Peter Fury: “I see Pacquiao as more of a complete boxer than Marquez, and I see Pacquiao avenging that terrible loss!”

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Peter Fury is a well respected boxing identity; he is the trainer/manager of Tyson Fury and Hughie Fury. A variety of topics were discussed in this interview which included, a potential match up between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, the controversy surrounding Marquez after his last win, Mayweather’s performance against Maidana, Carl Froch’s win over George Groves, and much more. Here is what Peter Fury had to say in part 2 of his interview.

Robert Brown: It appears that Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez may have a fifth fight. How do you see this fight playing out if it takes place?

Peter Fury: I think the Marquez fight the last time was a freak punch. I think it’s good that Pacquiao is gonna have the rematch with him again. I see Pacquiao as more of a complete boxer than Marquez, and I just see Pacquiao avenging that terrible loss.

I sincerely hope that fight goes ahead and he corrects that loss because Pacquiao belongs up there with the best. It’s gonna be a good fight, but I just see Pacquiao a clear points winner.

Robert Brown: What do you make of the steroid controversy surrounding Marquez?

Peter Fury: Well you know, really what can you say? They got all the testing bodies there, it’s up to the governing bodies to keep testing them, keep doing the blood checks and keep turning up. We have it here in England, we can be sat here having our lunch, then next thing the door’s banging and you got ten people outside to take the blood and everything.

They just need to turn up and keep policing it and just keep on top of the situation because if they’re allowed to cheat, they will. If they’re allowed to take an edge, they’ll take it because it’s business, there’s a lot of money involved and people will cut corners wherever they can cut it — especially when you got lighter weights trying to put on weight and power, this is a problem. It’s up to the doping people to do their job better.

Robert Brown: Floyd Mayweather had a difficult fight with Marcos Maidana. Do you think it was Marcos Maidana’s awkward style or do you think Floyd is starting to slow down or slip?

Peter Fury: I think it’s the same with anything, it’s getting used to styles. Floyd Mayweather won it because he landed the clean shots. Obviously we saw the best Maidana possible, but Floyd Mayweather — if that fight gets rematched — he’ll make a lot easier work of it. I just see it as that’s what it is.

We got a similar scenario to Froch-Groves 1 and Froch-Groves 2 — when the element of surprise is no longer there and they realize exactly what they’re up against, these elite champions can just step it up another gear. That’s what we’re gonna see with Mayweather.

Robert Brown: What were your thoughts on the Froch vs. Groves rematch? It seemed like Groves was stuck in between two game plans, not knowing whether to attack or just box.

Peter Fury: I think the full credit has to go to Froch. When you look at it properly, the game plan that Froch used, with a long jab at the center of the ring, he was keeping Groves under constant pressure but it was controlled pressure.

I just seen Groves going downhill all the time, as the rounds were going on, Groves was running out of ideas and he was looking a little bit shot-worn because the game plan he had wasn’t working and Groves didn’t really know how to adapt to plan B.

We saw the same Groves round after round and we saw Froch constantly closing and building the pressure up. This was obvious what was going to happen because Froch was gonna come on. He was gonna come strong in mid to late rounds because that’s always where Groves has an issue, in the second half of the fight. It was controlled and the thing is, he was under systematic pressure which was only brought on by Froch and the studying of the previous fight.

The thing is what Groves never did, Groves has got an excellent jab and he has an excellent right hand over the top, but he was throwing the jab and as he was throwing the jab — the right hand was coming straight behind it. That’s okay if you got a guy coming on to you but if he’s not, Froch was just taking a step back out with his back foot and Groves was catching him with a right hand right on the end. It might be good for a points scorer but it’s not good for taking somebody’s head off.

The simplest thing for Groves to do was to throw the double jab, step in behind the double jab and let loose with the right hand when it’s in range and your feet have moved into range. That’s what you use a jab for. Instead, he was throwing right hands from the back foot without stepping in with the right hand, this was the problem. He never really stepped in with his shots and there we are. If he had just done a simple movement like that, we probably could have seen a whole different scenario.

Robert Brown: Where do you rank Carl Froch in the list of greatest British fighters of all time?

Peter Fury: Right up there. Look, everybody can have an opinion — when (Joe) Calzaghe was fighting, at the time everybody had an opinion — but the thing is, the stats speak for themselves. These men fought everybody, they’re elite fighters and they belong up there.

It’s well deserved it’s end, nobody has the right to sit in an armchair and say, “He’s not this, he’s not that.” He’s proved himself time and time again, same as Calzaghe. Froch is right up there with the best and he belongs up there, full credit to him.

Robert Brown: Is Carl Froch a Hall of Famer in your opinion?

Peter Fury: Yeah why not? There’s other people getting in the Hall of Fame. He’s a triple champion, he’s fought the best out there, he hasn’t ducked anybody. Carl Froch is right up there, I’m sure when he retires he deserves to be up there. One day I think he should be there, and I’m confident that he will get it.

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  1. Doug O'Neil says:

    More complete boxer? LOL Come on, Marquez is 100000000000x more technical and complete. Marquez is gonna KO pacquiao is they fight again

  2. PACMANUSA says:

    Most certainly Marquez was juiced up against Pacquiao in the 4th fight and most certainly he was against Alvarado . Testing kept him from being juiced against Bradley and you saw the difference .

    Even if he was juiced against Pacquiao the 4th time , if Pac hadn’t got careless he would have still beheaded that wetback SOB !

  3. Artie Bartlett says:

    Marquez is against VADA testing .

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