B.J Flores: “I think Manny Pacquiao has only lost 1 of his last 3 fights, and that one was a lucky punch!”

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Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing cruiserweight and former world title challenger B.J. Flores. A variety of topics were discussed which included the controversy surrounding his world title challenge against Danny Green, the continuing Mayweather-Pacquiao saga and his thoughts on their next respective opponents. Also B.J’s long layoff and possible return to the ring and much more. So please tune in and listen to what B.J. Flores had to say.


B.J.’s long awaited return to the ring.

Danny Green world title fight controversy over the catch weight and brown container.

The continuing speculation surrounding Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s respective opponents.

Why the Mayweather-Pacquiao possible match up still creating buzz after so long.

The future of the heavyweight division.


“I’ve been in camp 2 different times in the last 8 months, it was very disappointing for me that I wasn’t able to fight, nothing worse than being in camp for 2 months then not being able to fight.”

“The truth is we were in line to fight Marco Huck, it was such a close fight I thought Arslan won and so did a lot of the people from the WBO so they mandated that fight again.”

“They had called me a few months ago and said would I be interested in fighting Antonio Tarver, I said absolutely 100 percent.”

“The thing I don’t like about it is, why was I not allowed to say the catch weight was 194 lbs?”

“You ask a guy that is already at 7 percent body fat to lose an extra 5 pounds, it’s just way too much.”

“Yeah he won the fight but, he was boxing, he was doing anything he could to survive, Danny Green was the one bleeding, Danny Green was the one swollen. I did not have a mark on my face.”

“Oh of course I’d fight Danny again, I begged him for 3 years.”

“Danny Green told me that I was the toughest fight he had in like 10 years, he told me he was gonna promote me, that I was gonna be a future word champion. I think all of that was designed to take the attention away from whatever that brown drink was in the corner.”

“Who knows what that brown drink was, but it was not water or Gatorade that’s for sure.”

“I don’t think it will affect Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather’s careers, they are both great fighters and they have both had great careers.”

“Floyd Mayweather is belittling Manny Pacquiao right now and I don’t like that.”

“People go through tough things in life you know tough situations, if Manny has tax problems, I don’t like Floyd putting out little things and belittling like, ok now the dog is begging for the bone, I don’t like that.”

“Manny’s contract expires in 2014 he has a chance to fight Floyd if he wants.”

“What Amir Khan has done lately is not intriguing enough to warrant a fight with Floyd Mayweather, there are a lot of guys out there that are a lot more intriguing.”

“Manny Pacquiao did not lose to Timothy Bradley that night, he won no question about it.”

“I think Manny Pacquiao has only lost 1 of his last 3 fights, and that one was a lucky punch!”

“I’m calling out Nathan Cleverly and Tony Bellew, I’m letting those guys know if they want to make a living they better do it at light heavyweight because it’s not at cruiserweight.”

“Manny Pacquiao is still a very tough credible fighter and probably the best challenge out there for Floyd Mayweather right now.”

I very much enjoyed my interview with B.J. Flores, I wish him well in his future return to the ring and his continuing career as a boxing analyst for NBC sports.

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33 Responses to "B.J Flores: “I think Manny Pacquiao has only lost 1 of his last 3 fights, and that one was a lucky punch!”"
  1. Rupert645@gmail.com says:

    BJFlores>>What an intelligent guy, an excellent Boxer, He seems the only one in the World boxing world to say the truth about the Manny Pacquiao , The Fighter of the Decade, The only Eight weight Division Boxing Champion in the Whole World. No one. Is near to attempt to break this record even your very own Floyd Jr Mayweather.

  2. Terrell says:

    Lucky? Was the punch that Pacquiao got floored with in round 3 lucky? B.J needs to rewatch that fight with Marquez, and see how it played out. It was 1 shot shot that ended it, but it was not one shot in the match. Also, while Pacquiao got a win last time out, he should of lost to Marquez in there third fight. Pacquiao in reality should be 1-3 In his last 4 fights

    • danny says:

      It was lucky in the sense that Marquez was not really impressive in that fight. He was in bad shape; he could barely survive the 5th round. Marquez’s face was brutally beaten and it was highly likely that he would be done at round 7 if not for that lucky punch. Besides Marquez might been in PEDS during the fight.

