Floyd Mayweather Sr: “I’m not no Freddie Roach. Team Garcia can mess around with him, they ain’t gonna f*ck with me that way!”

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(transcribed by Michael Readman) The rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana is now only six weeks away, and as the fight draws near, there is still an issue that has yet to be resolved, the gloves for the fight. This was a subject of much debate prior to the previous fight, as Mayweather objected to the commission and had Maidana wear a pair that he believed to be fair for the fight.

In the third and final part of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, he gives his thoughts on the issue of the gloves and his views on Maidana’s camps insistence on using their gloves for the rematch. Floyd also talks about what he thinks his son will do in the rematch and how he believes they will deal with any dirty tactics. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, how soon do you expect you and your son to work together, have you spoke to him?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Nah, my son has been moving about pretty fast for quite a bit, but I know my son. My son should be coming in probably this week sometime, he’ll probably come in tomorrow.

Jenna J: Do you expect him to already be in shape?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: He’s always in some kind of way fit, you know. It ain’t like he’s a drinker or a smoker or a drug user or anything like that. He’s pretty good with it, with what he’s doing.

Jenna J: In regards to the rematch with Marcos Maidana, what do you think is gonna be the most important thing for the second fight to be completely different to the first?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, you gotta realize now it’s different when a person that’s fighting when you stop a person that’s doing everything dirty and you ain’t doing nothing dirty. Hey, I can see this guy being disqualified this time if he tried all that stuff again, I’m just telling you. If they’re gonna fight, let them fight and may the best man win. The way he’s trying to win, in the way he tried, nah, that ain’t happening again. That’s not gonna happen again.

Jenna J: Do you think it’s very important to have a batter referee this time? Is that what you guys are gonna stress for?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: We’re gonna have a better referee. Tony Weeks ain’t gonna work shit, I can tell you that. Anybody can tell you anything they want to tell you, that is not gonna happen. Not only that, they wanna do something with the gloves again.

Jenna J: Yeah, I heard they wanna use their gloves this time around. They are trying to negotiate using their own gloves.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Ain’t none of that stuff gonna work. It wont be no fight, none of is gonna work. You’re gonna get the same sized gloves and they might be from some where else but we gonna use the same size gloves. Ain’t nobody going for all that stuff. All that stuff, trying to hit with casts and then pack your hand up like casts. They’re doing all this stuff dirty, everything they’re doing is dirty.

They did it dirty the last time and they’re gonna try to do it dirty this time. There’s gonna be some shit and I ain’t no f*cking Freddie Roach, I will fight the fuck out of them, believe me.

I’m not no Freddie Roach. Team Garcia can mess around with him, they ain’t gonna f*ck with me that way!” They’re gonna find out what the real motherf*cking Mayweather is. I’m really sorry for saying what I’m saying right now, but this stuff is pissing me off. I’m listening to it and it makes me mad, it really does.

Jenna J: I totally understand that. You’re not just the trainer, you’re his father, so you want to make sure there is nothing funny going on.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Exactly, exactly. They did everything they could possibly do to beat Floyd, they did everything they could do. How do you have trainers over there, telling somebody to fight dirty?

How do you get trainers in the whole world listening like that? You see, the whole thing is, even though they said it, I wanna see what’s gonna happen this time. Nobody else will say nothing, I’m gonna say something. It’s coming out, everything!

Jenna J: When it comes down to the fight on September 13th, the rematch between your son and Maidana. How do you expect that fight to play out from the opening bell to the finish?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, what Floyd needs to do is stay on his toes a little bit, it ain’t gotta be that much. Just stay there a little bit, or he could start making Maidana reach for him, throwing big wide punches.

As long as you keep the jab in somebody’s face, they’re gonna always throw wider punches at you, all the time. Long hooks, wide right hands and you can whoop them right up the middle. Right up the middle, pivot and gets shots off on him, I’m gonna show you. It should be a different fight this time, even though we haven’t talked, we’re gonna talk. We’re gonna know just what to do, don’t worry about it this time.

