Abel Sanchez: “Miguel Cotto doesn’t have an opponent, so we’re ready and prepared to make some kind of arrangement so that Golovkin can fight him in June”

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Abel Sanchez is widely regarded as one of the best trainers in the sport today and his work particularly with IBO/WBA middleweight champion, Gennady Golovkin, is getting him the most acclaim. Golovkin is coming off a dominant TKO11 win over tough contender Martin Murray, a performance that left many people wondering who out there can really challenge Golovokin.

In part 1 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Abel Sanchez, he speaks on Golovkin’s latest fight and why he believes the fight lasted so long. Abel also talks about the middleweight division and what challenges he sees out there that could be next. Additionally Sanchez shares his breakdown of boxing’s most anticipated fight, Mayweather-Pacquiao. Here is what Abel Sanchez had to say.

Jenna J: Gennady Golovkin recently had a very impressive eleventh round TKO win over Martin Murray, what did you think of his performance?

Abel Sanchez: I wanted rounds as much as he wanted rounds. Martin was very durable — I thought he took a couple rounds more of punishment than he needed to, but all in all I was not completely satisfied but I was satisfied with what Golovkin did.

Jenna J: Some people said that Golovkin should have continued working the body after he knocked Murray down twice. Do you think he should have?

Abel Sanchez: The reason that I wanted the rounds was so we could practice all the things we do in the gym. Some of the things that he was doing, some of the shots that he was throwing, there’s things that we’re practicing in the gym in the future for other guys.

I want a versatile fighter that can do a lot of different things. The body shot is an easy shot to throw, he can throw that in the gym as well as anybody but if you don’t practice the rest of the stuff in actual combat situations, we’re never gonna learn it.

Jenna J: You said that the rounds were good for Gennady, what did that tell the critics out there, besides the fact that he can go late?

Abel Sanchez: I wasn’t so much worried about the critics because there’s gonna be critics whether you win, lose or draw or look great or bad. I was more concerned with practicing some of the things that are done in the gym to improve your skills and to be able to deal with the elite fighters.

Martin Murray was a good fighter but he’s not what everybody considers an elite fighter, so when we get with those guys, I want to be able to have an arsenal that is good enough to deal with those guys. Martin Murray provided us a canvas to do that and I wanted Golovkin to practice some of the things that he doesn’t always get to practice.

Jenna J: Do you believe Martin Murray was the toughest opponent Golovkin has fought so far?

Abel Sanchez: I’m gonna say the most durable. I think the hardest puncher was Curtis Stevens, but he was the most durable. Murray took a lot of shots and he withstood it, but I thought the corner could have stopped it three or four rounds before that eleventh round stoppage because he was taking a lot of punishment.

Jenna J: What do you want to see next for Golovkin?

Abel Sanchez: I want to see what he wants to see and what that is, is a unification fight. I think that the public deserves it, boxing itself deserves it. Right now his main focus is the WBC title, that title is held by Cotto. I don’t know if Cotto will fight us this year, he’s mandated to fight us by the WBC, he’s got one optional which I think is supposed to happen on May or June and then after that he’s supposed to fight us.

At this point Cotto doesn’t have an opponent for May or June, so we’re ready and prepared to make some kind of arrangement and make some kind of concession so that we can fight him in June. He wants to fight on the Puerto Rican parade or the Puerto Rican day, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

Jenna J: How likely do think it is for Cotto to take the risk of fighting Golovkin?

Abel Sanchez: It may be a risk but it’s a risk fighting anybody. Anything can happen in boxing, you can get caught with a great shot and get cut and the fight is a different fight. Golovkin happens to be the top fighter right now but in the past it was other top fighters.

At any period of time, there’s gonna be a guy that challenges you or a guy that possesses a lot of danger but that’s what boxing is about and that’s what the greats have always done, fight the best so that they can at least determine who is number one at a particular weight and at a particular time.

