Peter Quillin: “If I’m what Floyd Mayweather Jr wants then I’m not gonna say no, and I don’t go in there to try to lose!’

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I recently spoke with WBO middleweight champion Peter Quillin during the 213th edition of “On The Ropes” to get his thoughts on his win against Lukas Konecny. Besides talking about his performance, Quillin also discussed his future at middleweight and if he would be interested in meeting P4P #1 Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring. Additionally ‘Kid Chocolate’ gave his thoughts on Showtime vs. HBO, and the recent return of Manny Pacquiao. Here is what Peter Quillin had to say.

Jenna J: Peter, you just defeated Lukas Konecny, you dominated him and won all 12 rounds. How do you feel about your performance?

Peter Quillin: Well you always gotta be your worst critic and learn from whatever you can. I learned that everybody that comes in there, you’re not gonna be able to knock them out but you gotta stay behind your abilities. We’re learning on the job, this is a great win for me. Look for future fights to be able to do well in there.

Jenna: Do you try to work on new things in the ring when you realize your opponent is gonna be able to take anything you have?

Quillin: I get paid for 12 rounds, I prepare for 12 rounds and I just know that if I went 12 hard rounds, then I’m able to do it. Like I said, it’s a blessing to be able to paid for fighting for 12 rounds, it’s an awesome job to have.

Jenna: You own the WBO Middleweight title, you’ve been a champion for a little while. What kind of fights are you looking for yourself?

Quillin: The big fights of course, but I’m gonna take any fight that the team is prepping for me. Whoever, I don’t care, I don’t mind, we’re gonna break down any guy right there in the ring, and we’re gonna keep winning.

Jenna: The ring champion of the weight class return June 7th against Miguel Cotto, what do you see happening in that fight?

Quillin: Excellent fight, two superstars of the sport colliding. Two guys fighting from two angles to prove themselves. Sergio has to prove that he’s able to perform at the highest level and Miguel Cotto is looking to secure a championship at middleweight. May the best man win, I think it’s an awesome fight and I think if I was able to, I would love to fight the winner.

Jenna: Gennady Golovkin is having trouble securing opponents, the fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. looks like it’s gonna be heading off. Would you like to step in there and have a unification fight with Golovkin?

Quillin: I already said that if the money is right I would love to fight Golovkin as well. He’s one of the other world’s best and for me to solidify myself, I have to have those types of fights on my record. So yeah, why not.

Jenna: How do you think you have improved from the time you won the belt to now?

Quillin: That I keep winning, and as much as they write or say about me, they can’t stop what I’ve already been doing. I’ve been winning for 10 years now, undefeated. I’m currently one of the top 3 best pound for pound.

I have one of the best records in boxing today, undefeated record. Floyd Mayweather is number one, Mikey Garcia being number two and then me being number 3. That’s something nobody can ever take away from me.

I think we always can make improvements, just in regular life we can make improvements. As long as you keep doing that, you can never fail yourself especially if you know why you’re making improvements.

Me as a boxer, trying to make these improvements just to be a better boxer and outside the ring just be a better person. I keep shooting for the stars, hopefully I’ll land on the moon soon.

Jenna: Do you think it’s possible that you could one day fight Floyd Mayweather, being the fact that he’s beginning to run out of opponents?

Quillin: I’m a big fan of Mayweather because he’s from my same town. If anybody can get up to his level and comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan, I support them, but business is business. If I’m what he wants then I’m not gonna say no, and I don’t go in there to try to lose, trust me.

Jenna: How would you go about dealing with Floyd’s defensive style?

Quillin: You gotta learn right there in the ring, and be better at what he does. That’s a tough task — being a better boxer than Floyd. A lot of guys say, “This is how you beat Mayweather, I can do this.” All the people that try that, nobody came up positive. I could say a lot of things that I think can be done but I won’t be able to see unless I step in there and know exactly what I’m able to do.

