Timothy Bradley outshines Juan Manuel Marquez. Manny Pacquiao rematch next?

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In a match between two men known for their wins over Manny Pacquiao, one fighter was looking to define himself and get the recognition he was denied in a victory that most people felt was a defeat. Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez met in their long anticipated match up this past Saturday night, and while odds makers had Marquez as the favorite, Bradley who has upset the odds his entire career found a way to do it again against a seemingly aging Juan Manuel Marquez.

The opening round saw each man looking to establish range with their jabs and feel the other out. Early in the first round it appeared as though Marquez would have little trouble finding Bradley when he started to land counter right hands, and was able to work behind a steady jab. In the second round, Bradley changed up the pace of the fight and began to use movement and angles to start to land on Marquez and also cause the older legend to miss with his counter attacks. The third round saw a little better success for Marquez as he was able to land his jab, but the fourth and fifth rounds saw much of the same as the second as Bradley was consistently out scoring Marquez, while Juan Manuel would only land single shots at a time that could only get the crowd’s reaction but nothing from his opponent.

As the fight went on there were many close rounds but it seemed that Bradley was the busier fighter, and while Marquez was more accurate, he was often getting beaten to the punch. The final round of the fight delivered the most action of the fight as Marquez sensing urgency was starting to land his most significant shots and was clearly winning the round until the final 20 seconds of the bout saw both man trade shots and Marquez getting the worse of it. The final flurry of the bout set up a right hand off the ropes by Bradley that stunned the 4 division champion and caused him to stumble back having to regain his balance before the final bell of the fight.

When the scorecards were read, most felt as though Bradley had done more then enough to take the decision ( I scored it 116-112 for Bradley) but with the first card being read as 115-113 for Marquez, doubt was in the air. The final two cards read 115-113 for Bradley and the last had it 116-112 and Timothy Bradley was announced the winner of the fight thus retaining his WBO welterweight championship of the world.

With this victory, Bradley now moves to 31-0 and has victories over two of the greatest fighters of this generation. He has also himself up for a rematch against the man most feel he has yet to really defeat, Manny Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez falls to 55-7-1 and after a performance in which he started to look more his age, and with the speed of Bradley giving him so much trouble, one has to wonder if Marquez might want to consider hanging up the gloves as there is little more at this point that he needs to accomplish.

Timothy Bradley is a fighter that has proved throughout his career what hard work and determination can do. While he might still be underestimated after this fight, few can argue that he has earned his spot amongst the best pound for pound fighters in the world, and more importantly earned the respect the has long been looking for.

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44 Responses to "Timothy Bradley outshines Juan Manuel Marquez. Manny Pacquiao rematch next?"
  1. danny h. says:

    It was a divine justice against a fighter who lacks sportsmanship. Until now, whenever he looses a fight, he always thinks he is robbed.

    • Anonymous says:

      True enough đŸ™‚

    • Anonymous says:


    • Unca Sam says:

      Obviously, Marquez worked really hard for that fight but fell short. It is just normal that he feels so frustrated/disgusted with the loss after all the hard work he has put into it. No politics, dramatics, religion etc. Just pure hard work. That’s Marquez.

      • Anonymous says:

        All hardwork that did come into fruition until he reached the age of 39…. And of course, with a little help from his guardian Angel (Memo Heredia) :). I wonder where was he this time.

      • jess says:

        you are wrong. everyone works hard BECA– USE OF FAME AND BIG PRIZE but they did not sour grape after losing a fight. What made you think that by working hard in practice will give marquez the right to whine and disrespect the decision of the judges? If there are other things that this guy named juan manuel marquez , it is SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      dont give him a rematch..he is not sportman

    • jess says:

      I have been saying all along that everytime marquez fights let him choose the judges, He can even select all mexican judges. Now I get it why Marquez does not want to fight Pacquiao anymore. He feels he will be KO’d by Pacquiao. He was well spent during their last fight. Even he won by KO courtesy of a lucky punch he was already wasted before he landed that lucky punch. Even the commentators in his fight with Bradley observed he was no longer a good fighter after his bout with Pacquiao.

