Jeff Mayweather: “Manny Pacquiao’s gotta come back, even if it’s just to leave the sport with dignity”

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One of the biggest question boxing has had in recent years has been one regarding the future of the sport once Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao retire. While some good fighters have made a name for themselves, there has not been a fighter that people truly believe will carry the sport in the years to come.

In the third and final part of my “On The Ropes” interview with trainer ‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather, I discuss with him the future of boxing and what fighters he thinks have the potential to carry the torch. I also get Jeff’s views on Adrien Broner’s recent struggles and what he thinks Broner has to do to come back. Additionally, Mayweather talks about Floyd going got 50-0, if he thinks Manny Pacquiao will come back, and gives advice to young fighters in the sport. Here is what Jeff Mayweather had to say.

Jenna J: From a trainer’s perspective, who are the fighters that you see will carry the sport going forward after Floyd moves on?

Jeff Mayweather: There’s a few guys and Golovkin is one of them, but he has to fight somebody. What Golovkin’s done is devastating but he hasn’t fought nobody. I think that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Errol Spence and Terence Crawford, those two young guys are really gonna be the face of boxing. Unfortunately, both of them have to add a little more character to their personality because they’re both very quiet guys, very humble guys — which is great, but if you really want to transcend and make yourself a superstar, you gotta open your mouth.

You don’t have to open your mouth in a way like Adrien Broner or something like that, in a bragging type way. All you have to do is be humble and be willing to accept challenges and be willing to call out some challengers.

I think Errol Spence took that step in the right direction when he called out Keith Thurman. Spence is always a quiet guy but he’s really confident in himself. I was glad to see him finally open his mouth to let the world know that he’s ready to take the next step to become a world champion.

Jenna J: A guy who was getting a lot of talk as a guy who could succeed Floyd was Adrien Broner. He’s recently fallen on hard times, do you think he can rebound from that and get the stardom back?

Jeff Mayweather: Well, I think what it was is that Adrien Broner is a talented fighter but he doesn’t have what Floyd has, not even close to what Floyd has. He doesn’t even come close, he was just able to ride that coattail until he got exposed.

The reality of it is that he’s dug a hole for himself now because it’s only good to be a villain when you win, because you force the people to pay because they want to see you get beat so bad. They have already seen Broner get beat twice, they don’t care about him getting beat anymore, it doesn’t mean anything. Bragging and talking trash like he does now, it’s meaningless, it means nothing.

It would be better for Broner to really just humble himself and win some fights, win some meaningful fights. He’s still a guy that can fight, there’s plenty of good fights for him out there for him to really put himself in a good position. You have Danny Garcia, Matthysse, Tim Bradley. There’s other different fighters that are close to his weight or at his weight that will at least put him in a good position once again.

I just think that if he continues on a path of talking trash and not backing it up, he’s gonna be forgotten. He’s just gonna be looked at as a flash in the pan, a guy who just came on the scene and disappeared.

Jenna J: I want to get your views on the future of your nephew. There’s a lot of talk about whether or not he will go for 50-0. What do you think is gonna happen?

Jeff Mayweather: It’s so hard to say. I don’t know because the thing is this, the demands for Floyd are so unrealistic in terms of who he fights and things like that. Don’t get me wrong, that’s the one thing that I applaud Al Haymon on. When he made the contract, he made it 49, that way if you want him, you’re gonna have to pay him a whole lot of money to say, “Yeah I’m gonna go for the record.” Basically, that’s a great deal and that’s also a situation where it’s hard to walk away from but hopefully Floyd doesn’t need anymore money, so he can walk away.

At the same time, the push is gonna be really hard and I think it’s gonna be hard for him to walk away. But the reality of it also is this, if he does fight that fight, Floyd can’t fight the average guy. You see how they’re already making a big deal about him fighting Karim Mayfield or Andre Berto. Andre Berto was a world champion, why can’t he fight him? Why can’t he fight him but anybody else can?

When it comes to Floyd, everything changes. The opponent changes, the status of the opponent, everything changes. No one else would drop down to fight anybody else but they would do that for Floyd because of the money they’ll make. Just like Keith Thurman, when Errol Spence called him out, he didn’t respond to it. Thurman said, “Well he hasn’t done anything yet to get a fight with me.” Really? Who are you? You’re fighting for a world championship just like him, but yet every time you open your mouth, it’s about Floyd.

Same thing with Amir Khan, and that’s why I think he killed the fight, because he started talking too much. It got to the point where he probably got under Floyd’s skin enough for him to say, “Fuck you, I’m not giving you a fight, not because I can’t beat you, just because I’m not gonna give you the payday like everyone else is begging for.” Amir Khan started acting like Floyd needed him. Really? He needs you? For what?

Jenna J: Manny Pacquiao got the fight with Floyd and made 150 million dollars, do you think he comes back to the sport for another payday?

Jeff Mayweather: Pacquiao should be set forever. That kind of money over there, it’s not 160 million, it’s probably like 80 billion. This dude should never have to fight ever again in his life if he doesn’t want to. But I’m sure he’s going to fight basically because he feels he has something to prove to his fans. The one thing that he was supposed to prove to his fans, he disappointed them. He’s gotta come back, even if it’s just to leave the sport with dignity.

Jenna J: I want to turn things to you. Can you tell us about some of the fighters you’re working with now?

Jeff Mayweather: My main focus is on Kevin Newman, he’s a young kid that I started with when he was nine years old. He’s been signed with TMT now, he’s 4-0-1, he had a draw in pro debut. He’s an extremely talented kid and I think that he’s really gonna do well. He’s my main focus.