      • danny says:

        Now I’m not saying that Marquez’s body was trully inoculated with PEDS. It was only unusual that over all those years in Marquez’s career throughout which he was always hardworking, only in that 4th fight with Paquiao and not with other matches that Marquez had undergone with, that he possessed such one-punch knock-out power. It is really possible that a kind of PEDS suitably worked well on his system. What is intriguing more is that his conditioning coach at that time was newly hired for the fight and was previously known to be a notorious patronizer of PEDS for athletes.

      • pidohdidoh says:

        fuck u danny i kick your ass asshole floyd is a chicken but quack quack

    • Anonymous says:

      How can Pacquiao lose to Marquez in that third fight? Pac outperformed Marquez in total punches landed and consistently in 8 rounds of the fight. Pac landed more jabs and power punches than Marquez overall and also consistently in 8 rounds of the 12-round duel. And don’t tell me about bogus claim that Marquez landed the clean shots because Marquez’s face looked like hell after that fight.

    • marquez says:

      Have you heard of a lucky shot, a Birdie in golf. That’s why The word “LUCKY” exist . Definitely that was a Lucky punch.

    • TOTOYbato says:

      that was a lucky punch watch it 100times you will see a proof

      • Terrell says:

        I have watched it 100 times and every time Pacquiao has the same look on his face before his nap……the “Man, this old man timed my lunges and just owned me” LOOK

    • Genocide says:

      Definitely not a lucky punch but Manny is killing Marquez before that perfect counter came. I bet if they go to the next round Marquez will be floored and lose.

    • pakyaw says:

      marquez + steroids = power. period.

    • tre says:

      well look at it in chronological order. manny was finding his rhythm before the knocked down in round 3. when he got knocked down by marquez it was not a lucky punch you were just an ignorant saying it was a lucky punch. nacho told marquez on the corner that he woke up the beast after the knocked down. yes he did manny was looking better connecting power punches and even dropped marquez. i tell you why this was a lucky win for marquez. he was battered and bruised closing the 6 round. you saw fear in his eyes. he was back peddaling fighting for his life. manny decided to be over confident after seein those facts. too over confident that he didnt care going to marquez right side which he didnt usually do to an orthodox because he would be open for a counter right straight. he usually circles around the left side of his opponent. he did that because it was the last second of the round. got carried away and worst tripped his foot loss his balance. marquez didnt only make the victory for him. it was more on mannys. i say a lucky win for marquez. no matter how you work that in the gym if manny is not allowing you to connect it wont happen. you can watch his previous fights. take it from the boxing legends you see in youtube interviews. they would tell you

  3. daniel says:

    well,nice comment from Bj flores,hopefully Floydiorts jr.could catch his words.

  4. Barok says:

    Terrell. What are you talking about. You must be Hulkquez fan. You hero cheated and almost killed Da Manny. Da Manny should be 4 – 0 against Hulkquez if not for that lucky punch. The first fight which was declared a draw was a clear win for Da Manny coz the judge admitted his mistake. The second and third fight was again a clear win for Da Manny. A knockdown in the second fight and more than 100 punch output than Hulkquez in the third fight according to the stats. Now, your hero is scared to death to fight the Manny for the 5th fight coz he knows that he cannot cheat again this time (a ripped muscle and power at 39 years old which he never had before). According to source, Memo Heredia whispered to Hulkquez, “Juan you cannot fight Da Manny this time coz he will insist on VADA testing. Victor Conte, who I put to jail, is there with VADA. He will surely catch us coz all the things I learned from PEDS came from Victor.

  5. Barok says:

    Terrell. One more, in the 4th fight Juan was ready to go. Hulkquez was beaten badly in the 4th and 5th round and Freddie told Da Manny to take him out in the 6. Da Manny became careless and boom the KO. Had Da Manny waited for a second, the KO would come in the ensuing rounds. Well folks, the ensuing round is the 5th fight that is why Hulkquez is scared to death to fight Da Manny even for 15 million coz he know he will get KO’d.

  6. Gregg P Bautista says:

    well said B. J. Flores!

  7. chanty says:

    Marquez always looks good against Pacquiao bec. Pac is a careless fighter. Pac could’ve just potshot or countered Marquez in their last 3 fights and look good like Mayweather but no he won’t. He’d rather fight with his bad habits, like wtf pullin his pants up while fighting, letting them get free hits on him, also praying for his opponent not to get hurt lol. Seriously, Pac pls. drop your singin, acting, preaching, congress whatever and just concentrate on boxing or just retire. He’s also too kind thats why he’s being bullied by Mayweather.

