Naazim Richardson: “Manny Pacquiao is not an easy fighter to dominate, so maybe there was an injury”

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Naazim Richardson is one of the most well known and respected boxing trainers in the sport, having worked with future Hall of Famers like Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley. Having attained so much success as a trainer prepares you for both the ups and the downs, as many of Richardson’s most known fighters have suffered defeats over the past 8 months. Richardson hopes to turn things around in last quarter of this year as both Steve Cunningham and Bernard Hopkins will be returning in big fight.

In my interview with Naazim Richardson, I discuss with him the hard road the Concrete Jungle fighters have had and how he expects them to bounce back. Naazim also talks about Bernard Hopkins’ defeat to Sergey Kovalev and why he believes that ‘The Alien’ could not over come the challenge. Additionally, Richardson shares his view on Mayweather-Pacquiao, the shoulder injury and what he sees being next for Mayweather. Here is what Naazim Richardson had to say.

Jenna J: You had a string of loses with some of your fighters; going from Bernard Hopkins’ loss to Kovalev, to Karl Dargans loss, and a controversial loss for Steve Cunningham. How was it dealing with those disappointments?

Naazim Richardson: It’s like the battles I’ve had in life. The downs come with ups. If you can’t handle the losses, you don’t deserve to win. My biggest problem with a loss in anything is if I don’t know why, if I can’t figure out why we weren’t successful — that haunts me.

With all of them there’s a clear understanding and we had to deal with it accordingly. Nobody likes defeat, but I’ve faced it and I’ve stood up to it every time I’ve faced it. That’s the reason they invented the word “comeback”.

Jenna J: Why do you feel Bernard was unable to beat Sergey Kovalev? He has been able to overcome the odds before, why couldn’t he do it this time?

Naazim Richardson: Because the clock on the wall stops for nobody. We’ve been doing it in the fashion that nobody else has been able to do it. That kid is strong, exceptionally strong. He was bigger, stronger and younger. He didn’t fight with aggression, he fought laid back, knowing he was the stronger guy. It was almost Klitschko like, he’s the bigger and stronger guy but lays back.

Jenna J: A fight I asked you a lot about was Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Now that it’s over, what did you make of the whole event?

Naazim Richardson: Nothing surprised me at all, they’re both great fighters, they’re both not at their greatest at this time in their career. Pacquiao did himself a disservice by waiting so long for a fight like that. Mayweather fought more like Mayweather than Pacquaio did fighting like Pacquiao usually fights. It was easy to determine a winner.

Jenna J: Do you fault Pacquiao for not coming into the fight healthy? Do you think that even made a difference?

Naazim Richardson: I can’t say one way or another. I thought Floyd dominated him and Pacquiao is not an easy fighter to dominate, so maybe there was an injury that was in effect. Floyd did his job.

Jenna J: Going forward for Mayweather, do you think there’s any more big fights for him, in terms of super fights?

Naazim Richardson: That’s a very good question. Yes there are very big fights — every Mayweather fight is a big fight because he’s so big. Now, are there any super fights to be able to be made? That’s what is interesting now. I don’t know if there’s a super fight there. Amir Khan has all of England backing him, so you can make that a super fight but Amir Khan can do that with Kell Brook.

Mayweather is in a position where every fight is big because he’s so big now. He’s in a position where anybody that wants to fight him has to earn the position. Guys like Porter and Thurman, are these guys big enough names to say they deserve a Mayweather fight? It’s not whether or not they want to fight Mayweather, shit, you want to fight Mayweather, I want to fight Mayweather for what they’re paying. I’ll come down to 154lbs, I would lose that 100lbs.

Jenna J: Do you think Mayweather would ever consider taking on a challenge such as Gennady Golovkin, or do you think it’s just about riding it out and taking as little risk as possible?

Naazim Richardson: Golovkin is beyond a super fight. Golovkin would be bigger than Pacquiao, but to me it doesn’t make sense to embark on that kind of challenge just for the challenge. We can’t rely on one dude to give us everything we need to see in boxing. Between Bernard Hopkins and Floyd, the only thing we missed was ‘fanman’, that’s the only thing we haven’t had yet. We can’t get it all out of one fighter.

