Jeff Mayweather: “The rematch is not going to happen because Manny Pacquiao wasn’t man enough to just admit that he lost”

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Former IBO super featherweight champion and current trainer, ‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather is one of the more well known corner-men in the sport and he is also the uncle to former P4P number one fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Jeff is not only a boxing trainer, as he also trains MMA fighters to help them with their striking and has a unique view of both sports.

I recently had a chance to speak with Jeff Mayweather and in part one of my interview, Jeff gives his thoughts on his 2016 and talks about his stable of fighters. Mayweather also shares his thoughts on his nephew Floyd’s future and discusses the chances Floyd returns for a Pacquiao or McGregor bout. Additionally, Jeff shares his views on if Floyd was serious about McGregor bout and talks about why McGregor keeps talking. Here is what Jeff Mayweather had to say.

Robert Brown: How was 2016 for you personally and for your stable of fighters, and what do you have coming up for this year?

Jeff Mayweather: I’m looking forward to this year. I got a guy with only five fights but he’s ranked number four in the world, and hopefully we’ll get a title shot this year and hopefully he’ll win the title in under ten fights.

Robert Brown: Can you tell us more about your fighter?

Jeff Mayweather: His name is Waseem Muhammad. He’s a fighter from Pakistan but his promoter is Korean. I actually went out to Korea and I saw his first fight and his very first fight was for some minor title and of course he won the first fight. Since then he’s just been very spectacular and has been climbing the ladder. He has a great amateur background, won a lot of medals, but at one point in time that country didn’t even allow them to fight, so he got a late start. Fortunately he got picked up by Andy Kim, a promoter from Korea.

Robert Brown: There’s been a massive drop off in Pay-Per-View sales in boxing. What do you think is the reason for this and what do you think can be done to solve the problem?

Jeff Mayweather: Don’t get me wrong, the reason is Floyd and no one can actually do Floyd’s numbers, no one. That era of boxing is probably going to be gone for a while, but you still have Canelo — who is about the only guy left that you can really do Pay-Per-View fights with. Of course there’s a few big fights to be made out there. Floyd’s numbers were more from haters than it was from fans, because people didn’t want to miss a chance of seeing him get beaten, so they continued to spend money over and over, to the point where he never gave them the satisfaction of losing.

Robert Brown: When Floyd went to the Pacquiao-Vargas fight, he fueled a lot of talk about him possibly wanting a rematch with Manny Pacquiao. What are your thoughts on that, and what do you think about the Mayweather-McGregor fight talks?

(Listen to the full interview here)

Jeff Mayweather: Neither one of those fights are going to happen. The Pacquiao fight is not going to happen because Pacquiao wasn’t man enough to just admit that he lost without making up some bogus excuse. With McGregor, Floyd was just toying with the media because Floyd would get prosecuted for fighting Conor McGregor, it would be a fight that’s so easy, it would be ridiculous. That’s one of those fights where you will have die-hard MMA fans saying, “He will do this, he will do that,” but they know he won’t do nothing. They know he has no chance and it doesn’t have to be Floyd, it can be a whole lot lesser boxer than Floyd.

Robert Brown: Why is McGregor spouting his mouth off like this?

Jeff Mayweather: Because he wants to get paid, just like every other fighter that mentions Floyd’s name. Don’t get me wrong, every fighter that mentions Floyd’s name, it wasn’t about beating Floyd, it was about the payday.

Robert Brown: Dana White isn’t going to allow it to happen is he?

Jeff Mayweather: Dana White is going to get paid, so he would love for it to happen. What I’m saying is, Floyd was just toying around with it just to make the media get all hyped up about it. The reality is this, the people cried about Floyd fighting Andre Berto, who is a two time world champion and he played with him. Now you’re talking about a guy who hasn’t had an amateur fight in twenty years, what chance does he have with any fighter?

Robert Brown: So there was never a serious chance of it happening?

Jeff Mayweather: I don’t think it was ever serious. I think they took the bait, hook, line and sinker. They tried to build the UFC off of Floyd’s name. “Ronda Rousey can beat Floyd,” and “Conor McGregor can beat Floyd.” The second they said that, what happened? One got choked out and one got pounded out.

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7 Responses to "Jeff Mayweather: “The rematch is not going to happen because Manny Pacquiao wasn’t man enough to just admit that he lost”"
  1. wbox says:

    must be afraid of stricter PEDs control next time – silly excuse

  2. enrique says:

    You are so wrong Jeff Mayweather. Pacman will crash Floyd once rematch happen. First fight was real draw. Floyd won because of Judges. American judges siding Floyd. Period……

  3. CJ Ferrer says:

    The LOUD MOUTH IRRELEVANT Mayweather. Mayweather does not need the money BUT HE LOVES it too much and it will come down to I need to fight now or i will really be too old to do so plus the fact that Pacquiao will not be there forever. Give it 2 years and 4 matches and Pacquiao should be retiring. There won’t be any left and when the need arises for him to make money again, Pacquiao will be long gone….and yes Floyd is afraid of VADA.He is gaining weight that he will have trouble losing by not fighting and aging.

  4. rae lee says:

    the only believed that Floyd beat Manny are mayweather clan but majority of boxing world saw that Manny CLEARLY won.

  5. John says:

    Jeff Mayweather is just bias. he loves his own blood. Floydie Mayweather….how could Manny Pacquiao admits that he lost the fight if many people review the fight and clearly saw that Pacquiao won the fight. Floydie runner Mayweather was set fix to win the fight all he needs to do is pot shot and run all night long and survive Pacquiao. he bought the judges, its nevada where mayweather lives. and absolutely, bias… because pacquiao is too good for him.. Its hard to win in hometown of mafia. its all business. no honor. but because people still love boxing. its entertaining.. they still buy it. mayweather don’t give a shit if he does not fight Pacquiao. because he does not need more money. he had plenty. and he will protect his record as he retire. he is obsess with it. People knows who is the real legend. thats the only think that they will remember the greatest fighter of all time its Pacquiao! 8th division world boxing Champion.

  6. Octavio says:

    The may vs pac 1 fight is a draw. Its just for a bias fans to say that either may or pac won that fight. Whether pac was injured or may was under peds, there was no clear winner in that fight. Hence, to make up for the expenses spent by the boxing fans in that fight, a rematch should be done immediately while both fighters are still physically able. Both fighters and their promoters whould give justice to the boxing fans before its to late.

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  8. JailWeather Jr. says:

    Sleeping Beauty lost BUT:
    – Kenny BrainLess was the ref. That’s a win for SkunkWeather Jr. right off the bat.
    – NAC (Nev. Athletic Comm.) kept disrupting Pac’s dressing room minutes/hours before the fight.
    – NAC said Pac can’t have this, can’t do that, threw out his buds…. Manny always had food, fruits, chocolates, energy drinks, in the dressing room prior to all his fights in Vegas. This time, NAC confiscated them. WHY? Pac was strarving b4 the fight?
    – PunkWeather Jr. did his customary ‘grab & hold.’ Ref. BrainLess applauding his tactic and gave him a standing ovation.
    – Fraud Jr. sprinted faster than Usain Bolt. Will he run in the Tokyo Olympics?


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