Manny Pacquiao’s New Year’s resolution: 6 possible opponents in 2014 for the Filipino great

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After Filipino slugger Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, 55 (KO 38) – lost 5 (KO 3) – drawn 2, defeated Brandon Rios in Macau, China, people have been talking up the eight weight world champions next opponent.

I have narrowed the list down to six possible names:

#6 Amir Khan

I think that this fight has an outside chance of happening. Amir Khan, likewise when talked about in the same breath as Mayweather, he too can give big PPV numbers to Pacquiao. Khan has a strong following worldwide, even with his knock-out defeats of late, Khan is still an exciting fighter regardless of how you view him, you can’t argue that.

There is then of course the Freddie Roach and Amir Khan situation, throw in the Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan scenario also to bear in mind and we have a bit of needle.

Would either side actually want to take/make the fight with their history? I’m not so sure.

One thing is certain though, these two combatants know each other very well from all the many sparring sessions they have had against one another. Surely they will both believe they know each others weaknesses and try to press the advantage they think they hold.

Can Manny Pacquiao handle the speed of Khan? Will Amir Khan’s chin be able to withstand Pacquiao’s barrage?

It would certainly be exciting to find out.

#5 Marcos Maidana 

The Argentinean has recently gathered a lot of attention following his slaying of ‘The New Mayweather’ in Adrien Broner. Many people have now became big fans of ‘El Chino’ due to the fact he gave the annoying Broner a whooping back in December and took ‘The Problem’s’ WBA welterweight belt from him without too much of a dilemma.

This could be a very interesting fight, as both fighters will look to get off shots first and try to gain the advantage. It certainly wouldn’t be a dull fight.

I see this as a risky fight for Pacquiao. OK, Maidana has the WBA title and is coming off a good win over Broner, but does Pacman gain too much from actually beating Maidana? At this stage, I don’t think he does.

If Pacquiao was to win against Maidana, it would be a good win, but how much would it tell us about where Manny Pacquiao currently stands in the rankings?

Maidana has even been mentioned by Mayweather in his ‘sweepstakes’ as Floyd’s next opponent, so clearly he is a big name challenge right now.

Does the risk outweigh the reward?

#4 Ruslan Provodnikov

‘The Siberian Rocky’ Provodnikov is a feared fighter I believe. After his performance against Timothy Bradley early in 2013, and his crushing victory over Mike Alvarado to capture the WBO light welterweight strap, Provodnikov has in a way, scared off future opposition.

I feel with Provodnikov’s frame, he could certainly go to welterweight without too many issues. This is a fight that I’m sure I won’t be alone in wanting to see happen.

Styles make fights and with these two warriors going hammer and tongs at it would be something else!

Provodnikov is a slugger with a huge heart, he will not stop pouring forward until he gets what he wants. The Russian warrior certainly won’t stop hunting until he either stops what is in front of him, or he is the one to be counted out.

As I mentioned, it’s a fight I would like to see, but highly unlikely to actually happen. I feel Pacquiao would see Provodnikov as very high risk and low gain.

#3 Timothy Bradley

Timothy ‘The Desert Storm’ Bradley has got a win over Manny Pacquiao as we all know. This win is however is a win on paper only.

There seems to have been a lot of hate thrown Bradley’s way since his post fight ring interview against Pacquiao. Bradley said “My corner said they thought I was winning the fight, they told me to go out and fight hard, win the last round and you win the fight.”

I remember the decision being read out, I was shocked. I can’t understand the thinking behind it.

Everyone believes that Manny Pacquiao won that fight clearly, so I feel there will be something in this for both men.

Bradley wants to show everyone he can beat Pacquiao convincingly and no questions can be asked.

Pacquiao will want to show that he actually won the first fight and get himself right back to where he was.

I think of all the fights listed here, this has the most chance of happening.

Bradley also has a victory in his fight against Pacquiao’s now seemingly deadly rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, so that spices things up a little more.

There is something in this fight for both men. It’s a fight I am very interested in seeing again, to gauge how Bradley has gone on since the pairs previous bout. It would also serve us well to see how Pacquiao would choose to deal with Bradley the second time around.

#2 Juan Manuel Marquez

Do I really need to say anything about this fight?

I would say from whatever has gone before in the previous four fights, it’s now all square. The knock-out Marquez achieved has settled the score for me. If the fifth fight happens it should be the winner takes all fight.