Jenna J: One of the other champions that has said he’s willing to fight Golovkin is Andy Lee. How likely do you think it is for Andy Lee to fight Golovkin if he gets past Peter Quillin?

Abel Sanchez: Well if he gets past Quillin, I think it’s very likely that Andy will fight. Andy is a warrior, Andy understands the economics of boxing and boxing’s history that the best have to fight the best. He grew up with Emanuel Steward as a pro and I think Emanuel Steward may have had a lot of influence on that kind of thought. I would love to see a unification between Andy and Golovkin, that would be a great fight.

Jenna J: What did you think of Andy’s last performance in the ring against Matt Korobov?

Abel Sanchez: One thing that you have to understand is that anything can happen in this game if you get caught with a good shot. Matthew Korobov got a little tired by the third round and he got a little sloppy and Andy can punch.

Anybody that Andy hits with that right hook that’s not fully prepared to receive it is gonna go down and is gonna get hurt and Andy’s a good finisher. I’m not surprised but I’m surprised that Korobov got so tired by the third round. You could see he was breathing hard and was making a lot of mistakes.

Jenna J: How do you think Andy will do against Peter Quillin?

Abel Sanchez: That’s a good fight, Peter is an ex world champion with a lot of talent. I don’t think he’s been fighting enough or regularly to improve his skills but I see it as a fifty-fifty fight but he can’t make any mistakes with Andy Lee because Andy Lee will hit you and he will hurt you.

Quillin made a lot of mistakes in his previous fights, he can’t make those kinds of mistakes that he made with Gabriel Rosado against Andy Lee because if he does, he’ll be looking up at the lights.

Jenna J: I want to talk about the big fight that got announced, Mayweather-Pacquiao. You said that the fight wasn’t as appealing as it once was, what do you think now that it’s made?

Abel Sanchez: It’s still not appealing but I think it’s a fight that had to happen just because there’s so many people out there clamoring for it. I think five years ago it would have been an easier fight for Mayweather, I still think Mayweather wins now but it won’t be as easy as five years ago, but he still wins a decision.

I think Manny makes too many mistakes as he jumps in and Floyd’s a master, he’s the best in the world, he’s pound-for-pound the best in the world for a reason and he’s gonna make him pay for all those mistakes.

Jenna J: Some people are saying that Mayweather has shown more decline that Pacquiao has, especially in his last two fights. Do you see any of that?

Abel Sanchez: I see that he’s getting slower, I see that he’s more stationary but decline from 100%, say Mayweather’s declined 20% but Pacquiao was at 80% and he’s declined 10%. He’s still not as good as Mayweather, in my opinion. I think Mayweather is still the cream of the crop.

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27 Responses to "Abel Sanchez: “Miguel Cotto doesn’t have an opponent, so we’re ready and prepared to make some kind of arrangement so that Golovkin can fight him in June”"
  1. el tango says:

    thats a crap golovkin doesnt have any good fight in his resume he doesnt stand else any where with chavez or cotto.expect pacquiao what a different fighter than your crap boxer.lol

    • STEPHEN TARR says:

      Paquiao puts pressure on his opponents, like the game of chess defence doesnt win you need to put pressure on your opponent, we have Patrosian v Tal in this match, Paquiao sets up his punches floyds gonna get hit a lot, the question is what happens when floyd is in a fight? has he got the heart to take the risks, if not he will lose big in my opinion

