Marcos Maidana beats up & embarrasses Adrien Broner! Is Maidana now the biggest threat to Mayweather Jr?

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When it was announced that Adrien Broner and Marcos Maidana were set to meet in the ring, many people predicted that Maidana would solely have a punchers chance in the bout. Most believed that Maidana would get picked apart by the quicker and more accurate Broner, and would likely loses either wide on points or get stopped, but when the two finally faced each other this past Saturday night in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, it was clear that Marcos Maidana had other plans in mind. “El Chino” instantly rushed Broner from the opening bell and did not give the champion any breathing room by mixing up his shots, both to the head and to the body.

Maidana showed much more diversity in his attack than he had in previous bouts. He was able to effectively use a left hook which he disguised as a body shot to come over the top of “The Problem’s” guard. In the second round Broner was floored for the first time in his professional career by a left hook. He went on to endure a high volume attack for the next two rounds, being unable to launch any sort of meaningful attacks of his own.

Towards the middle rounds, Maidana was visibly slowing down from the high pace that he set in the early rounds. This gave Broner a chance to recover and start getting some of his offense into play. Adrien seemed to still have the will to win midway into the fight and was landing the sharper and cleaner blows. Despite still taking shots to the body and to the head, he seemed to be the fighter in control.

However in the 8th round, the tide of the fight shifted again as Maidana knocked Adrien Broner down for a second time with a 3 punch combination. Broner was very hurt and he was beginning to realize that his power just wasn’t having an impact on the Argentinean fighter. Later in round 8, Marcos Maidana was deducted a point for head butting Broner during a clinch, the deduction evened the point split of the round. Maidana got a second wind after the 8th round and continued to pressure Broner, clearly outworking him in the following rounds, and even stunning him on a few occasions.

Going into the championship rounds, Adrien Broner was told by his corner that he needed a knockout to win. Broner certainly tried, but unfortunately for him, his power just doesn’t appear to be all that good at welterweight. The heavy handed Maidana pressed on and continued to land looping right hands to the head of Broner, as well as a heavy body attack. As the final bell rung, the judges all had Marcos Maidana winning by a significant margin, and he was crowned the new WBA welterweight champion of the world.

Broner was just unable to use his slick boxing abilities, mostly due to the game plan of Maidana, and perhaps also due to his lack of experience against high level opposition. Adrien was badly battered throughout the fight and was simply beaten by a hungrier and more determined fighter. As the fight ended, there was clear swelling on the jaw of Broner and Maidana was fairly clean, aside from a few marks around the eyes. When the score cards were read, there was a very clear victor, as Marcos Maidana was awarded a unanimous decision victory by scores of 115-110, 116-109, 117-109.

With this win Marcos Maidana is now in a position to fight any top fighter at welterweight, and with his fan friendly style, he can easily draw big hits as a headline fighter. I think boxing fans would salivate at the idea of a potential Maidana-Mayweather fight, and with this kind of upset performance, Mayweather may be far more open to the fight than he would ever be for the much talked about Manny Pacquiao bout.

As for Adrien Broner, this is a huge setback in his young career, as not only did he lose his unbeaten record, but he was badly punished and exposed to a certain point. I think Adrien Broner’s biggest issue will be overcoming the mental defeat more then the loss itself, and when he does return to ring he might never be the same, but only time will tell.

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19 Responses to "Marcos Maidana beats up & embarrasses Adrien Broner! Is Maidana now the biggest threat to Mayweather Jr?"
  1. ironmike says:

    floyd jr ain’t fightin nobody that throws awkward punches in weird angles. Floyd’s scared of this kind of fighters.. Pacquiao, Maidana. Floyd only cheery pics opponents that he knows he can beat with speed.

    he ain’t fightin pac, he sure ain’t fightin Maidana.

  2. John Paul Rossdale says:

    Not to mention, he doesn’t fight POWER PUNCHERS who are southpaw…. nuff said 😉 amir khan, w/ suspect chin might be floyd’s KO win in a while…. Might even as Ricky Hatton to unretire for part 2

  3. robert ko boxing brown says:

    floyd may be more open to the fight because his little bro lost, avenge situation, but is maidana a threat to mayweather NO!

    • says:

      I really don’t like floyd joy but Maidana had just beaten a nobody but just a floyd joy wanna be. I find him no real threat but could put up a good fight to floyd than Khan(NOT)

    • @Robert Brown, It’s the other way around a cherry picker will always be a cherry picker and a FRAUD COWARD coz your Quacked idol said (see youtube) that his health is important and a rich COWARD. There’s nothing you can do but accept the fact that Mayquacker does not cared for his fans. Another fighter is added to the list of this Quacker to be avoided and Maidana is in his prime of his career. Broner’s style is the same with this Mayquacker and boxing fans will surely to line Maidana against your FRAUDBOY. LOL!

  4. YOU CLOWN! says:

    Maidana ain’t no threat to Floyd alright coz yo CHICKEN GAYWEATHER don’t and won’t want to have anythin’ to do with figthers like him and the pacman! Yo Floyd Gayweather is the biggest Fraud in Boxing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maidana don’t have a chance at defeating Floyd. He’s the best defensive
    technician in the sport of boxing and would pick Maidana apart like he did all his
    other opponents. All you people that says he’s scared of Maidana or PAC really
    not understand boxing at all cause you beat what you can’t hit. Broner was
    no where near the level of Floyd there will be no other Floyd in this generation of

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re right you can hit whats not there that’s why he wont fight this guy’s coz he knows he’s gonna get hit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just to help us better understand boxing let us think of this. Castillo was slow but relentless volume puncher but remember how he rattled and touched Floyd even defeated him in the eyes of unbiased observers. Now put Floyd against the quick relentless volume punchers of the 80’s and it is not difficult to see how they would brutalize Floyd the same way that Leonard brutalized his father. Unfortunately and fortunately for Mayweather we don’t have those kind of fighters now. This is the very reason Floyd will not fight Pacquiao

  6. Dr. Del1 says:

    Jenna, I want to tell you this a long time ago. The blueprints to beat and embarrass bronners older clone (gayweather) has been available @ the wildcard gym of the great trainner Freddie Roach since ten years ago. Its been available for richard shaffer at his own request for 50 / 50 split share.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ctfu! You retarted pactards are so delusional it’s a damn shame. Now Floyd is ducking Maidana! Yeah right you stupid people don’t believe that yourselves. Floyd is the best, and now that the sleeping beauty tax cheat one punch face plant is in dire need of money now he fronts like he want to fight! That little cheat is an overhyped Hbo bob arum media creation. He never was and never will be on Floyd’s level. You funny looking people are crazy. Lmao!

  7. fonzoo says:

    Don’t think half the people that commented know shit about boxing… Floyd won’t fight a power puncher?? Then what was Alvarez?? Just face it he is the greatest fighter of all time…I know it hurts…

  8. night says:

    If mayweather wants to fight only the best…then why even consider Khan?…he’s not even in p4p list.., garcia, pacquiao, provodnikov, bradley, maidana – these fighters are far more deserving of that spot.

  9. phil borda says:

    I love boxing so much that I would never advocate boycott of boxing except as a last resort and only in the most extreme of cases. With the recent pronouncements from the Mayweather camp, I think they are going to avoid a Pacquiao fight again. The feeling of frustration and despondency is setting in on me that the exercise of the last resort is becoming inevitable. So, with heavy heart, I beseech the boxing world not to watch any boxing fight until the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight comes to fruition. BOYCOTT!!!

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