Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Manny Pacquiao is gonna bring his ass to the ring and get it whooped, real bad!”

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Boxing trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. has the biggest test of his ability coming up, as he will be preparing his son for eight division world champion, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, in a fight that will take place on May 2nd. Senior has been asked for years about a potential fight, but now he can speak on it in a completely different way and finally get a shot to prove if he really is the best trainer in the world today.

In part 1 of my ‘On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I talk to him about the long awaited fight and get his thoughts on why he thinks his son will win. Floyd also talks about the drug testing that is in place for the fight and if he can see a knock out in the fight. Additionally Mayweather talks about Pacquiao’s last two opponents, and how he thinks they performed. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, the talk is over, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is set to happen on May 2nd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. How do you feel now that the fight is now official?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I feel like he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do. I think that Floyd’s gonna bust him up, real bad.

Jenna J: This is also an opportunity for you to face off against Freddie Roach, getting another chance of beating one of his fighters. How do you think that’s gonna go?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, the only thing is, all these years they’re gonna get a chance to see that he won’t be getting no accolades this year.

Jenna J: So you think this is the fight that shows all the people that have been voting for Freddie Roach all these years?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: This shows it all, this shows it all, ain’t no problem. This shows it all.

Jenna J: How long has your son been in the gym working for this fight? How long has he been in there already, or is he just about to start?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: He hasn’t been in there yet, we’re gonna get in the gym, probably Monday. That will be two months exactly.

Jenna J: Do you feel good that there’s not gonna be any big press tour in this fight, that you can just focus solely on the fight?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yeah, but it’s still gonna be hard, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s probably gonna be hard for Pacquiao and them too, so many people fill the gym up, you know they fill the gym up completely.

I’m just saying that when you’re a trainer, I got a lot of fighters that I train too, I got a lot of fighters that are gonna fight on the card too and they are gonna be in there early, people are gonna be coming down there early. I already know how it’s gonna be, they’re gonna have it just like when Floyd and them get ready to spar and stuff. We gotta get some of the people outta there, I’m just saying. The gym will be full.

Jenna J: For this particular fight, is there anything you will do differently to Floyd, or is it just gonna be business as usual?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yeah, there some different things I’m planning on showing him, I’m not gonna announce nothing that I’m gonna show him though. But I do have some things to show him and I am so glad that they are gonna take the random blood tests.

Jenna J: That’s always been a sticking point over the years, the random blood testing. Were you surprised that Manny Pacquaio finally agreed to it to make this fight?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, it’s good because we know Floyd aint doing nothing, so we’ll just see how he’s gonna handle it because he ain’t knocked nobody out in five years. Manny aint knocked nobody out in five years, check the record.

How in the hell did he beat Cotto up, stopped Cotto, knocked Shane Mosley down, beat Shane bad, stopped De La Hoya, stopped all these people, like I said, I’m talking about the top guys. He stops Cotto, he beat Shane Mosley, he stopped De La Hoya, just too many guys that he’s gone and beat easy and dropped them and stuff. Where did the punch go? He ain’t knocked nobody out in all these years, what is going on?

Jenna J: Well, do you see with there being random drug testing, any threat to Floyd from Pacquiao? Do you think Pacquiao poses any threat at this point with testing?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Let me tell you something, even with the money he’s getting, the kind of money he’s getting, forty million or whatever, I don’t know exactly what it is, I know Floyd’s getting the big margin of it though. I can’t even see how he could even do something like that. I’m just saying that my thing is, I don’t think he will do anything like that. The amount of money that he’s getting, I still don’t believe he’d do that.

Jenna J: You mentioned for the last few years Pacquaio hasn’t shown any power, but he’s still won fights. He beat Timothy Bradley, he dominated Chris Algieri. What do you think of the Pacquiao you see now at 36?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Let me tell you this right here, Algieri was nobody, I could whoop Algieri my damn self with my left hand, I wouldn’t even have to use two hands on him, I’d whoop him all day long. I’m just telling you that Algieri or whoever he was, he couldn’t fight at all. Who else was it you just asked me about?

Jenna J: Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao beat Timothy Bradley in the rematch.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Timothy Bradley ain’t never had no business of beating him in the beginning! It still was a fight, he didn’t knock Timothy Bradley down or anything, where if that boy Timothy Bradley would have fought Shane Mosley or a Cotto, if he’d have fought one of them, he would have got stopped, Timothy Bradley would have.

If Bradley had faced either Shane or Cotto, they would have both knocked him out. I wanna find out where all his power is at now. You gotta take these random tests and stuff, I wanna see where all the power is at now.

Jenna J: Floyd, what do you think of Pacquaio as a fighter fight now? What does he bring without the power?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: What’s he gonna bring? He’s gonna bring his ass to the ring and get it whooped, real bad. It ain’t too much for me to say about him to be honest because the thing is, and it aint no excuse about nothing, this is the fight that they’ve all been waiting on, all these years, talking about Floyd being scared. Now we’re gonna find out.

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31 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Manny Pacquiao is gonna bring his ass to the ring and get it whooped, real bad!”"
  1. wbox says:

    rubbish source, rubbish company – close your company!

  2. Gabe Villar says:

    Waste of time interviewing him. Useless article.