  2. Rupert D says:

    Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather jr What we need to understand are the Prizefighters in of two different World and there are people out there who will say things good and bad about the two for the simple reason
    That they are in the business and its business is limited to what they see in what their environment tells and ABEL SANCHEZ as a trainer of Golovkin who is or was so trapped in the bubbles Boxing World creates. We all know it’s Business around here and Abel Sanchez seems to look for attention for his Guy, Golovkin, who needs some Spectacular wins to get notice and most likely borrows some Bogus ways to market his man The GGG.and what an opportunity to side with Mayweather in the heights of. A great fight with the Great Manny .Pacquiao.
    This fight happened because some people out there clamors for it that ” some” happens to be Boxing Fans all over the World who sees not only The Mayweather but also witnessed the Greatness of that little Guy from the Philippines who invaded the International Boxing World and conquered it in spectacular ways. Yes Manny Pacquiao captivated the hearts and minds of Boxing fans all over the World and most especially the American fans.and for a special reasons and if you are one who disagree therefore you are in the Bubble with Floyd Mayweather jr who is an American Boxer was so packaged and so over hyped to the point where exaggerated and superlatives are common and expected. Floyd for years as we all know is undefeated and to be undefeated he has to make sure the He picks and chooses his opponents and what is smart antics of Floyd is avoiding Quality Boxer especially the Boxer in their Primes in the likes of De la Hoya, cotto, Paul Williams, Pacquiao, Margarito, Mosely and so forth.
    That’s his Modus Operandi. And in cherry picking opponents he created an illussion that he is accurate and perfect but in the real World he is just a Typical Boxer who struggles and become successful in Marketing aspects. So Floyd’s gimmick works for years and He fooled you and me and especially this Guy Abel Sanchez who sees the other World of Boxing as immaterial and irrelevant. So Floyd’s matter and Pacquiao doesn’t simply because Manny is not undefeated who got hit so often and Floyd has a beautiful face yet.
    In Fairness to what Manny Pacquiao had achieved up to this level We should be aware that a fighter has a fighting chance even one lucky punch can change the sure outcome.

  3. Rupert D says:

    47-1. 47-1. 47-1. 47-1. 47-1. 47-1. 47-1. 47-1. 47-1

  4. jess says:

    Pacquiao commits many Pacquiao? Then why did it take Floydie Jr. five years to decide to fight him while the whole world feel he is chicken and scared of Pacquiao? Get real Abel!!!!

  5. prax says:

    What Pacman is just 80% best than floyds 100% ? He can see the mistakes of Pacman but he can’t see offense of Pacman as it is greater than his mistakes as a result of 8 division champion record. Analyze the equation Abel sanchez.

  6. PELTANO says:

    If mayweather got hurt by Mosley and B class Maidana, well guys, think of Pacquiao hurting Mayweather.
    Manny Pacquiao is “the fighter of the decade” voted by the BWAA, an 8 division champion, and has a heart of a lion.
    Pacquiao is as fast if not faster than Mayweather, a volume puncher, with fast footwork, but the chances of Floyd is just when Pacquiao is on the attack mode, he leaves himself open and that’s the moment when Floyd would capitalize his counter punching skills…
    I am not saying that Floyd will easily loose to pacquiao, but there’s a greater chances that pacquiao would be successful on connecting his punches and inflict more damage compared to that of Maidana and Mosley as well and would certainly take the “0” of Floyd…

  7. LeCramping James says:

    A). Cotto is SHOT. After Pacquiao decimated him, all his wins after that were all vs. tomato cans to build him up again. Don’t be fooled;

    B) I’m concerned about who’ll be the ref 4 JailWeather Jr. vs. Pacquiao. A ref. like Kenny BrainLess will allow ScumWeather Jr. to ‘tie up and hold’ Pacquiao endlessly when he feels pressure. Kenny BrainLess is Gayweather’s bed mate

  8. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Pacman has nothing to loose in this fight, how about Floyd? Maybe Abel is thinking that Pacquiao will gonna stand there and get hit? this assertion is too stupid. To understimate Pacquiao just because he commits mistakes is a scary thing. Floyd doesnt have any idea how fast the Filipino Phenom is. Stephen A. Smith even said that on May 2nd Floyd will give Manny a boxing clinic, well let’s get it on! i see two sides of the coin. It will either be Floyd giving Manny a boxing clinic or Manny will send Floyd himself to the clinic LOL!!!!