    • mateng says:

      thanks to random drug testing. no dope loaded lucky punch this time for marquez. end of your fake so called greatness, chavez sr. is the real deal! say no to drugs!

    • SPORTSMAN says:

      YES I AGREE…

    • SPORTSMAN says:


  2. Paul Tshehla says:

    Bradley fair and square, Marquez put up a fantastic performance. not a disgraceful lose for JMM, that’s for sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not a disgraceful loss for jmm…. Just can’t help being a cry baby I guess đŸ™‚

    • jess says:

      JMM is always a sore loser. he never learns how to respect judges even the fights are close. His style of fighting tends towards close and even controversial decisions. He should learn how to live with these decisions one way or the other. His style is really boring. He is counter punching and waits for his opponent to go forward and commits mistakes. The only time his fights become interesting is when he faces fighters like Pacquiao..

    • jess says:

      What is disgraceful about marquez is his whining and disrespect of the judges decision. Perhaps next time he fights, he should ask the boxing commission to put as judges nacho berestain and rafael marquez!!!!!

  3. Nazareno San Jose says:

    Its the end of long outstanding career for Marquez.God bless him and his family.

    • jess says:

      you are correct. this is long good career for marquez except for his sour graping each time he loses. His career is also marked by false claims of victory over Pacquiao. His last win by KO vs Pacquiao was a lucky punch plain n simple. Marquez was already in queer street but a lucky punch saved him and gave him the wrongful feeling of vindication.

    • jess says:

      Michael Buffer: Lets go to the scorecards. Ladies and gentlemen! The WHINER is Juan Manuel Marquez!!!!! Vow!!!

  4. AXL says:

    marquez should stop his cry baby attitude… whenever he loses the fight… bradley won the fight its plain and simple.. its time to give credit to bradley..he deserved the W.

    • jess says:

      JMM behaves very badly everytime he loses close fights. Why cant he be a good sportsman like Pacquiao. There is life after losing a bout. Look at the great boxing champs.FMJ is another bad boy of boxing. He behaves very badly and respects no one except money and false boxing greatness.

  5. Shower Punches says:

    No blood…nothing but Vaselines…Two of them who have some with lucky fate against PACMAN…The one lost but won by the eyes ot the 3 mices and the other one lost ,gasping that seems it’s the end of his world from 1st round until he granted by a one lucky shot from look like an “Angel above” who seems have a big bet against PACMAN….Their fight seemingly the sum of all the doubts…PACMAN still the great!

    • jess says:

      yes yes yes. These two boxers avoided Pacquiao because Pacquiao inspite of his loses to these two clowns can whack their butts. It is better for them to receive much much smaller prize money than being KO’d by Pacman for sure.

  6. sour grape says:

    What is the common thing about pactards and Jmm? they’re all whiners.

    • ed says:

      well, pacman is not a whiner. Remember, he even congratulated bradley after the fight when most thought he won. You did not hear him complain that he was robbed unlike marquez everytime he losses. That’s what separate Pacman from other fighters, modest gracious in defeat, no complain, no alibis just modesty in victory and defeat. Boxing at its best.

      • jess says:

        ed you can say that again a million times. Pacman is really a role model for good behavior. Imagine after devastating Margarito he went to the room of margarito to check on him. Not only this, Pacquiao even hugged each one present in the room of margarito. This was inspite roberto garcia and brandon rios were making mockery of Freddie Roach’s illness earlier before the fight. What a good man Pacquiao is.

    • jess says:

      Bradley has been very lucky twice already. After wrongly winning the fight with Pacquiao, he faced a spent Marquez after his fight with Pacquiao. Even one of the commentators in the bradley-marquez bout said that marquez appeared very slow and wasted after the fight with pacquiao even if he won in the sixth round by kO. He added that the punishment he received from pacquiao even though the fight lasted only 6 rounds was very evident.

  7. A bad attitude for a future Hall of Famer Mexican. Always crying of robbery when an opponent clearly won the fight. In fact, Marquez at least earn a bonus decision from one Judge where it should be a unanimous decision for Bradley.