  8. andre says:

    Well said. His personal assessment is very impressive about pacman’s last three fights. Fraud Mayweather’s rant against pacquiao is absolutely beyond the pale. I’d liketo com.pare hi m to Charles ponzi, who was cheating the public out of their money. And so out is Fraud Mayweather for luring the public to watch his ppv fights that always turned out to be non-event and extremely boring fighter.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pure boxer knows only second remaining in round if u hit is lucky punch.secondly.he knows the ko is not 100 percnt effort to marquez.its pacquiao moves.when hes right foot slip marquez foot (not intention)at same second the attack is properly excuted together with the defense.a pure boxer omly knows that.asked nancho beristine..

  10. datu says:

    This guy knows boxing….2 thumbs up for you Mr. BJ Flores.

  11. prax says:

    Very well said BJ. FLORES. You spoke the truth! You had a good heart… someday you will be granted a wonderful career… May God bless you always!

  12. pakyaw says:


  13. pakyaw says:

    marquez + steroids = power. period.

  14. Burat mo says:

    what do you think cheater ? marquez with foot stoper, last 3rd fight- 4th steriod..

  15. Marquez kept trying to find the punch and kept crying until he got it and now doesn’t want to change it. He was clearly being dominated, but looking for the punch. he hasn’t been that hulking since that fight..Even Floyd would’ve had trouble wtih Hulkquez

  16. Terrell says:

    I find it extremely funny that you guys think that it was a lucky punch, and that Marquez was on roids for the fight. What about Pacquiao? Just because he lighten up on the juice in recent years does not make him innocent. Pac and Marquez were on a level playing field that fight, and Pac lost. SIMPLE

    • tre says:

      well floyd made the false accusation on manny. he made some of the fans to believe in what he says when theres clearly no basis. even the size of his head was an example of a fighter taking peds. he resorted to request a different blood test to unconvince manny to get the fight. he is smart. he was following mannys carreer including morales 1 when manny complained to his loss due to that particular blood test. he believed it weakened him by taking a blood day before the fight with morales. floys used that . but manny agreed then floyd came up with another one that he knew manny would refused that is offering a fighter the lower purse with no ppv cut. then at the end he didnt wanna work with bob arum. bullshit. it came from floyd sr that his son floyd would beat manny if he is clean from ped. he already measured pacquiaos skills against floyd. remember peds dont create a different style. he knew mannys style would beat floyd. be open minded

  17. BahoPuwet says:

    What was Floyd JailWeather Jr ‘ reaction to all of these?
    He said: quack quack, quack quack

  18. to end this discussion….heres the bigest question to marquez….” IF THATS NOT LUCKY PUNCH!!! then…..WHY NOT FIGHT PACQUIAO for the last time??? rather than choose an easy prey with only 6M you will get? PACs team offering you marquez a 13M bucks in order for you to get in the 5TH fight…but you suddenly joined the bandwagon of the cowardness of Floydiots jr…thats why its just purely a LUCKY PUNCH that even Marquez himself later on admitted it.

  19. eddie says:

    Robert, I hope boxing fans around the globe have read what Many has to say about Floyd a few day ago, here it is:

    “Ayaw talaga eh, wala na tayo sigurong magagawa” (He really looks like he does not want to fight me, so, I think there’s nothing we can do about it already),” an exasperated Pacquiao told interviewers in last Thursday’s SCOOP Sa Kamayan On Air heard over DAZR, a radio Station in the Philippines.

    The 35-year-old Congressman from Sarangani Province took exceptions to Mayweather’s latest insulting remarks during the program, viewed live also via streaming at http://www.sonshinetvradyo.,com, likening him to a mad dog chasing for a bone by continuously pursuing the fight even if he has repeatedly saying he won’t under the present circumstances.

    Pacquiao said he prefers to be referred to as a mad dog chasing for a bone since he is pursuing something that would make him serve the people and make them happy in the one thing he knows – boxing.

    “Rather than a dog running with its tail wrapped between his legs in utter show of fear,” Pacquiao philosophized. “At least ako, naghahanapo ng mas marami pang laban, hindi ako tumatakbo sa laban,’ the Pacman declared. (I look for more fights, I don’t run away from them.) 😆 😆 lol

    • GuyWhocares says:

      I like this one: “Rather than a dog running with its tail wrapped between his legs in utter show of fear,” – a statement that perfectly describes Floyd. And Floyd should read this one.

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