Ronnie Shields: “I would have to say that Floyd Mayweather’s and Manny Pacquiao’s careers are equal”

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The legacy of a boxer is not truly determined until they retire. Fans and media can debate achievements and compare a fighter to the fighters that came before and after. When it comes to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, both fighters’ legacies have been debated up to the moment they fought each other, and now with Mayweather’s recent retirement, the debate continues with fans on who was the greater fighter.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” special with Ronnie Shields, I get his thoughts on the current boxing landscape and his views on the future of Floyd Mayweather. Shields also talks about the legacy of both Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao and where he thinks they should rank. Additionally, Ronnie gives and update on his stable of fighters and a message to the boxing fans. Here is what Ronnie Shields had to say.

Jenna J: I want to get your thoughts on the boxing scene a little bit. Miguel Cotto is fighting Saul Alvarez in November. What do you see in that fight?

Ronnie Shields: I think it’s a great fight. It’s a really good fight. I think we know what Canelo brings, he’s gonna try to bring it. He’s a young, strong guy. Miguel Cotto on the other end, he’s an older guy but he’s such a smart fighter and I think it’s gonna be a great fight. I’m glad to see that they were able to put it together and I think the fans are gonna be the real winners in this one.

Jenna J: Floyd Mayweather just had a fight against Andre Berto, do you think that will be the last we see of Floyd? What did you think of his performance?

Ronnie Shields: Actually I haven’t seen the performance yet because it was the same date that Jermall won his world title and I haven’t gotten a chance to view it yet. I think it will be his last fight.

The thing about Floyd Mayweather is, he’s fought everybody, all you have to do is look at his record. People look at him and they talk about this and about that, and a lot of it I think is just that people are jealous because of the way Floyd made so much money in his career and it didn’t happen to them.

I think you take the good with the bad when you get in a position like Floyd Mayweather. Floyd fought some of the best fighters out there and he beat them, he beat them all. Look at Canelo and Cotto, he fought both of them and beat both of them handedly. How can you not say he’s a good fighter? He’s the best fighter in this era but people won’t give him his accolades and he deserves his accolades because he’s one of the best fighters to ever put on a pair of gloves.

I just don’t see him coming back at all because I don’t see who he can fight in a comeback. I just don’t see it and I don’t see them even offering him enough money to make a return. As far as I’m concerned, I think he’s retired for good.

Jenna J: When it’s all said and done, which legacy do you think fans will look higher upon, the undefeated record of Floyd Mayweather or the amount of championships Manny Pacquiao won?

Ronnie Shields: Pacquiao did win a lot of championships but he won a lot of championships in the smaller weight divisions. I don’t think he has the names that Floyd Mayweather has. As far as that is concerned, both guys had a great career and a great career is a great career. They both have fought the best fighters that they could have possibly fought.

I don’t know whose name is bigger, I think both guys deserve to have their names up there but I would have to say they’re equal, as far as I’m concerned. As many championships that Pacquiao won, remember he was a very small guy from the beginning and if Floyd was that small like Manny and grew into welterweight, then I think Floyd could have done the same thing. I will say that their careers will probably be on an even field.

Jenna J: Can you give the fans an update on some of the other fighters you’re working with?

Ronnie Shields: On October 6th we have a few guys fighting in San Antonio on Fox Sports 1. You will get to see ‘Cowboy’ Ryan Karl, 140lbs in an eight round fight. Then we have Steve Lovett fighting an eight round fight on that card. And then Rickey Edwards, he’s also fighting a six round fight on that show. Edwin Rodriguez is gonna be the headliner on a card on November 13th in Mississippi. That’s what we have coming up right now.

Jenna J: Is there any message you want to pass along to the boxing fans?

Ronnie Shields: Just keep watching boxing. Boxing is really doing great right now with all of the fights that are happening right now and I think the fans are really enjoying the fights on the PBC because they don’t have to pay for them and there’s been some really good match ups. Just in general I think boxing is on a high right now.

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19 Responses to "Ronnie Shields: “I would have to say that Floyd Mayweather’s and Manny Pacquiao’s careers are equal”"
  1. jess says:

    The careers of Floydie & Manny Pacquiao are equal except, all fights of manny are entertaining while Floydie’s are only a handful. Secondly, on his fights with talented boxers, Floydie cheated big time: He cheated Marquez on the weighing scale, he sucker punched Victor ortiz, he ran away, grab, pulled hands of Manny Pacquiao, & he used illegal in vitro injection & dose of saline & vitamins during the fight with Manny. With his wickedness, Floydie did not deserve getting the hard earned money of boxing fans.