Jenna J: What do you think about the new crop of fighters that are going to be following Mayweather and Pacquiao?

Naazim Richardson: You can’t predict a great fighter. You can’t predict a Hall of Famer. I was asked one time, “If you were forced to predict a Hall of Famer, who would you point at?” It was years ago and the kid was still in the amateurs, I said Andre Ward. But you can’t predict that because there’s such a road to go, some guys master the boxing things but can’t handle their domestic situation.

Great fighters give us all the action we want but their bodies break down. We never know where they come from but there’s some kid right now at home asking his mom if he can box and she’s probably telling him no, and he’s the next great thing.

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77 Responses to "Naazim Richardson: “Manny Pacquiao is not an easy fighter to dominate, so maybe there was an injury”"
  1. Arnie Sampson says:

    Floyd did not dominate Pacquiao at all. I did not see any dominance. Mayweather was running and holding scared to his dear life. Mayweather Sr said it all when he told his son that he seems to be scared to fight and wants him to show more.

    • Kidd Kulangot GirlGago says:

      ck the scorecards….. Fraud JailWeather Jr. won a lopsided fight.
      Roach & Manny had no answer to Fraud Jr.’s RUN & HUG strategy

    • Anonymous says:

      Shut up….Floyd domimated with ease….and he didnt have to exhaust himself or work hard at all. Give it up. Pacman got his 150 million and kept it movin. NEXT!!!

      • Kdd says:

        This is a perfect example of not knowing what the hell he is talking about..there is to many ignorant ppl..your one of!

      • Anonymous says:

        Already no shit thats what’s free money

      • jei says:

        Dominated with ease my ass…Pacquiao kept on pummeling Floyd all night. Floyd can’t do shit considering that Pacquiao was chasing him all night long. Floyd’s strategy was to catch Pacquiao Ala Marquez and knock out him out but he couldn’t that way Floyd sr. Was getting upset and saying that Floyd jr. Was fighting scared. In a tactical close fight the aggressor, significant punching and counter punches is also a deciding factor. Really 9 to 3. Pacquiao only won 3 rounds that’s bs. The way I so it Floyd only won 2 decisive rounds and Pacquiao 5 decisive rounds the rest of the other rounds was close in which Pacquiao was the one with the significant punches, aggression and counter punching, while Floyd did his clinching, head locking and illegal tactics. Fuck Floyd he has nothing to hurt Pacquiao. The fight of the century and that’s all Floyd showed?… that’s way the fans was booing him. Floyd is a fake .Floyd run away from this fight 6 yrs ago and run again only this time it’s inside the ring.

    • Teo says:

      Mayweather threw and lander more punches than pacquiao. You know shit about boxing

    • Greeneyezz says:

      If you think Floyd was running the whole fight then you know nothing about boxing…the key is not to get hit. Also even though Floyd Sr.wanted his son to be more aggressive one has to understand that his Dad was not the one in the ring…the boxer himself has to make adjustments in the ring…sometime listening to your corner will get you knocked out. Money remained smart the whole fight and that is why he won

      • jei says:

        What adjustment…. running and more running…oh that’s right, clinching! That’s the adjustment your talking about. Watch the replay! Adjustment my ass!…

    • King j says:

      Sit Your ass Down Because You Don’t Know shit About nicinboxing

  2. Kidd Kulangot GirlGago says:

    A.) Fraud ScumWeather Jr. dominated Pacquiao in the scorecards;

    B.) PACQUIAO: “But he kept moving & running away that’s why I couldn’t hit him. He won’t stay still.”
    MAX KELLERMAN: “But u knew that coming in into this fight….. Or u & Freddy should’ve known that. That’s Floyd’s fighting style.”
    PACQUIAO: “But I think I won the fight.”
    KELLERMAN: “Everyone at ringside including all the sportswriters didn’t think u won the fight Manny.”
    PACQUIAO: aah,,,, aah ….. (silence)……..

    C.) Naazim = get a nose job

  3. Smoovswan says:

    Pacquaio held Floyd Mayweather as much as Floyd clinched Pacquiao. And I saw movement from Floyd, not running. Nothing but excuses from psychotic Pacquaio trolls! Filipinos are nothing but cry babies, just like Pacquiao, the biggest crybaby of them all!

