Keith Thurman: “My motto is ‘KO’s for life’ I’ve fallen short of that twice but I’m always looking for the knockout”

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Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is one of boxing’s top rising stars and with his boxing abilities and vicious punching power, he has become known as one of the most dangerous welterweights on the planet. In part 2 of my interview with Keith Thurman, I get his views on a possible future fight for him with Manny Pacquiao. Keith also spoke on the upcoming Khan-Alexander and Bradley-Chaves fights that take place this Saturday night. Here is what Keith Thurman had to say.

Robert Brown: If you had a fight with Manny Pacquiao, do you think you could beat him?

Keith Thurman: Definitely. Pacquiao is a beatable fighter. Styles make fights and Pacquiao has never fought a fighter like me. Even his last fight, that kid wasn’t a true welterweight. Pacquiao is not a true welterweight, he’s a very small welterweight. I haven’t weighed under welterweight since the freshmen year in high school, I’m a true welterweight. I’ve been this way for a long time, I pack a punch, I understand the sport, I throw punches from awkward angles just like Manny does.

It would be a great fight. Not only do I believe that I have what it takes to knock him down and possibly knock him out, but it would be a great fight. It would be a truly great boxing match and there might be knockdowns on both sides because I do know that Manny packs a punch as well, eight ounce gloves are no joke. It doesn’t intimidate me and I believe I have the skills to win that match.

Robert Brown: After seeing Pacquiao’s last fight, do you believe he still has the same defensive flaws that you felt he had?

Keith Thurman: Pacquiao fought a very smart fight, that’s the one thing about Pacquiao, he takes his time and he fights his fight. He is a decently smart fighter but sometimes he can get emotional and overexerts himself and sometimes finds himself in danger. I respect Manny Pacquiao tremendously.

Robert Brown: On the same card that you’re fighting on, Amir Khan will be fighting Devon Alexander. Who do you see winning that fight?

Keith Thurman: I believe whoever wants it the most is gonna be victorious that night. Devon looked good in his last fight and so did Amir Khan. They both have speed, they both have a decent snap to their punch, even though they’re not knockout punchers.

Some people believe Khan’s chin is suspect but I think that’s a great match up with two boxers and like I said, whoever wants it the most is gonna be victorious. I believe the fans should be able to see who wants it more by the sixth round. From the sixth round on, I think the fight should end up showing a clear path of who’s really gonna walk away with that victory.

I have it a little bit of a toss up. I believe the casinos and most people are favoring Amir — he has a height and reach advantage. Like I said, they both look good, I think Amir has quite a bit of confidence, Alexander tends to lack confidence sometimes and gets bullied in the ring a little bit.

I think if Amir can bully him, it should be an easy night for Amir Khan, but if Devon Alexander holds his ground and fights his fight and toughens up, I believe he might be there all night and we may have a tremendous fight on our hands. I’m looking forward to watching that main event.

Robert Brown: Timothy Bradley fights Diego Chaves tomorrow night as well, how do you see that fight playing out?

Keith Thurman: I see Timothy winning a decision. Chaves could win possibly with an early round knockout because the boy is strong in the first four rounds. His power tends to die out, I know personally, and his conditioning also fades.

This will be Chaves’ third time competing in the United States , we’ll be able to see if he’s learned and if he’s developed and if he’s trained harder. He has a tremendous opportunity in front of him to make a comeback for himself and prove himself worthy of being in the top ten. Like I said, for the most part I favor Timothy Bradley in that fight, by decision.

Robert Brown: Going back to your fight with Leonard Bundu, are you expecting to stop  him in this fight?

Keith Thurman: Well most people know my motto is ‘KO’s for life.’ I’ve fallen short of that twice but I’m always looking for the knockout. Ben Getty taught me not to leave it up to the judges. I believe that when two men really fight their heart out, that one man should be getting hurt or both men should be getting hurt, in all honesty. There should be pain in this game and that’s what I try to do, I try to hurt everybody who that steps in the ring with me.

Robert Brown: Good luck in your fight, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Keith Thurman: I would just like to thank all my fans for the love and support. You guys can hit me up on Facebook, I’m on Twitter @KeithFThurmanJr, and we also have an Instagram running, Keith “One Time” Thurman. We’ll be updating on all those social medias. Just stay tuned and thanks for all your love and support, God bless.

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