“On The Ropes” Guests Roger Mayweather, Naazim Richardson, Carl Froch, Floyd Sr & more give their predictions for Mayweather-Maidana

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John Scully: Honestly, I just feel that Maidana is a top of the line guy and an excellent fighter who is at his peak but Mayweather is still Mayweather and I don’t see any reason to believe this isn’t going to be another 117-111, 118-110 type of fight.

Roy Jones Jr: When you bring a good offence against a good defense, what usually prevails? If you looked at the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos last Super Bowl — the Denver Broncos were an exceptional offence, the Seattle Seahawks were an exceptional defense, who blew who out?

The exceptional defense is gonna win almost every time, so you’ve got Marcos Maidana who has no defense but an exceptional offence and you got Floyd Mayweather who has a good offence and an exceptional defense, who you thinks gonna win?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I feel that my son’s gonna win but I don’t only think he’s gonna win, I think he’s gonna stop him…My son’s got all the capable abilities. He has the speed, he has the knowledge, he’s got the know how, he’s got the wherewithal. Hey, that’s it right there. Maidana’s not as fast as him, Maidana don’t move his head, Maidana is a straight headed walker, like a mummy, he’s there to be had.

Deontay Wilder: I think it’s a totally different fight for Floyd because it got a little bit more meaning on it because I think he’s looking for revenge for the Broner fight. When you’re looking for revenge, you’re gonna put a little more effort.

I think he’s gonna come and try to punish him for a couple of rounds and I’m looking for him to try to knock him out. He wants to punish him, he wants to make a statement with this one, that’s for sure. I got Floyd for this fight all the way.

Naazim Richardson: Maidana is a little short roughen, punches hard as heck. He causes problems with anything he hits, and there are different guys when we talk about punching power, but Maidana is one of those guys that will hit you anywhere, ‘GGG’, a couple guys out there like that will hit you anywhere.

Maidana causes a problem for Floyd, and even though Floyd is getting up there in age, he is a phenomenal fighter. It gives Maidana a chance to be the biggest thing of this era if he can beat Broner and beat Floyd too, it would prove how special he is.

Brian Vera: Maidana comes there to fight, he’s really tough, that kind of awkward style will throw him off. I think Maidana is not going let off and stay on top of him, and Mayweather will probably pick him apart, but it will definitely be fun to watch for the fans.

Carl Froch: I can see Floyd Mayweather doing an absolute job against Maidana. I though Amir Khan was brilliant against Maidana, I thought he got hurt bad early on, I know Amir put Maidana down to a body shot, but Khan got hurt and he was getting really badly hurt late on in the fight with Maidana.

I though it was amazing the way he survived and got through them last two or three rounds and won the fight. It was survival mode but he still did enough to win, so give him credit for that. Neither of them pose any serious threat to Floyd Mayweather.

Roger Mayweather: I believe that Floyd will stop him, I do believe that. Floyd is too quick for him and he’s gonna hit him with punches that he don’t see, that’s whats going to cause the stoppage on him, that’s what I think.

People say he ain’t going to stop Maidana, but we ain’t concerned with what people say or what they think, but the difference between Floyd and any other fighter, is Floyd’s going to hit Maidana more then he ever been hit, that’s the key to stopping somebody, hitting them with punches he don’t see.

Jenna J: I think the challenge of Marcos Maidana is a combination of many of the other opponents Mayweather has fought in the past. He has faced a pressure guy in Ricky Hatton, and power punch in Shane Mosley and a tough determined fighter in Saul Alvarez, and while Maidana shows elements of each one of these fighters, he still lacks the most important thing in a fight against Mayweather, and that’s good defense.

I believe that Mayweather will use his counter punching ability and ring intelligence to easily outpoint Marcos Maidana. I believe there even could be a potential flash knock down, or multiple knock downs by Mayweather due to Maidana’s habit of falling in with his punches, but I see this fight going the full 12 rounds and Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming away with a wide unanimous decision win, somewhere around 118-110.

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