  4. DNayles says:

    Anyone who thinks Mayweather did not dominate Pacquiao does not know boxing. To begin with, Mayweather is a supreme counter-puncher and his timing is impeccable.

    Each time Pacquiao would try and get off a shot Mayweather would strike first. Mayweather also affected Pacquiao ‘ s timing by making him miss frequently.

    Mayweather connected on approximately 48% of his punches and Pacquiao connected on less than 20%. Those percentages do not equate to a Pacquiao win.

    I knew Pacquiao was going to suffer a loss when he took a selfie as he was walking in. A selfie?? Come on son…

    • rean says:




      here, let me help you. lmfao.

    • jane says:

      Idiot… Check the replay who one was dominating.. floyd answers nothing from pacs combination’s punches .. floyd’s fighting like a shit and afraid to be countered but just ran and hug.. all judges don’t know shit about

      • JustMike says:

        You watched a biased Manny highlight video. Floyd controlled the pace, the rounds Manny won are universally regarded as rounds Floyd “took off”

        • jei says:

          It’s not a highlight they slowmo it for every.second of every rounds fool…Ur still making bs. Highlights my ass. U think we as a fan cannot know the difference?… you are pathetic.

    • jei says:

      Yah you know every thing about boxing. It’s funny how Floyd fan always use that word to neutralize the truth. Go watch the replay the proof is right there. Counter punching my ass Floyd was also getting counter punched and getting staggered. Floyd tap tap punch is weak.

  5. Arnel Santos says:

    I do not consider Mayweather a TBE simply because he only fights at MGM Las Vegas. Reason: He controls the American judges, picked them and even the referee to his liking and in his condition to fight. So it is not a fair and honest venue. Simply put it, it is cheating. If he has fought in different states or country’s since he started boxing and with different mixed independent judges just like in the Olympics and won, I will be the first one to worship him as TBE. That is why when he fought in the Olympics, he only get a bronze medal because he has no full control of the judges. So, Mayweather fans, wake up to reality. You are idolizing a cheater.

    • Anonymous says:

      If u remember the Olympics,then u realize mayweathers really agolden boy and u are right if he fought in forien countries he would experience what delahoya experience with filex trinadad he was undefeated and got robbed

  6. Kdd says:

    Floyd dominated pac wtf? Go watch the fight..know something about boxing..all they know is lip service..TBE.!!!..

    There is a video evidence go watch it..not some popular fallacy argument ..because he said so..GO WATCH the fight..pac out landed the boxer..pac countered the counter puncher..LEARN something about boxing!!

  7. Kdd says:

    Flomos rely on popular fallacy. They don’t know what they are watching..TBE never taught them. So they just say nazim said floyd won..yet Mosely not no lame trainer but HOF boxer thought pac won.but that doesn’t make any difference either.go watch the video urself!

  8. Kdd says:

    And nazim always rides with black fighters that’s no secret..always have..
    He said golovkin fight is bigger than pacquiao.. Only boxing fans knows golovkin.pac fight transcended boxing..utter nonsense

    • Kdd says:

      Nazim ..always give black handed compliment to pacquaio.always have bro..always have..(“I figured this dude out”)we know who you are.

      And your not a Muslim bruh..

    • jei says:

      GGG vs Mayweather will never b as big as the Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Pacquiao is the global icon GGG is not. Nazim is always downplaying Pacquiao’s popularity.

  9. pav says:

