Timothy Bradley: “There’s no doubt in my mind that I will win this fight with Pacquiao. I will win this fight!”

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The third fight between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao is now just one day away. Both fighters know there is a lot on the line with this fight, as Manny Pacquiao has stated this could be his last bout and for Timothy Bradley, this trilogy bout is about his legacy and how his fights with Pacquiao will truly be remembered.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Timothy Bradley, I get his thoughts on both Teddy Atlas and Freddie Roach taking shots at each other ahead of the upcoming fight this Saturday. Bradley also shares his thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather retirement and talks about when he might end his own career. Additionally, Tim shares his views on past injuries and gives his official prediction for this weekend. Here is what Timothy Bradley had to say.

Jenna J: Your trainer and your opponent’s trainer are going at it more than you and Manny Pacquiao. What do you think of Freddie Roach and Teddy Atlas taking shots at each other?

Timothy Bradley: I know Teddy didn’t take the first blow, but Teddy undermines all the trash talking but he is brash and he will fire back if he needs to. That’s just Freddie, he’s always been that way, he likes to get it fired up and get the attention to the fight and to the trainer.

We’re not paying attention to Freddie and what he’s saying and what he’s thinking, he can say whatever he wants, it doesn’t bother my trainer at all. Teddy isn’t losing sleep over Freddie at all, and I’m sure Freddie is not losing sleep over him. I just don’t get into that bullcrap, the fight is the fight and that’s the most important thing, not the trainers. Trainers just need to train their fighters, get them ready and let the fighters do the talking.

Jenna J: Tim, the fighter Pacquiao last faced in the ring was Floyd Mayweather Jr, who retired seven months ago. I’m wondering, since he has been quiet about a return, do you think he will stay retired?

Timothy Bradley: He’s having a good time, he’s enjoying life, it’s going to be hard to come back to this crazy sport. I don’t know what Floyd is thinking, I would think he would come back and do a fiftieth fight if the opportunity presents itself, but I’m not sure at the moment.

I don’t know what Floyd’s going to do, Floyd is Floyd and he’s always surprising us with different things. He stayed away a year last time, maybe he’ll stay another year or so, or maybe he might fight again. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Jenna J: Going back to your career, how far away do you see yourself from the end? Do you think about retirement?

Timothy Bradley: That’s a good question, it’s probably one of the best questions you’ve asked on this interview. At this point, I’m fight to fight right now, honestly. I won’t say I’m going to retire after this fight, I’m just saying that I’m fight to fight, one battle at a time. That’s the only thing on my mind, one battle at a time.

After this fight, I’ll assess what we have done in this fight and see if it’s okay and feasible for me to continue on with my career and continue this journey. I’m just fight to fight, I don’t know what the future holds for me, I just want to fight this fight and get this victory then see what else is out there and see if there’s another opportunity that makes sense to me.

Jenna J: In your first two fights with Pacquiao, you had injuries that affected your performance. Are you at all worried that you may have another situation like that happen in the third fight?

Timothy Bradley: I’m not even thinking about any injuries, I’ve been healthy this whole camp. I trained twelve weeks for the first fight, I trained ten weeks for the second fight and I trained eight weeks for the third fight.

I think I’m just getting smarter as I fight more and more, I got a good head trainer with Teddy Atlas and we think that this time around we have all the pieces to the puzzle. I have a great game plan, I’m eating meat again, I’m back on that animal protein. I don’t think there will be any issues going into this fight.

Jenna J: What is your official prediction for your third fight with Manny Pacquiao?

Timothy Bradley: This is always a tough fight. Manny is Manny, it’s always a tough fight. I honestly feel that I’m going to win this fight, no doubts in my mind. I’m ready, that’s all I can say. Most fighters can say they want to want to win, they want to knock him out, I have to go out there and do my job. If I do my job the way I train, the way Teddy and I prepared, there’s no doubt in my mind that I will win this fight. I will win this fight.

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