Shawn Porter: “We all know Floyd Mayweather is on the clock and we’re all right there hoping we’re next in line!”

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On August 16th, the Stub Hub center in Carson California will host an interesting clash between two undefeated fighters. ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter will defend his IBF welterweight title against his mandatory challenger, UK’s Kell Brook. I recently had a chance to speak to Shawn Porter to discuss the upcoming fight, and also get his views on his climb to becoming a champion. Porter also shared his thoughts on the division and what could be next if he wins. Here is what Shawn Porter had to say.

Jenna J: The only blemish on your career is a draw to Julio Diaz. What did you feel after that draw, and did you change anything to come back and have this explosion that you’ve had since then?

Shawn Porter: Yeah after the draw, obviously I didn’t perform they way I wanted to and that just motivated me to work even harder and right all the wrongs that I did in that fight. Not that I’ve put that fight behind me, but it’s not something that I look at all day or anything like that.

Yes, I understood that I didn’t perform the way I should have and I didn’t make the Shawn Porter fight that it should have been. Since then, I’ve focused on working hard in the gym and just being exciting in the fight.

Jenna J: How do you feel now at this stage of your career? Do you feel like when you get in there that you’re bigger and stronger than these guys and that you can physically bully them the way you did to Malignaggi?

Shawn Porter: I’ve always believed that. Every fight, we come in with our gameplan, we work on it at the gym. We have a strategy — fight specific — and we have to go to that. Every fight isn’t gonna be Shawn Porter coming in and knocking you out.

Some fights I’m gonna have to box, I’m gonna have to use my feet and my hand speed. Other fights I can walk in and be a little more dangerous and throw some really hard shots and walk guys down, it all depends. With this fight, I’m not gonna say too much over the air but we do understand that we gotta come in there locked and loaded and ready to fight.

Jenna J: What do you see in Kell Brook? What do you see as his strengths in the ring?

Shawn Porter: He’s good. He keeps his hands up, he’s very technically sound. He has a good one-two, he’s fast and he’s strong. This is gonna be a good fight for me.

Jenna J: What is your prediction? How do you see the fight playing out?

Shawn Porter: I don’t make predictions but I will say that Shawn Porter will be undefeated after August 16th.


Porter on being in the prime of his career

Shawn Porter: Honestly, I would say yes. I don’t really know what age you’re considered in your prime or anything like that. I don’t follow statistics, nothing about me is statistical. I’ve defeated every odd that’s ever been put against me.

I feel that all the experience I had in the amateurs has been great for me and has made me what I am as a pro. All the experience I’ve had as a pro has gotten me to the point that I’m at right now. I feel very comfortable, I feel very excited about my matches, I’m excited through camp and I’m excited about life. I would say I am in my prime.

Porter discussing his motivation

Shawn Porter: My specific motivation is that there’s a level of excitement that I get from boxing, that I get from being in the ring and entertaining those crowds. I think my biggest motivation is probably my dad an my family.

Porter discussing chances of fighting Mayweather

Shawn Porter: Of course, you look forward to those opportunities. I don’t consider my fights auditions, I consider them performances. I go out there and I give it my all. I don’t go out there and give it my all with expectations of getting something bigger and better, but with the expectations of making that fight the biggest and best fight I’ve had, and then going from there.

This is boxing, we don’t’ look ahead of ourselves. But at the same time yes, Mayweather, we all know he’s on the clock and we’re all right there hoping we’re next in line.

Porter talking about the pressure of both fighters being undefeated

Shawn Porter: No pressure at all. If you look at my record, I’m undefeated against undefeated fighters, I’m gonna keep that going. I do look forward to staying undefeated and carrying my belt out of the ring on August 16th.

Porter on Kell Brook being different to previous opponents

Shawn Porter: I’ve pretty much fought the who’s who of young fighters out there. With that being said, it’s just another step up. He’s’ the guy that’s the mandatory for the IBF title and the guy we were told we had to fight. We’re going in there with a great gameplan and we’ll execute it and move on from there.

Porter on possibly fighting Keith Thurman

Shawn Porter: I’ll fight ‘One Time’ two times (laughs). I personally don’t look past what’s in front of me, but we’ve seen it all over the internet. Everybody wants that fight, I think it will be an exciting fight and it’s a fight that I wouldn’t turn down.

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  1. verdingkinder says:


    PLOY KNOWS DOOD CAN PUNCH AN HE KNOWS WHATSUP. PLOY’S GOT THE PAIN TOLERANCE OF A 4 YEAR OLD. SO NAGAHAPPEN!!! PLOY NAGADOITTT!!! HE GETS NIGHTMARES THINKING ABOUT HOW PACQUIAO WILL MANGLE HIS FACE TO SHUT HIS BRAIN FUNCTION AN KNOCK HIM OUT AN EMBARASS HIM and you can hear it in his panicked/hysterical voice when he tells you he doesn’t want to be crippled for the rest of his life and his health is P-A-R-A-M-O-U-N-T.

    unless of course Shawn is willing to wear ARTHRITIC/PUSSY/ORTHOPAEDIC GLOVES for the fight. but of course Shaun is an will for a small fortune (money he’s never seen an very few people in his trade will ever see) an then he can even have a rematch JUST LIKE MARCOS MAIDANA.


    • Aimar Cruz says:

      Well said, duckweather is not going to fight anyone that has any sort of skill and punching ability. He just wants to “Cash out” and give the fans these boring and uneven fights for the rest of his career. He was always like that if you really look at it. He never wanted to fight Pacman, he doesnt want to fight Cotto now, hes ducking Cotto. How can you not see that? He’s a fraud

    • UrSuperhero says:

      So true.. lol @ gloves comment. Because its true also.

  2. Tim says:

    Porter would ko mayweather

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