Jenna J: Floyd, we’re already halfway through 2014. What can the fans expect from Floyd Joy Mayweather Sr. for the rest of the year?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: You can continue looking for the win because Floyd Joy Mayweather Sr. is the best. As a matter of fact you know I won the fights down there in Florida and the girl I trained I trained her here, and she fought again and she wants me to train her again.

Jenna J: And you’ve got Mickey Bey also.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Yeah I’ve got Mickey Bey, he’s gonna have a fight on March 30th and we plan on taking over that too. I plan on taking that and then I got one more fighter I wanna make a champion. I’ve been working with him for maybe a year now, Andrew Tabiti and I’m planning on doing some things with him. I’m planning on doing some things with Mickey, and I’ve got another guy on the way, you’ll be hearing from him real soon.

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  1. UrSuperhero says:

    The gloves are legal nothing cast lol.. GGG wore the gloves.. Cotto wore the same gloves manny does… to quote manny “if i had my gloves i would have knocked him out” this was after he lost to moralez.. Next fight he knocks Moralez out using the gloves… GFloyd is scared… scared is the only word u can use.. His dad is scared aswell wich is understandable .. but to get mad over it an say its cheating lol .. u notice wen floyd fights neither fighter looks banged up after the figth.. looks like they wernt even in a fight.. its because the gloves he makes his opponents wear .. Except cotto.. cotto ws allowed to wear them.. look what happend lol floyd got busted up..

  2. Kojie says:

    Yeah, team garcia plays really dirty. It all boils down to them not just disrespecting their opponents but , downright bigot! It’s one thing to feel confident but it’s another to act like you’re above your opponents, not just in fighting, but in being human. They’ve got the nerve to make fun of Roach in the margarito fight, and did it again with the rios scrap. It shows you what these garcia people think of other people, really.

    • UrSuperhero says:

      why do u think they were going dirty ? because floyd wouldnt let him wear the gloves.. he had to wear pillows for gloves.. u notice how neither of them looked like they had been in a fight after ? there faces looked exactly the same as when the fight started.. There here to win not place nice guy

  3. tony says:

    “I’m not no Freddie Roach.”?????
    That means he’s a Freddie Roach!

  4. artjd says:

    Right, you’re no Freddie Roach, you’re way too down below Freddie Roach!!!!!

  5. mikey says:

    Awww! Floydophobia=fear of gloves, hey floyd fanatics here is your fraud boxer again! c’mon nigga don’t bullshit the sports of boxing again…….COWARD,COWARD,COWARD,COWARD,COWARD,COWARD,COWARD,COWARD, LAS VEGAS place of gay boxers!

  6. Jenna J says:

    i suck senior’s dick

  7. Bonelli says:

    lol . . . That is pretty funny ! lol Mayweathers CRYING like little girls about boxing. Those gloves are dirty. bo ho ho. He’s hitting me when I try to hold him. bo ho ho. The ref should look out for my son to win. bo ho ho. HEY, STFU, GAYFEATHER! You know your son is gay, you even said it yourself. The first person your son ran to in a previous incident was Ellerbe, the “homo.”

  8. Mateng says:

    This fight is made for all the fools to watch, if you wanna waste your money, buy ppv of this fight. This is a guaranteed waste of money, guaranteed win for Floyd. Why? They get to choose the ref, who will surely stop the action if maidana starts to connect, they choose the pillow gloves to make sure Floyd don’t get hurt, maidana came from 140lb and now Floyd made sure he will be defending his 154lb belt too, which means he is allowed to come in the fight at that weight, the heaviest maidana will ever face. This shows how coward this duckweathers are, they have no shame, no honor. High earning clowns of the boxing world.

  9. MayweatherSr says:

    I suck Jenna’s cock too, the i whoop her ass.

  10. nazeemshit says:

    im tired of floyd excuses part of his strategy gloves issue cmon they all the same

  11. PACMANUSA says:

    Someone needs to take this old stupid senile hood rat and put him out his misery or in a nursing home .