mayweather! That’s the headline a day after Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Mayweather jr knows that. That is why he does not want to fight.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The kingkong returns

  24. datu says:

    but still your nephew is a hurts

  25. ʬWongʬWay says:


    jeff jeff jeff your nephew don got no powahh that’s why!!! as many times as floyd hit his opponents flush on their faces you never saw them marked (not so with paquiao) except for ortiz who obviously took a dive with the aid of referee cortez who blatantly & purposely looked away from the protagonists to talk to someone in press row long enough for the farce to occur (“WHAT’S THAT?” he asked someone at press row). look it up. a seasoned referee such as cortez would INSTINCTIVELY HOLD HIS ARMS OUT APART TO SEPARATE THE FIGHTERS if he needed to talk to someone and take away his gaze from the fighters while the fight is on OR SIGNAL TIME OUT like they do to announce points deductions. it took an effort against cortez’ instincts that it looked so contrived.

    and why was ortiz trying so hard to get himself disqualified by head-butting the queen twice? what was that all about? one sports journalist put it succinctly at the post fight press conference when he asked ortiz “you seem unusually jovial for having just lost your world title – – what is it that you are so excited or happy about?” an aptly worded question since ortiz’ smirk after the knock out all but said HEY FLOYD, WE KNOCKED ME OUT REALLY GOOD DIDN’T WE FLOYD?

    the money team’s best bet is to bring in beristain (on the importance of bathing your fighter with vaseline and wiping the fighters’ gloves dry b4 each round and such) and CHEMICAL MEMO as consultants. it will be an all night game of TAG. let’s see if floyd’s legs hold up.

  26. You know , George Foreman knocked Joe Frazier (who had just beaten Ali) out cold after beating the crap out of him for several rounds. However, all real boxing fans know what happened with Ali and Foreman and Ali and Frazier moving forward. Look at Duran, after he was knocked out by Tommy Hearns. . The knockout of Pacquiao is no big deal , because he is a true all time great like the aforementioned. Mayweather’s undefeated record isn’t very impressive considering who he fought and how he beat them. Now if he had knocked out Dela Hoya and maybe Cotto, then he would have some marginal bragging rights. , Joe Calzage retired undefeated 8 years ago and all of you neophytes will ask who is he. The bottom line is once Floyd retires and his hype machine is turned off , the real fans will say , yeah he was pretty good and the new ones will say who was he. Sure , he will be a first ballot HOF , but he will never, be remembered by true in the same light as legends , like Duran, Leonard , Hearns, Hagler, Ali or Frazier or Foreman and Pacquiao. It ain’t about the money a fighter makes , it’s about the thrills they gave us fans.

  27. ʬWongʬWay says:


    people don’t dislike Floyd because “Floyd enjoys his money. He enjoys his money so much that he puts it in your face”. people love to see people do very well for their efforts.

    ITS WHEN YOU CLAIM TO BE TBE (the best ever) but would not fight the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) :

    • 4 DIVISION LINEAL CHAMPION (the man who beat the man just like an Undisputed/Unified
    Champion of a division but did not stay long enough and moved
    up to fight champions in heavier divisions. he’s got 4 of those.)

    there’s no greater opponent for floyd than pacquiao, so why is he ducking paq? jeff needs to get his facts straight !!!

  28. ʬWongʬWay says:


    • there were ten thousand people in the whole world back in their time there’s 10 BILLION now;
    • fewer countries competed in boxing then;
    • people didn’t FLY COMMERCIALLY BACK THEN.


  29. Joe says:

    Foreman knocked Frazier Cold, Ali Knocked Foreman Cold, and Frazier beat Ali in their first fight..How long has this dope been around boxing that he doesn’t know styles make fights?

  30. gniki says:


  31. Paul says:

    Well fight Floyd then if he’s that easy ya dumbass nigga

  32. True Pinoy says:

    This idiot jeff thinks that if youve been KOd there’s no chance at all to win against other fighters such as his bogus chump nephew…Thats how ignorant this stupid is…Look at Henry Armstrong, he got KOd in his 1st professional fight.


  34. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Uncle Jeff hated fighters whom he considered would be a huge threat to his nephew. He did not want to accept that Floyd is beatable and that the latter could kiss the canvas very soon. Uncle Jeff downgraded Thurman because he has the power to knock Floyd with one punch, he instead favored Guerrero who is a washed up fighter and a loudmouth. Broner was a wannabe superstar as he himself continually claimed but he was humiliated by Maidana. There is only one fighter who could defeat Floyd and that is Manny Pacquiao. Floyd would have to kill Pacquiao to win the fight. Trying to outbox Pacquiao would be a useless knowing that Manny possesses footwork equal to none!

  35. Maiden says:

    Hey Jeff,

    A lot of boxers have been knocked out Hearns, Tyson, Ali, et al—and only Floyd has not been. Zero, yes. But because he is also interested to fight Manny, it is fair game. Your mind is redundant. You not only look like a dunce but talk like a dunce. Like your father, you’re family and arrogant about Floyd’s achievements. You condescend potential boxers fighting your nephew. So stop talking about PPV numbers. Only De La Hoya had that distinction to fight with Floyd and break PPV numbers. Are you kidding me, Cotto has higher PPV number eh?

    Talk distinctly and not like ghetto. You already look like one trash talker.

  36. beestonpoet says:

    He lost an got knocked out cold..
    He lost to who? Bradley ….yawn . It was a robbery despite the crazy judges scores .. 99percentnof people who watch that fight would say Pac win it very clearly . 9 rounds to 3 .. It weren’t a close fight that coulda gone either way like maidana vs mayweather 1 .. Del a hoya vs mayweather etc etc …. an he got knocked out cold .. Yep .. But he came back an looking good .. He been knocked out cold before … Durran.. Hollyfield hearns, foreman,haye . Etc etc etc all been knocked out cold .. An it was not the end of the road an most of them went on to reach a new peak after a knock out or three .. Its a mental thing .. If anything it made Pac more defensive .. Which is a good thing … But with punchers like mayweather an algeri .. He can do his aggressiveness thing at times COs no major worry about what conning back

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