Mayweather-Maidana II: Preview & Final prediction

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The time is here once again for the Las Vegas strip to reach fever pitch. Floyd Mayweather is back in town.

Mayweather vs. Maidana II rocks up at the MGM Grand this Saturday night, for the slightly more interesting match up second time around, than most had anticipated first.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather 46-0 (KO26 – KO% 56.52) is another five months or so older, but then again, so is Marcos ‘El Chino’ Maidana 35-4 (KO31 – KO% 79.49.)
The difference is six years between the two combatants, but Mayweather is 37 and Maidana 31.

Will the queries that everyone has when Mayweather is set to fight, be doing the rounds again? They bring up the question “Will Floyd Mayweather get old overnight in there, enough for him to be beaten?” It hasn’t happened as yet and here we are, posing that same question.

Mayweather looks just as sharp to me in training as he has done of late. He is clearly not 25 years old anymore but he is still very crisp and fast for 37 years of age. The accuracy is still highly evident. Will the pace of the fight affect his legs once the first bell goes?
We will have to wait and see once Maidana starts taking his assault to Mayweather. We know how well Floyd Mayweather has maintained his fitness over the length of his career thus far. We wait again to see if this can continue in the ring.

Can Floyd Mayweather avoid those looping overhand shots thrown from high, unorthodox angles by Marcos Maidana, as the Argentinean seeks contact with the head of the pound for pound number one?

Mayweather avoided those shots from Maidana last time out, but can Maidana remedy those attacks any? I believe he can, but it will be tricky to do.

If Maidana can throw those shots before Mayweather is on the ropes on the defensive, (Mayweather is too slick to be hit on the ropes) and anticipate Mayweather taking half a step back to avoid those shots and actually take that step forward to counter Floyd Mayweather taking the step back, Maidana could well catch Mayweather with one of those big, heavy shots. This is risky though because Mayweather will know that Maidana is taking that step forward to counter his step back, which will automatically put Maidana in easy to hit range.

This is what you have to chance to get a head shot to land on Floyd Mayweather, you have to take risks, big risks. You will not out-box Floyd Mayweather, you may win rounds, but he will make sure he wins more. To beat Mayweather, you must knock him out and to do that you may risk being knocked out yourself. Simple.

Marcos ‘El Chino’ Maidana, has the balls to try this against Mayweather.
The way that Maidana’s trainer, Robert Garcia, was talking on Showtime Sports’ ‘All Access’ show, about it being so tough to land a head shot on Mayweather, well, that had me thinking, and I believe they know they can only win via KO.

This is why they want the gloves with hardly any padding that Maidana wants to wear, so if and when ‘El Chino’ does detonate that one big swing for the fence, Mayweather feels the full ferocity of the KO machine from Argentina, knocking on his previously unknockable door.

Marcos Maidana just has to do what he did in the first five or six rounds of the first bout, but with more tempo, more gusto, just all out go for it none stop. It’s not like Maidana is protecting an unbeaten record, like Mayweather, so he doesn’t have that holding him back in his mind.

You can see the fire in Maidana, well, I think I can. He seriously wants to knock Floyd Mayweather out! Maidana wants to be that man, the man who halted the Mayweather train. He is not here to pick up his check.

I’m still undecided what will play out myself. You automatically think that Floyd Mayweather being Floyd Mayweather, ‘Money’ adjusts to ‘El Chino’ earlier this time and implements his own game plan earlier than he did last time out. This is Mayweather, that’s what he does and does so well.

The question is, can he do it……..again?

As things stand, I am once again in the corner of a Mayweather UD on the scorecards, and this time I believe the outcome will be correct. A score of something like 8-4 Mayweather or 9-3 give or take a round here or there, however you interpret the action. I see Mayweather winning at least 8 possibly 9 rounds.

I believe that Floyd Mayweather will not let Maidana take the initiative this second time around, as the South American was allowed to do by Mayweather’s somewhat lax execution, first five or six rounds last time out. Mayweather simply cannot afford to allow Maidana to gain any sort of advantage at all from the get go, Maidana will instantly get a confident boost from that and settle into his work.

Mayweather HAS to get in first and put the Maidana’s assault on hold, get the first round or so in the bank with his boxing skills and make it into a Floyd Mayweather type fight.
The highest earning sportsman on the planet will certainly not want anything like the Marcos Maidana style fight in the first half of the first bout between the two men.

Can Maidana land that ONE shot he so desperately wants to see detonate on the chin of Floyd Mayweather? Can Mayweather do enough to keep Maidana off and get his own shots in?

Come Saturday night, we will either have a still undefeated fighter in Floyd Mayweather, or a fighter with a blemish on his record and a new world champion.

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  1. Unless he can stun him several times Maidana has no shot he couldn’t do that in 1st fight. Don’t know why he has a rematch? Oh yeah that’s what we wanted (lmao)

  2. Jack says:

    Another Track meet, just as I predicted.

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