Jeff Horn: “I see myself beating Manny Pacquiao and I think I definitely got the power!”

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Undefeated Australian contender, Jeff Horn is currently the #6 ranked IBO contender in the welterweight division. While Jeff Horn is not well known around the world, that could soon change because Horn is the leading candidate to land a fight with 8 division world champion Manny Pacquiao. If Horn is able to secure that fight and pull off an upset win, Horn could see himself going from unknown to a rising star.

In my interview with Jeff Horn, I discuss with him the potential fight with Manny Pacquiao and what it could mean for Australian boxing. Horn also talks about how he would go about fighting Pacquiao and what weaknesses he thinks he can exploit. Additionally, Jeff discusses his career, his most recent fight and if he thinks he needs a Knockout to get a victory over Manny Pacquiao. Here is what Jeff Horn had to say.

Robert Brown: There’s talk about you fighting Manny Pacquiao next. How do you feel about the prospect of that fight?

Jeff Horn: I’m pretty excited about it coming on. It would be a massive fight here in Australia if we can get it.

Robert Brown: How close is the deal to being done?

Jeff Horn: We won’t know for sure until Tuesday or Wednesday Australian time. My promoter is going over there to try to seal the deal with them at the moment.

Robert Brown: This would be unbelievable for the Australian boxing industry if the fight could happen in Australia wouldn’t it?

Jeff Horn: It would. I reckon that bringing someone like Manny Pacquiao to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane would definitely get a full house and it would be a great event.

Robert Brown: You had a good win in your last fight but you had a couple of interesting incidents. You had a bad cut and you got put down but recovered from it and got the KO. How do you feel about that fight?

Jeff Horn: Yeah I thought it was an awkward fight, there were a lot of head clashes and one did drop me that caught me right in the side of the head. Then I got another cut in the end of the fight. That was the biggest things I had to overcome, the head clashes.

Robert Brown: How did it feel having Bob Arum sitting ringside watching your fight that night?

Jeff Horn: It was pretty exciting to have him there. I knew I had to impress, the pressure was on to get a stoppage over Ali Funeka.

Robert Brown: Did you feel that you did enough to put yourself at the top of the running for a shot against Pacquiao?

Jeff Horn: To be honest, I didn’t feel like I had showcased my best in that fight, it was very awkward to fight someone so tall in Funeka. But it seemed to impress Bob Arum, he said I did a good job. I’m happy if everyone else is happy.

Robert Brown: What do you feel will be your strengths against Pacquiao? What are some of the weaknesses in him that you think you may be able to exploit?

Jeff Horn: Manny Pacquiao’s weakness is that he does jump around a bit too much, even though that’s a strength as well, he’s hard to hit. When he does get hit and he goes the wrong way, he runs into it like he did with Marquez.

Robert Brown: Do you feel you may be able to counter him when he jumps up and down in between punches?

Jeff Horn: Yeah I’m hoping so. I’m hoping to be able to time him well and make him run into one of my punches which would double the power and hopefully put a stop to Pacquiao.

Robert Brown: What are you most weary of in terms of Pacquiao?

Jeff Horn: Just his movement. His movement is hard to concentrate on, he’s very in and out. That straight left that he can fire and drop guys with is very dangerous as well.

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Robert Brown: Are you confident that you have the artillery and the skills needed to be able to beat Manny Pacquiao?

Jeff Horn: Yeah definitely, I’ve fought all over the world and I’ve had a lot of fights against some top fighters. I think I’ve got the skills. I see myself beating Pacquiao and I think I definitely got the power. If I land on Pacquiao especially when he’s coming forward into me, I could hurt him.

Robert Brown: What do you think is your best chance at beating him? Knocking him out or beating him on points?

Jeff Horn: Always your best chance of winning against a super champion like Pacquiao is to stop them, but it would definitely be a close fight on points. Stopping him would be the way to go at it.

Robert Brown: If you get the shot against Pacquiao and beat him, what would you like to do? Would you like to unify the titles? Have you thought about that at all?

Jeff Horn: When and if this fight happens, if I win I would definitely be looking to unifying the titles at some stage. There’s plenty of big names out there in the welterweight division to take on. I’d be talking to the coach and the promoters and try to figure out what the next best step is, if I do beat Pacquiao.

Robert Brown: Do you feel that your experience against world championship fighters like Randall Bailey and Ali Funeka will give you enough experience to be able to take on Pacquiao?

Jeff Horn: Yeah I feel like I’ve actually done this before, except now I’m a lot more experienced as a fighter than I used to be. I can remember going to the world titles and fighting Santos Lopez in my second fight and losing to him, but I gave a very good fight. I think this is history repeating itself with me, facing world champions very early on in my career. This time I feel I have the skills and ability to win the fight.

Robert Brown: Jeff, there is a big Australian fight between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green in February, who are you favoring to win that fight?

Jeff Horn: I think Danny Green has it for sure. I’d have my money on him, I think Mundine is past it. I think they are both getting there but I think Danny Green is just too big and too strong at that weight and he’s going to be too much for Mundine.

Robert Brown: Do you fancy Green by knockout?

Jeff Horn: Yes I would.

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  1. Manuel Blanco says:

    Great interview. Thank you.

  2. rae lee says:

    seem Jeff horn was challenging is ordinary boxer, all of pacquiao opponents were said that also.if you want to stay long in boxing, fight in your own level first Manny will send you to early retirement.

  3. Jerry Lynch says:

    Horn only stands a puncher’s chance against Pacquiao and I doubt he even lands more than jab or 2 all night. Horn, by most accounts, is a decent enough guy, but he doesn’t belong on the same card as Pacman, let alone in the ring at the same time.

  4. barry gil r. pilar says:

    This is the awful thing about Pre-fight interviews, Fighters who know nothing of their opponents talk a lot to the point of even downgrading the latters abilities. Horn is no different from among these fighters. The fight is yet to happen but Horn believes he wins alreAdy LOL! over-confidence is a dangerous thing in boxing, as whAt Mike Tyson intelligently puts it, “Everybody has a plAn until they get hit!” I’ve heard many fighters say that they will beat Pacquiao but in the end they kiss the cAnvass!

  5. Glen says:

    We all heard that before…. Nothing new here.

  6. skip bayless says:

    the bob arum destruction of manny’s legacy is on full steam ahead!

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