  3. RENE says:

    hahaha!! It’s the same story you’re telling during Pacquiao-Hatton.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This guy is soo
    delusional. His son couldn’t even knock out flat footed bum Maidana. Lol

  5. carlos sanchez says:

    This guy is doing Meth.

  6. it’s really sad when a competent and intelligent person like jenna j. even spends time/wastes time, on a first ballot straightjacket candidate like floyd sr….pathetic interview-

    • rodel asehan says:

      mayweather sr cannot whoop algerie”s ass he gonna be whooped by an amateur boxer. he”s son is scared to death for about 5 years and he was just force to sign the contract because of the pressure he is getting from the world. if he will not run paquiao will send him to dreamland.

  7. steve montebon says:

    hahahaha floyd sr. will run and hide of shame after his son kiss the canvass on May 2….have you ever seen him when hatton was down during his fight with manny???? he was so scared and run….. now he is again boasting the capability of his son as if floyd is invincible…the last laugh will be from Roach….

  8. edel says:

    Self proclaimed TBE??? WILL BE HUMBLED!!!

  9. Nick says:

    This fight will not only be to determine the best pound for pound fighter. This is also a fight to determine the best trainer. Is it Roach or the jealous one?

  10. sal says:

    the inferior will act and pretend superior and be humbled in the end.

  11. Goodman says:

    Jenna, thanks for the articles.
    Peolpe will say something bad about you why you did an interview with such and suchs trainer or fighter but dont be discourage. At least you are not biased unlike FightHype which is totally Bias to Mayweather, they even tell lies just to make Floyd looks good.
    Mayweather Sr. Can say whatever he wants but we will see how that goes. This is exactly similar thing he said during the fight with Hatton and Manny, in the end he was proven wrong.
    Floyd Jr. Is Smart, if the fans and people did not force him to fight Manny, this fight is not gonna happen. Thanks to Fans and Scribe like you that made this fight to happen. My Bet is Manny will defeat Mayweather, a knock out or unanimous decision.

  12. GILLU says:

    floppyfloyd will get knocked down 2 x in the early rounds then will run around the rest of the fight.
    ud for manny

  13. jeanne says:

    Jenna, stop using Manny Pacquiao’s name to gain traffic. It’s easy to see with your kind of questioning that you’re insinuating something and that you’re not a Pacquiao fan and yet you regularly use Manny as your subject to gain traffic. How about your favorite boxer Floyd tested positive for PEDS in Shane, Cotto and Guerrero’s fight. I’m sure you are well aware about that. And since you like to insinuate, i would also like to guess that Floyd hasn’t stopped using PEDS thereafter, esp now with Alex Ariza in his team.

  14. Steely says:

    The 0 will go. 47-1

  15. Dirty Harry says:

    As i’ve always said that on MAY 2 its going to be ” MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYWEATHER ” lol

  16. jess says:

    Yehey! Pacquiao will win over Floydie Jr by devastating KO this May 2. Remember when Floydie Sr was training & coaching Hatton and said Hatton will whip Pacquiao’s ass? Look what happened, Hatton hit the canvass in the second round not being aware he was KO’d cold.

  17. Vince says:

    Monkey your son will be dead come may 2nd, you’ll be begging pacquiao to stop slaughtering your son, you aleady know that feeling when your hatton was drop half dead by the pacman, 47-1 after the fight!

  18. GGTH says:

    whats up with these mayweathers like FLOYD SR and ROGER having fascination with ASSES????
    i dont get it. hehehe

  19. GeetarMAn says:

    @GGTH well, they both did time in prison haven’t they? hahaha probably got their asses raped.

  20. Fer Ios says:

    My take, Floyd Sr. will whoop his own ass and consequently throw a towel after seeing Pacquiao whoop Floyd Jr.’s ass real bad. A strong demand from Pacquiao camp to reverse the purse-split in Pacquiao’s favor whenever a rematch has to happen. But there would be no rematch. Floyd would join Hatton and Oscar de la Hoya.

  21. Rommel says:

    Mayweather clan tried to convince themselves that Floyd actually beat Pacquiao. but in real they are all fucking terrified they know what is coming. after Manny destroys Floyd butt Roger would say silly stuff like Pacs ate a bazooka that’s why he beat Floyd, can’t wait what’s the stupid excuses will come out to mayweathers mouth after May 2 I hope all mayweather wont jump off the cliff of shame.

  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny reading all of this crap people talk lol after floyd beats the hell out of manny don’t make excuses for him and say he got old and this fight should’ve happened 5 years ago. Remember the contracts wher signed and wacman wouldn’t take the blood testing lol. 5 years since he got a ko????? It’s a reason for that people no more juice.

  23. Bonifacio says:

    Like he did in the Hatton fight

  24. Pacquiao all the way says:

    Fight night May 2 after the fight. I will reserve a bed for Mayweather in ICU and a machine to help him to breath as he gonna end up coma after the fight. For Mayweather Sr. you need to go for Rehab men it’s obvious you are still taking drugs. Will see fight night. Come on Manny! The pride of the Philippines!

  25. erap says:

    Your son’s ass gonna be brutally r@ped by Pacquiao come May 2 like what happened to you and Roger when you were in prisons.

  26. jing tapia says:

    Floyd was forced to fight because Manny left him with no other choice when he accepted every Floyd demands.

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