Pacquiao was seemingly very strong against Marquez in the last fight. ‘Pacman’ got clipped by that thudding overhand right from Marquez and that was that, but it was very competitive while it lasted and for me it was the best fight of the four we have seen from the two pugilists.

The fight should be made, but we know how that works. Marquez doesn’t seem to want the fight, well, he didn’t before Bradley beat him not so long ago. Maybe Marquez will be more receptive to the fifth installment now. Where else does Juan Manuel Marquez go otherwise?

It comes down to how much they want it. They have made four previous bouts, so I’m sure they could get the fifth straightened out, no problem.

I think this bout would do very well PPV wise and of course it will be all action, that is, while it lasts!

#1 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Yep, it’s that name, again.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather seemingly go together in every sentence that is uttered regarding either of the two men, it doesn’t take much longer than that in any case.

It’s not only the number one fight for Pacquiao and Mayweather, it’s the top fight in boxing and has been talked about for five or so years now.

There is a rumor around that this will be the year that fight will actually take place. We have however heard this all before. It has been back and forward for years now and it has become annoying. The buzz around the world would still be insane if this fight was to go ahead this year.

This fight is a global event, no shadow of a doubt. You can even say it’s nowhere near as big a fight as it was a few years or so back, but it’s still an event on a world stage.

I’ll be honest with you, I just want to see the fight get made so we can all move on.

I do believe that the fight will do great things for boxing, which is the biggest thing that aggravates me regarding the whole situation.

We have both fighters past their primes now, clearly. Mayweather is still at the top of the tree, while Pacquiao flounders somewhat. People say Mayweather gains nothing from beating Pacquiao because ‘Pacman’ is on the slide and they then will say ‘Money’ only fought Pacquiao once the Filipino had declined enough.

‘They’ tend to say a lot, lets just get this fight done out of the way and move onto bigger and better things.

Fingers, toes and whatever else you can cross, get them crossed, hopefully the fight happens in 2014.

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15 Responses to "Manny Pacquiao’s New Year’s resolution: 6 possible opponents in 2014 for the Filipino great"
  1. MoneyTeam says:

    If Manny faces all 6 of these guys he will lose to all 6 of them LMFAO


    • ken says:

      i will agree w/ u if if u accept that u nkow nothing about boxing

    • alabama kid says:

      Go Home! your mother is waiting for you…

    • congo says:

      Drag your coward MayNOTweather in the ring first to fight Manny before blowing your mouth

    • TOTOYbato says:

      thats why your girlfriend gayweather scared to fight the true champ!

    • Anonymous says:

      thats too much for the champ pacquiao…fighting six opponents in a ring absolutely he will not win

    • Hugh endon says:

      Throughout his career the most important thing to Mayweather has been money; hence his nickname. If he fights Pacquiao he will make more money than from any of his previous fights or, judging by his prospective current opponents, future fights. As Mayweather, his entourage and fans say, Pacquiao
      has no chance of beating him. What’s the problem then Floyd?; man up and show the world how good you are. Otherwise change your nickname to Pussy Mayweather.

    • El_Critika says:


  2. ElGrande says:

    Pacman would KO khan……but he will struggle with Bradley, Cotto and Mayweather

  3. Spectator says:

    The #1 and 2 on the list should be the #5 and #4 respectively. One is a scam artists the other a cheater both unwilling to fight pacquiao.

  4. sonny m says:

    d coward ducker is without balls. better to transplant him with a vagina at least he got “holes” to stick his gloves!

  5. CJ BENZ says:

    I bet 6W, 3KO/TKO, 0L for Pacman.
    6. Pacman W/UD Khan
    5. Pacman W/TKO Maidana
    4. Pacman W/TKO Provodnikov
    3.Pacman W/UD Bradly
    2.Pacman W/UD Marquez
    1. Pacman W/KO Mayweather

    and the critics will go home with swollen ass

  6. TondoBoyUSA says:

    A Pacquiao, Maidana fight would be entertaining. Cheater Marquez has already signified his intention not to fight Pacman again, he knows his win was a fluke. Bradley is now in deep thought after seeing Pacquiao made bum bum Rios a virtual punching bag even though loaded and the two idiot judges that saves him will not be allowed to officiates this time. Khan is a long shot. Provodnikov has a punchers chance though slim. Pussy Gayweather has already ran away, with her tail behind her vagina.

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