John Molina: “Manny Pacquiao fights any and everybody, but If I was betting my money, I would bet on Floyd Mayweather”

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Junior welterweight contender, John Molina, returns to the boxing ring on March 7th to take on Adrien Broner, in a fight card that will serve as the debut of ‘Premiere Boxing Champions’ on NBC. Molina, now 32 years old, is considered to be a live underdog against Broner, who is looking to capture a title in a fourth weight class.

In part two of my interview with John Molina, I talk with him about his fight with Adrien Broner and if he feels he has the power to knock out ‘The Problem.’ Molina also gives his views on the future of Floyd Mayweather and if he thinks we will see a Pacquiao bout, or a rematch with Cotto. Here is what John Molina had to say.

Robert Brown: You had the power to knock Matthysse down, does that give you the confidence that you’re going to be able to knock Adrien Broner out?

John Molina: Absolutely, it’s not about whether I’m questioning if I can knock him out or not. We’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna implement our will and our will alone is gonna be strong enough to get the job done.

Are we looking for the knockout? Absolutely. Like I always say, “I’m not gonna play chess with Bobby Fischer,” by that I mean that Adrien Broner has very quick hands, very good hand speed but there’s a lot of chinks on his armor that we feel like we can capitalize on and we’re gonna do that.

Robert Brown: If Pacquiao and Mayweather end up fighting, who do you think will win?

John Molina: It’s hard. Talking about Floyd and Pacquiao is like talking about politics and religion, either way side, you’re gonna get really killed on from either end. From a fans perspective, it’s hard to bet against a guy who’s pound-for-pound the best and given the fact that he adapts so well — he only takes a round or two to figure out what a guy is doing.

If I was a betting man and I’m betting with my hard earned money that I earned in the ring, I’m gonna bet that Floyd Mayweather would come out victorious, given the fact that he knows how to adapt very well. Had the fight taken place five years ago, I still think Floyd could have edged him out but I think the fight would have been a lot closer. If you like to bet on sporting events, including boxing results you might want to head over to 토토사이트 or other likewise betting sites.

Not taking away from what Pacquiao is or what he’s accomplished, but if you’re asking me for my humble opinion, I think Floyd is the better technician, better stylistically in that fight. Is Manny Pacquiao one of the best in our generation? Absolutely. Has he fought the best and beaten the best? One hundred percent, yes. Has he lost to the best? Of course, because at that level, any mistake can cost you a fight.

It’s not to take away from a fighter but Manny Pacquiao fights any and everybody. If I was betting my money, I would bet Floyd would win the fight. Is it gonna be an easy fight? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be a real fight and I think Floyd would come out on top.

Robert Brown: If Floyd doesn’t fight Pacquiao, the next in line appears to be Cotto. Do you think fans will have any interest in that fight?

John Molina: Cotto did give him a very good fight. Up until Maidana, Cotto was the last great fighter that gave Mayweather a good fight. Cotto did look impressive against Martinez, so I think it would be a good fight.

I think Cotto is a great champion, one of the best in this era that we’re in. I think he’d make it a competitive fight but it’s hard to bet against Floyd Mayweather right now, he’s already gone down that road and already came out on top. As a fan would I watch it? Of course, you’re gonna watch any fight of that magnitude. But if you’re asking my opinion, I think Mayweather would come out on top again.

Robert Brown: Who do you think Pacquiao should fight next, if it’s not Floyd?

John Molina: I would say that it’s either gonna be Jessie Vargas or Ruslan Provodnikov. If I had to give you my guess from a business perspective, I think Top Rank has Vargas and Provodnikov, I think those would be the two guys that can have a round robin if you will, to keep Pacquiao busy. I think Pacquiao comes out victorious on both of those fights. They’re not great fights for the fans but they got to fill the seats and they gotta keep the guys busy.

I think those are the two names until they can hash out what they can hash out and make a fight of a certain magnitude. As of right now Jessie Vargas and Ruslan would be a good fight, but if you ask me who’s gonna win on both of those fights, Pacquiao wins hands down.

Robert Brown: Any final thoughts on your fight with Adrien Broner?

John Molina: I will promise you this, you will see another fight of the year candidate come March 7th.

Robert Brown: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans from all around the world and how can they keep in touch with you?

John Molina: On Instagram @JohnMolinaJr135, Twitter @JohnMolinaJr135, and also my Facebook fan page because my personal account is overloaded. I want to thank all the fans across the world that have reached out to me and send me emails. It’s really motivating to know that you guys actually appreciate what I do in the ring, and the type of fighter that I am. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I throw it all in my bag, this is my job, I support my family this way. For you guys to jump on the train with me and support me, it really means a lot to me and I’m fighting for all you fans come March 7th.

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  1. Alex says:

    When it comes to analyzing who is the better boxer, many would choose Pacquiao. When it’s about ttheir money, they choose Floyd. They give all sorts of excuses but none dare say it is because Floyd is a “protected boxer” in Nevada. Many of his fights are very controversial. If it’s not the ref saving him from tight situations, the judges giving him undeserved points or the opponent suddenly forgets to box. All these boil down to the corrupted and flawed regulatory commission Who don’t do their jobs to keep the sport cleqn.

  2. Hernan says:

    John Who?

  3. Dennis Decenilla says:

    Am 100% agree…

  4. Balagtas says:

    Sign the contract Mayweather, if you wanna fight Pacquiao on May 2.
    Almost all boxer agree with Molina but Mayweather see it the other way that is why, Mayweather is afraid of fighting Pacquiao.