    Look cut all this shit out khan v mayweather lets get it on stop running floyd

  10. T Dukes says:

    First of all A Santos if you really want to look at the past.Historically fighters who travel the world have often time been subjected to heinous decisions in these bouts example Roy jones jr in his loss at the Pan American games .I believe the country was Korea. Furthermore a fighters style does not change no matter where he fights , aside from a knockout it come down to points no skilled fighter is going to stand still and let you hit him.Point come from punches connected .Pacquiao is evasive and has a patented attack style based on hitting his opponent from an evasive posture .These opponent’s are usually alot slower and normally not as defensively skilled as Mayweather. This is also confirmed by the difficulty Pacquiao had against Bradley . If Bradley was as skilled defensively as Mayweather and as accurate a counter puncher he would have easily dominated Pacquiao. Examine the age and state of the careers of many of Pacquiao,s opponents with the exception of Rios ,Bradley or Marquez The caliber of skills and validity of threat dwindles. Cotto was on the decline in his career after being exposed as having a questionable chin by Ricardo Torres as well as a bogus win over Moseley. Even Moseley can be counted as opponent of Pacquiao’s who was essentially in decline at that point. Aside from the 3 flash knock downs in the first Marquez fight . The exceptional counter punching and boxing skill of Marquez controlled that bout .Where upon close examination you can see that Pacquiao was rabidly trying to flurry his main tactic in that fight to try and score points. A true boxing aficionado will recognize this as an attempt to sway judges .A trick Sugar Ray used to cheat Hagler out of his victory long before Pacquiao was ever in the ring . I’m a true boxing purist and fan.To be so you have to recognize skill .Regardless of personal history or proclivities religious beliefs and all of the things non relative to the ring when judging a fighters performance. The racist remarks made by Philippines regarding Floyd are demonstrative of that Countries feelings in general toward African Americans outright,not precluding the white and latin racist here in America.I challenge you to offer any unbiased completely honest intelligent dispute to the facts all my points are very accurate and factual. The boxing points are verified and or verifiable upon research.The racism is as well.

    • Lorenzo Giccominato says:

      At the end of the day, mayweather had little to no offense. In any sport, if there is only defense and little to no offense, then any team or individual would struggle to win.

    • Lorenzo Giccominato says:

      Look at the fight with an open mind. Pacquiao also slipped and blocked punches, and counter punched at the same time. Watch the documentary, ‘the real story behind pacquiao vs mayweather ‘.

  11. Lorenzo Giccominato says:

    I agree with kdd

  12. Lorenzo Giccominato says:

    I find it hard to believe that people in the boxing world, like Nazim, would say ‘maybe there was an injury’. Do you think that someone like pacquiao would make it up? Anyway put the shoulder injury aside, pacquiao beat mayweather. Watch the documentary ‘the real story behind pacquiao vs mayweather ‘.

  13. rean says:


  14. Boxing expert 1976 says:

    Anonymous may weather ran and held like a hore against paq..and Kenny bay..helped..may win…Garcia vs Thurmon….superfight

  15. skinner says:

    Floyds last few fights where a running match he just knew each fighters weak spots an was able to capitalize on them with manny he is a volume puncher, Floyd is a punch and cover fighter, Floyd could only do one thing in and out then hold you say dance away I say run and pot shot, his done this in his last few fights

  16. Boxing expert 1976 says:

    Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurmon Super Fight. ..If it had been Garcia that hurt Thurmon the way collazo did it would have been a massacre 2016 is the year ..Garcia vs Thurmon..

  17. Anonymous says:

    How many people know that boxing is a points game? Yeah a fighter can flurry or throw combinations, but punches that land on the shoulder, arms, or the gloves do NOT count as a clean,legitimate, punch. Therefore, no point is awarded.

  18. Tabl10s says:

    Not sure why Filipinos can’t talk about MW without calling him names. I play chess with a guy who’s disgusted with MP and calls him godless because he fought knowing the truth about his shoulder and said he ripped us off.

    One thing I’d like to know is why Donire isn’t supported in the Philippines?

  19. Anonymous says:

    No domination here. Mayweather did the basic to win but he did not win spectacularly. PAC on the other did not do jack crap to win the fight. Overall the right man won the fight.

    • jei says:

      What basic?…. running?… did Floyd do anything spectacular that night? Come on now really. .. Floyd did not deserve the victory.

  20. Filipino says:

    Snoovswan@sony of sydney
    fuck you both you know nothing about filipinos.
    both of you are cunts

  21. Adan says:

    make believe talking, writing off pacquiao isnonsense .judges and compu box dominated pacquiao even at pacquiaos worse floyd didnt bring it to pacquiao . And ok he wins and they will close it and brought out floyd dominated my If you look the other way everything that floyd wants is in his table got no left for pacquiao neutral. Pacquiao dominated floyd Fair and Square.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Whoever just said boxing is a points game is talking about Amateur’s Pro boxing has shit to do with points u fukin know it all ! It’s obviously u don’t box!