I’m doing MMA, kickboxing and working with a lot of the older fighters that haven’t walked away from boxing yet. They’re reaching out to me hoping to put themselves back in position. I worked with ‘Chop Chop’ Corley for a little while, Derrick Gainer, Steve Forbes, all of these guys are former world champions. They’re definitely past their prime but they still want to fight, so they reach out to me.

I have two young guys that aren’t really known yet. Some of the fighters are so young and they’re just getting started that their names are not really worth mentioning. Also I’m working with a lot of amateurs, I’m just busy in every way possible. I’m busy for myself, I’m busy with my fighters. I’m working on getting some of the more known guys in MMA under my banner as well. We got a lot of work. I’m trying to do things for our YouTube channel, I’m always on there doing interviews.

Jenna J: In closing, being the fact that you’ve seen so many fighters come into this game and leave this game, as a trainer, what is the best advise you can give for a young fighter?

Jeff Mayweather: I think the best message that I can pass on to a fighter is this: choose boxing, don’t let boxing choose you. When I say that, I’m talking about it in terms of when it gets to a point where you have to make that decision to walk away or to stay. You should always be able to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself when that time is now for you to walk away from the sport. That’s the hardest thing for most fighters.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. floyd mayweather jr. says:

    it is obvious from jeff’s respect and admiration for manny pacquiao, that he himself could not even hide. manny of course would be of great loss to boxing if he retires now. not floyd!!!

    • jules says:

      You need to think about what your really actually saying.It is the height of absolute stupidity to say that the richest boxer ever in history and the biggest name in boxing for over a decade having beaten all the best at 48-0 will not be missed.The only consolation is that Ali had exactly the same type of people talking rubbish about him and hating totally disregarding logic and his greatness because of his personal mannerisms .Whether you like him or not to deny he is a boxing great and possibly the best ever says more about you than anything else.

  3. Kdd says:

    Stfu..Jeff mayweather who got destroyed by Oscar..who cares what u think bumm

  4. adan says:

    Check out how much PPV and patronage Floyd jr will get beyond Manny Pacquiao and we’ll get back to this interview if Jeff tells the exact or reverse situation. It doesnt really make sense if Floyd continue his boxing public is bored. Manny has still everyones intere
    st not Floyd. Foolish they blame Pacquia. There is YOU TUBE when the time is ripe people will know.

  5. Juan Mendez says:

    Fraud will not make the same amount of money if he fights other than Pac, go figure.

  6. the bro step reem says:

    Got it. Jeff Mayweather is saying that Floyd Jr. is such a lousy fighter that to lose to him is to lose your dignity.

  7. Arnel Santos says:

    What’s all the fuss about Mayweather. Even if he retires, nobody give a shit because he is a Cheater. He only wants to fight in MGM LasVegas because he controls the judges and hand picks a referee he wants, and that is Cheating and all Retarded Mayweather fans are not seeing the reality because all of them are blind. Muhammad Ali had fought in Manila, remember. Thrilla In Manila, and the referee is a Filipino and not a hand picked referee. That is why there is a big comparison between Ali and Mayweather. Mayweather is super wise and will only fight in MGM Las Vegas. You know the reason. Fight Pacquiao in Macau or Dubai to prove to the world you are not a cheater.

    • jules says:

      Unbelievableably dumb haters comment .But TBH I understand as would be embarrassed at pac losing like that too so carry on’s pretty standard really and proves his greatness that people are able to fabricate the truth.Hilarious!

  8. Joe Thornton says:

    Manny fans are still in denial I see. The degree to which they deny reality is the degree to which they are out of their minds. They keep saying Floyd ran from Manny, which isn’t true but in the name of making them think about what it is they believe they saw. If Floyd ran from Manny, are you saying Manny was incapable of knocking out a man who was scared of him, running from him, and throwing no punches? If that’s the case, Manny can’t fight and should retire.

  9. betterthanyourexpectations says:

    Yeah rite don’t believe the hype these fools all corrupt
    Ain’t no boxing it’s just whatever they give us. And we fell for it hook line n sinker funk all of them.never again will I buy a mayweather fight.
    O yeah it sucks what they r doing to the sport.

  10. Juan Mendez says:

    The world knows Fraud only won over a one-handed Pac…sad to say that Fraud can’t even hurt a diminutive Pac at that LOL.

  11. Rayfield says:

    Let’s see who the real fraud is, for all you silly ass Pacquiao fans. Here we go… think about this, really think about this, you ready if Pac’s shoulder was hurting him before or during the fight with a tear then please please tell me why his corner not once ice it or rub it with a fan sports cream of nothing else? Why because the fucker wasn’t hurt that’s a fraud! Period

  12. Rob Flowers says:

    U guys calling Floyd a cheate, a fraud…whatever. Manny is the fraud and cheat. He and his team flat out Lie and hide an injury from the commission.. and u call that Godly? Whatever. Pac fans, he lost! Get over it. The joker got paid and paid well. Do you hear him complaining? Give it the he’ll up! Floyd is a Master craftsman boxer. He didn’t run, it’s called sticking and moving, got it? It’s the “art” of boxing….say what you want, REALITY is FLOYD’S THE CHAMP!!!

  13. STROLLER says:

    All got to say is 87-0 bitches Mexican power

  14. STROLLER says:

    And nobody will ever do that shit like Chavez nobody viva Mexico and they think there bad with there silly 48-0 lol tricks you guys got a long ways to be good like Chavez!!viva Mexico

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