  9. One thing for sure is going to happen on 5/2/15- win, lose, or draw, Floydie will go to the hospital-


  10. mike says:

    yes pacquiao commits many mistakes because his everywhere, ask dela hoya, rios, algieri they have seen many manny pacquiao in the ring, its called anting anting in the Philippines…….and the mney man will pay for it

  11. glen says:

    Everybody makes mistakes…. If Pacquiao makes too much mistakes, He won’t be at p4p. I see hate in there.

  12. Manny Pacquiao says:

    Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    February 24, 1977 – May 2, 2015

  13. Xposer says:

    Can’t believe that they still use ” he makes too many mistakes “on Pacquiao when most of his opponents could not even win a clear round againts him. Mayweather on the other hand has declined as he himself admitted in his Medaina fights anf may not capitalize on Pac’s “mistakes”. I would rather say, styles make fight coz Mayweather, will have so much to adjust againts Pacquiao because of his unorthodox style of fighting.

  14. Bakie says:

    Murray’s not only durable but GGG power seems to be questionable to me now.
    It’s agresiveness by Pacquiao that attracts the whole world who wants to see May’s zero gone.
    The only 8 division champion Pacquiao will shame Mayweather & the mistake is on him accepting to fight Pac.

  15. Bakie says:

    There’s no such thing as intentionally extending the fight for target practice, that’s bs by Abel.

  16. john alders says:

    Golovkin has been hit so many times too. Only, his opponents don’t hit hard. They were all C fighters. Pacquiao will annhilate Golovkin if they are at the same weight. Another punch bag like rios.

    • STEPHEN TARR says:

      i agree golovkin is really not very fast there are heavyweights out there with more speed than golovkin, i lean towards ward if they ever fight, having seen GGG`s last fight, he has great power and a great chin, but shrink himn down to paquiaos weight and he would look ordinary.

  17. Sergio says:

    Let us hope Gayweather will fight Pacquiao and not ” run and hold “.

  18. Jonas Lucas says:

    Manny Pacquiao is gonna win by unaninous decision because Floyd Mayweather won’t engage.

  19. Fiorel Samillano says:

    Mayweather will be a master of disaster come May 2!

  20. I have full trust in Manny’s ability. No one has escaped the Pacman’s wrath! All his opponent’s faces were reconfigured after fighting him! Dela Hoya, Margarito, Cotto, Barrera, Morales & even Marquez! See their faces after fighting Pac! Will Mayweather’s face be the exception? I don’t think so! Mayweather’s defense can block maybe 1,2 or 3 punches, but 4,5,6 he can’t! The accumulation of those fast & hard punches will have their toll on the face of the boastful Moneymay!

  21. Mateng says:

    No quality opponents for triple g, hasn’t proved anything yet except for those easy opponents.

  22. tonytan says:

    Vegas will be in half mast on May 03, 2015 in honor of Boxing’s Biggest NBA Scumbag… L.o.l.

  23. Norberto Manuel says:

    Mr. Sanzhez, we will see who is the real best come fight nite. Its good you point out Pacman mistakes but that can be patched up. Golovkin is a nice fixture to get slaughter by Cotto I am sure about that. Your guy will be gobbled up and punctured by the hands of Cotto’s tremendous firepower..

  24. Daryl says:

    I’m taking floyd. Manny has a problem with counter punchers as well the straight right hand and he doesn’t fight well backing up. That works right into floyds favor. Neither fighter at this point in their career is a one punch knockout artist.

  25. mr Brown says:

    Damn ! There’s so many haters in the world ! If you Floyd haters really really want him to lose ,then hope and pray that after he beats Manny that he would be stupid enough to fight a top black fighter dummies ! He not made a career out of doing that lately since a shot Mosley .and you seen that was almost a career down fall in that 2nd round. Long ago he clearly had to come back on the mentally weak Zab Judah. He’s not looked as great against black fighters. So he’s wise enough to not take that path for greatness like everyone else. History fools. Do your homework ,and stop using your emotions to judge this fight. They have equal offense,but not defense. Floyd 8to 4rds .same harass boring fight that cost us lots of time and money to see.

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