  23. Lloyd says:

    I’m a filipino..i like both fighters . some people saying pacquiao won a fight? Thats a are saying that because you are a fan of pacquiao..just accept the fact mayweather won..if you know about boxing you will keep your mouth makes fight! ..mayweather is smart and focus and keep his distance accurately.

    • jei says:

      Dominated with ease my ass…Pacquiao kept on pummeling Floyd all night. Floyd can’t do shit considering that Pacquiao was chasing him all night long. Floyd’s strategy was to catch Pacquiao Ala Marquez and knock out him out but he couldn’t that way Floyd sr. Was getting upset and saying that Floyd jr. Was fighting scared. In a tactical close fight the aggressor, significant punching and counter punches is also a deciding factor. Really 9 to 3. Pacquiao only won 3 rounds that’s bs. The way I so it Floyd only won 2 decisive rounds and Pacquiao 5 decisive rounds the rest of the other rounds was close in which Pacquiao was the one with the significant punches, aggression and counter punching, while Floyd did his clinching, head locking and illegal tactics. Fuck Floyd he has nothing to hurt Pacquiao. The fight of the century and that’s all Floyd showed?… that’s way the fans was booing him. Floyd is a fake .Floyd run away from this fight 6 yrs ago and run again only this time it’s inside the ring.

    • jei says:

      We cannot accept obvious lie. Watch the replay it’s for the public to see including you coz ur also blind.

  24. kissjonez says:

    Pacquaio dominated??? Is he really a legitimate trainer?? Dominated is like Mayweather vs. Corrales or Pacquaio vs. Cotto or Pacquaio vs. Margarito or Pacquaio vs. Dela Hoya or mayweather vs. Gatti! Those are total domination! Floyd Mayweather did dominated Pacquaio with HUGS, I can tell you that!

    If Floyd stood toe-2-toe like how he fought Corrales then thats a whole different story! I DONT KNOW WHAT FIGTH HAZIM RICHARDSON SAW especailly coming from a trainer. LMAO!!

    • jei says:

      NaZim will always favor his fellow black. It’s only hard to swallow for us because Floyd didn’t even put up a fight all he did was run and act like he was winning the fight. Nazim watch the fight on replay because I think your eyes are playing games on you. Easy fight to decide my ass.

  25. Joe Thornton says:

    I cannot believe, we are two months after Floyd dominated Manny, and Manny worshippers are still in denial. Floyd told the world what he’d do to Manny and he did just that. Manny told the world what he was going to do and he lied. I still think he’s punch drunk,and his fans are delusional.

    • jei says:

      No ur delusional and blind. Watch the replay fool n see for yourself. We pacman has proof and it’s also for floyd fan to see and make their own assertion. After watching the replay and u still think floyd won then it’s obvious your blind and bias because there is no way you will not be enlightened after seing it again.

  26. Carlo says:

    Fans don’t think like milt art generals in the ring.It not about perception or liking of styles.It’s about being effective at a cetain moment that both fighters agree upon to determine who better.If you come down with the Flu after all the hype, then you better let people know you got the flu before you go in.When you answer the bell that means you are ready to fight.Pacquiao was ready to fight when he answered the bell.All the bullshit aside.Stop crying for him.Stop bitching and making lame ass excuses.It only makes Pacquiao look worst like a sore loser and his fans.Cause Mayweather got the win and many fans refuse to accept it.Mayweather said this fight would be like this.Thats why he didn’t want to fight him.So move on.Mayweather fans knew Pacquiao couldn’t beat mayweather.Now, you know.

    • jei says:

      Pac fan are complaining because Floyd didn’t win this fight. It’s hard to accept a lie especially when there is proof.

  27. Brooke says:

    You are in dire need of a proofreader for your articles. Contact me.

  28. Adan says:

    He did not dominate, he has all the upperhand but still did not dominate. Floyd fans you know what you believe in your own lies. You become so brilliant in your stupidity…if rematch goes between them it would still be a blockbuster but you saw what is installed out there for floyd bunch of cowards floyd and fans go and say you are winners and still terrified. Floydiots kiss maass

  29. Julian1979 says:

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