    • jess says:

      yes. next time he fights marquez should ask the boxing commission to choose the judges by the name of nacho berestain, Juan manuel marquez Jr. and juan rafael marquez. With this he will surely win even if he lost all the rounds.

  8. rotsen says:

    JMM,he’s not contented and humble to accept any defeats of any his fight. He think he always a winner,but this is sport.An athlete shall have the qualities of being a sportman,when you lose,accept it and when you win,celebrate it,thats’ all.

    JMM should go home and retire

  9. smiller says:

    Well all I can say is yeah Bradley won that fight no doubt. I was hoping that Bradley would win. Marquez now wished he would have given Pacman a rematch and make more money. But instead going for another title belt loses to Bradley. What Bradley did was simple just fight the same fight that beat Marquez which is the same style as Mayweather. Bradley had the youth to be quick and he was disciplined and didnt try to mix it up too much and so he won. Now Marquez will try one last fight before giving up the belt and try to knock on Pacmans door.LOL what a disgraceful sportsman. I do believe that the punch that knocked out Pacman was lucky. I did not see anything close to that kind of hit on Bradly. Yeah he taged Bradley a couple of times with the right but that’s typical. Pacman was just one of those that got hit by a lucky shot just like any careless boxer would be get. When Marquez fought Pacland in just 3 or 4 rounds Marquez was already bleeding and breathing pritty badly. Not at any point was Marquez really hurt by Bradley. This was a smart fight by Bradley, I am liking him more now then before. He is not a showoff like Gayweather. I hope that they both fight I will be on Bradley’s side. I have to like Bradley but I am still a Pacman fan. I like the way he takes chances and mixes it up. The no fear attitude just need to fight smarter. I hope he learns from Bradley and I hope one of them kicks Gayweathers ASS!lol

  10. datu says:

    Bradley is the true winner against Marquez….. but not with Pacquiao….

  11. bernard says:

    now, it’s pacman’s turn to defeat bradley once again ….. manny!! manny!! manny!!

  12. roland says:

    Great champions accepts and learn from their defeats.Marquez can not be one of them and will never be.

    • jess says:

      Hall of famer should also have good manners (not whiners) and repectful. This will disqualify another boxer who responds to the name FMJ.

  13. juan zeus says:

    JMM without memo’s juices seemed old and sluggish overnight

  14. ed says:

    Marquez is a different fighter on this bradley fight compared to the last fight with pacman. There was something missing in his power. He appeared to be a really 40 year old fighter. It does not seem right. It now justify my suspicion that he was on PEDS when he fought pacman which ties it with that new conditioning coach involved in PEDS. He never drop pacman in their last 3 fights but he did it on the last fight when is he nearing 40., which i find a little odd.

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. jays says:

    Hahaha!… No PED‘S allowed this time. That‘s the real marquez without PED‘S… a sour looser! đŸ˜€

  17. PACMANUSA says:

    I think THE WORLD is in about 1,000% agreement Bradley (AKA Hoodrat) was given Pacman’s belt last year .
    And I think it’s about 90% understood that the Manny was beating the F outta that whining wetback until the wetback stepped on his toe and got off the lucky juiced up bomb in the 6th round !

    Losses are part of life be it boxing , baseball , football or every day life .

    And without a doubt the Manny shows more grace and sportsmanship then any 6 big name boxers combined !

    Marquez has no class , Mayweather is just a plain old hoodrat , Broner is less of a person then Gayweather etc etc etc !

    The only relatively big name boxer that comes close to the Manny’s sportsmanship is Donaire and oh wow he’s a filipino as well . Perhaps ALOT of people could learn something from these people . White , black brown or whatever . I’m a white American and always enjoy my time in the Philippines . As a people these folks are far better mannered then any other place I’ve ever been in my life !

  18. Oliver says:

    Great write up Jenna

  19. Bigfoot says:

    Fag Marquez deserves the beating he’s off on peds and loses haha…

  20. jays says:

    I agree with u Bigfoot… the muscles wss not there… the speed was not there… the lucky punch was not there… that‘s because the PED‘S was not there. Rather blame the judges for every loosing, Marquez should blame those drug testing commisions for not allowing him to use PED‘S once again.

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