    • aquil says:

      i second the motion

    • David says:

      Except… That mayweather did clearly beat pacquiao in eyes of the great majority of real experts. Only haters and stupid delusional Filipinos think different mayweather didn’t do absolutely anything illegal he
      used the boxing rules in his favor . you obviously don’t know boxing rules and techniques. The clinch is a defensive legsal technique. There is no evidence about the vitro injection is all anecdotal. Shjow evidence and not just a stupid mediocre internet source or stfu imbecile.

    • David says:

      Mayweather boxed since 3 years old and at 17 was an Olympian while your piece of shit filipino was a fucking nobody. Filipinos are so delusional you can’t even beat the Mexicans and very few good boxers you can produce . mayweather is just ahead of his time you are the type of stupid who don’t have idea when you claim he “runs”.. Here is the fact you idiot if ANY boxer try to fight and win in such way ” running” against boxers like canelo. Marquez. Cotto. Maidana. Pacquiao . Mosley etc etc.. Guess what? That boxer will get beat in within 3 rounds easily. Again only mayweather can do this

  2. Arnel Santos says:

    The simple reason Mayweather is winning is this. He only fights in one place and that is MGM Grand where he has full control of the judges and referee’s. That is plain Cheating. Did he at one time fought @ New York Madison Garden? No!!! If there will be a rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao at Macao or Dubai with independent judges and referee’s like in the Olympics, for sure he is going to lose.

  3. mrsnacks says:

    To all the critics. Say what you will but Floyd has made more money and is undefeated whether you like it or not. Instead of trashing him just go back to your jobs at Walmart and Burger King and be the best you can be.
    Leave the boxing comments to the experts.

    • STEPHEN TARR says:

      it is simply that floyd legacy is about money and winning no matter how boring, and that paquiao comes to fight always as a warrior and with grace. Floyd will never be compared to fighters like duran Robinson Ali as a fighter because of his style. btw Floyd doesnt have his legacy wins, where you take apart your all time great opponent and stop him. Ali had sonny liston and foreman plus many very exciting fights throughout his career. Manny has Barrera Morales and Cotto fights plus aweird matchup between paquiao and a 168lb margerito which possibly runed paquiao a little bit

      • Objectivity says:

        Are you insinuating Floyd had no opponent skilled enough to make him really go to war like the other matches you used as examples? Are you saying only stoppages count as “legacy” fights? If so, I would put forth Ali-Frazier I, II, III could be counted among Ali’s legacy fights, but not all were knockouts.

    • tommy says:

      I’d rather work hard at Walmart or Burger King rather than being an addict or a drug pusher. Floyd Mayweather Jr is a juicer doper big time. He cheated in boxing and made millions out of it.

  4. hat city jacksonville says:

    Its very hard for a boxer to be 49-0 and people say he is not a great boxer , how the hell ,floyd is one of the best ever, and to me he beat the shit out of pac man and to tell u you the truth floyd wasnt giving it his all.

  5. Sakeo Navoce says:

    Floyd the Brain boxer Mayweather deserve to win because he always used his brain to box in the ring.
    Weather we hate him,or love him its the brain that control him to succeed in boxing.

  6. wes says:

    If Rocky Marciano was a black man everybody would be putting him down just like they are doing to Floyd Mayweather

  7. wes says:

    If Rocky Marciano was a black man they will be putting him down to just like Mayweather

  8. wes says:

    I’m not a Mayweather fan but I will keep it real , If that’s all Floyd Mayweather did was run, hold, & grab against Manny Pacquiao then how in the hell did he end up landing more punches then Manny Pacquiao , and for the record, Manny Pacquiao must had hurt his shoulder during the 12th round because the whole fight he was throwing some mean bombs.

    • Steely says:

      He did not land the number of punches he was credited to. The video is availlable on you tube for you to see. The needle in the arm is just another abnormalities that came to light from this fight.
      Also, let’s not forget, Holyfield who saw the fight at the ringside, is in the record for saying that he taught Pacquiao had won the fight because Floyd failed to connect on many of his punches and was hit fairly more than what Pacquiao was being credited for.

  9. D hurt says:

    He is the best ever.the game is hit and don’t get hit otherwise boxers would not be taught defense

  10. Paul Murphy says:

    As boring as Floyd was to watch he did put boxing back into the main steam spotlight.for good and bad.but somehow I can’t see him retiring quietly and counting his millions. He needs the spotlight as much as ali did.

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