Jenna: What do you think of the battle of the networks and the battle of the promoters that are preventing some of the bigger fights from happening?

Quillin: HBO has got some guys on there but it’s not somebody we can really consider stars. Our American stations are creating American stars, like me, Danny Garcia, all these other guys on the network. Whether they put out a good message or not, it’s giving opportunity for our people here in America to showcase their talent and earn a living, and it’s also good for our American people just to see that.

I hope the people can keep supporting us, as well as anybody that’s looking for opportunities, they’re able to come on the network and just get a fair shot at a good fight or some fair money. I’m just glad to be part of such a boosting network.

Jenna: What did you think of Manny Pacquiao’s recent win over Timothy Bradley?

Quillin: Well you know, you can always expect that a guy who’s as humble as Pacquiao to go out there and just keep getting supported by the people that have always been supporting him. I only can expect that he’s gonna put on excellent fights until it is time for him to hang up the gloves.

I’m not really sure who’s an interesting fight for him over there besides Ruslan (Provodnikov) and those kind of guys because it seems like all the guys in his weight class that people love to see are on Showtime right now. It will be interesting to see who they pick and choose as an opponent for him.

Jenna: When are you expecting to return to the ring?

Quillin: Monday after the fight I was back in the gym working out. Anytime they want to call me, I’m gonna be ready. I don’t care who it’s against, and what time, what day. I’m pretty sure whenever they call me, I will be in the gym, still creating my legacy right there in the gym.

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12 Responses to "Peter Quillin: “If I’m what Floyd Mayweather Jr wants then I’m not gonna say no, and I don’t go in there to try to lose!’"
  1. pinoy punch says:

    Mayweather would face this guy before he ever fights the great pacman. Pacquiao is what duckweather fears!

  2. slappy says:

    Quillin is good, but I don’t think he will ever be elite. He has size and power, but just lacks that something extra, and I think he is beatable at 160.

  3. jess says:

    Until he fights and wins over the best fighters he will not earn the respect of true boxing fans. If he retires not facing Pacquiao, then fans will soon forget him like what happened the first time he retired temporarily. It was the great exploits of Pacquiao that made him came out of retirement to regain the easily-forgotten achievement of his. But the problem was, in his comeback he cherry-picked, sucker punch and cheated at weights to engineer his return. What a loser!

  4. jess says:

    It is plain and simple that Fraud Jr’s intelligence in boxing made him realized that Pacquiao has what it takes to bring down his 0-record via KO. This defeat at the hands of someone he has been trash talking will be devastating as it is only boxing where he is good at and nothing else. Once he loses, he will lose everything.

  5. jess says:

    Maidana is not in the top 20 pound-for-pound list of Mr. Starks. Is somebody cherry-picking opponents again? If he wins over Maidana, will he cherry-pick Amir Khan who has glassy jaw? Why is he scared to face the boxer most deserving to fight him? The fighter’s credential as Boxer of the Decade, winner of 8 world titles in 8 weight division and owner of 10 world titles not enough as qualification? This boxer who self-proclaims himself as the greatest is a real “nuts”.

  6. Julius Young says:

    Floyd’s beats Quillen just like Canelo.

  7. jess says:

    With his outrageous excuses to run scared from facing Pacquiao make him a huge disgrace for boxing. Fraud Jr should retire now. He is only enriching himself undeservingly.

  8. Beck Perez says:

    are you serious? this guy is quillin me.

  9. Frank Elpadrino Blanco says:

    lol floyds gonna move up to middleweight, an pick the weakest champ, which it is quillin

  10. David Carr says:

    If Floyd wants him then that should tell him he’s easy pickins lol

  11. Diarmuid De Búrca says:

    he beat an over the hill Winky, that just came out of retirement….. he fights like Sven Ottke….. he thinks hes the next Hagler……*groans in dissapproval*.

  12. Joseph Salinas Sr. says:

    Floyd don’t need quillin. Quillin wouldn’t make him any money. He doesn’t even headline cards

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