    • aga says:


  5. erap says:

    He’s saying he’s betting for Floyd. On fight night he bets on Pac.

  6. Iriga City Boy says:

    Mayweather might have figured out in a round or two his previous opponents before and keeps on winning.Yes, that’s why he is still undefeated.But,were those opponents in the caliber of Pacquiao?
    Floyd ,can possibly figure out Pacquiao,too.But ,the Filipino has an offensive arsenal that Floyd might
    not fully handle. Previous Floyd’s victims were not in the mold and fighting capability as Manny.
    What’s gonna hit Floyd is his concern because that Filipino will surely touch his ” pretty face”. Floyd might be a tactician,but has his mental toughness been tested so far in a grueling match? That’s still a question mark.If one is so confident that he beats anybody,sign the paper,don’t sandbag,stop these unending demands,quit these perplexing ” mind games”, be a man ,and satisfy the clamor of millions of fans around the world.
    “Boards and ply woods don’t hit back ,but Pacquiao will respond.And it will be ugly”. That’s the clincher
    that Floyd might miss to figure out.

  7. Iriga City Boy says:

    And if Floyd was able to figure out his previous foes in a round or two,he needs to start to figuring out also why the faces of Morales,Barrera, De la Hoya,Margarito, Hatton, Marquez, Algiere,Rios,Bradley,Diaz,Cotto,Mosley became deformed as if a supertyphoon passed by. He needs to figure out,too why Clottey became a ” shell” of a boxer in a 12 hellacious rounds.One can be a compleat tactician,but one will not not be able to deflect a piston like offensive forays from the Filipino.And that’s the doubt that might creep on Floyd!!! Is that’s why he is not signing?

  8. ben says:

    Many applauded even myself when floyd confronted manny liked man w/ regards to lies(or i viewed it as TR tactics forcing floyd to speak up or manned up!)about the so called signed contrct by pacman.Yet,that gesture could have a dual indication as days passedby,was it a show off?or just confirmed his insencerity when he called out manny locking may 2nd as the fight date!aftr all,he hasnt prepare a formal offer to manny or TR immediate is what the opposite camp expecting after with his bold shout out,in my opinion,top rank got floydd came from his hole !

  9. Dirty Harry says:

    John Molina how poor minded you are. If you have enough time come to analyze what you’re talking about with your idol Mayweather. Head and shoulder roll defense wont work on a speedy southpaw boxer just like Manny. Even if it will takes 12 rounds Mayweather has no way to figure it out. The only way for him to figure it out is a back pedaling solution for a bombardment attack by Pacman. Run Floydie run shouts by Mayweather Sr. and Alex Ariza in his corner round after round. .

    • Iriga City. Boy says:

      To Dirty Harry,
      I had seen many of Pacquiao’s previous opponents brag,cajole, “motor mouth”,insult,disrespect,demean,write off,ignore the Filipino before a projected fight.Many of them.But when they taste the sting of Pacquiao’s power, they start retreating,go into a shell and commence to fold.
      Floyd,with all his Dad and Uncle in tandem,that they gonna make a ” whooping ” on the Filipino will
      wake up to reality when Junior starts ” back pedaling” at MGM Arena after tasting the jarring power of Pacquiao. The Junior has not tasted a ” wrecking ball” yet. It’s gonna be funny how he reacts and retreats.

      • says:

        the truth hurts..when floydie taste the punched of pacquiao..all he have to is backpedal all12 rounds to survive and save his face..ask margarito,marquez,odlh hatton cotto mosley etc…

    • Pacfan says:

      Thats right Dirty Harry, tell that Molina that I will take his money if he wants Floyd?

  10. Floyd will never fight equal in spite of being bigger and better. Ostrich is a protected specie.

  11. barry gil r. pilar says:

    …Ronnie Nathanielz who claimed to be a filippino yet a true fuckin’ sri lankan said that Koncz and Pacquaio were lying about the contract. Ben T of FightHype also wrote the same thing in his article though he Was not there when a pressured Floyd went to talk to Manny. I really dont gave a damn about Politics in boxing. The failure on the first negotiation was blaimed on Pacquiao’s camp for their refusal on drug testing protocol. Manny filed a defamation case agaisnt Floyd and the American boxer decided to settle things amiably because he feared that his cases of PEDS use would be brought up as John Gatling once pinpointed. Now, that Manny conceded to all of Floyd’s demands the fight is still on the zero level of negotiations, who’s to blame? where is Floyd? Nah! We should accept people that this fight will not happen because Floyd is a fucking coward with too many excuses. The contract was just a way/means of Team Pacquiao to pressure Floyd to fight but this strategy failed because Floyd feared Manny. Floyd went to Manny to tell him stop lying but he wasnt saying anything about the fight!

  12. Pacfan says:

    Common, Pac will bit up on Maygay

  13. NYLI says:

    Manny never fought CANELO and he never would.Whos a tougher fighter Marcos Maidana or Timothy Bradley.Marcos Maidana or Chris Algieri

  14. NYLI says:

    Who has FLOYD DUCKED? They wanted him to fight CANELO he fought CANELO.They wanted him to fight MAIDANA he fought MAIDANA.Robert Guerrero was mandatory and called him out so he fought him.He fought some of the same fighters Pacquiao has fought in the past and the past 2 years has fought better fighters.This guy is just talking out his ass repeating what everyone else says.a bunch of followers.No thinkers.

  15. NYLI says:

    FLOYD and MANNY walk around at 144 to 147.Floyd fought CANELO and Maidana.

  16. totoyogame says:

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