Abel Sanchez: “Golovkin may drop Canelo in the fight, but he’s much improved and he will go the twelve rounds”

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With the recent announcement of Golovkin vs. Alvarez being finalized for September 16th, boxing fans look forward to a match up that is a continuation of big name, high quality fights being made in the sport. The year started with Thurman vs. Garcia, continued the next month with Joshua-Klitschko and went into May with Spence vs. Brook. The rise in great bouts has also lead to a rise in ratings, with Canelo Alvarez’s recent PPV against Chavez Jr becoming the first boxing match to do over one million PPV buys, in two years.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Abel Sanchez, I discuss with him the most anticipated fight of 2017, Golovkin vs. Canelo. Abel shares his thoughts on the challenge that Alvarez poses to Golovkin and talks about what problems Canelo poses for “GGG”. Sanchez also gives his view on if this will be the toughest fight for Golovkin and if he still sees this fight ending in KO. Additionally, Abel talks about boxing’s recent resurgence and if he sees Anthony Joshua as a crossover star. Here is what Abel Sanchez had to say.

Jenna J: Now that Golovkin vs. Canelo is going to happen, do you believe Canelo Alvarez will be the toughest opponent Gennady will have faced?

Abel Sanchez: He will be one of the toughest. I think that his experience in the bigger fights — as Golovkin has had — is probably a forte for both guys. They’re not going to be nervous in front of a big crowd, no matter where the fight is. They’re not going to be unwilling to exchange because they know what they got. I think Canelo has a lot of very good attributes and so does Golovkin.

It’s a fight where if it’s a long eleven or twelve round fight, I think it can be done again, they’re both very good fighters. The one thing about Canelo is that he has matured, he’s had some very good fights and he’s gotten better, he’s gotten better than when he was at my gym five years ago, and of course so has Golovkin. It’s the kind of fight that is coming at the correct time for both guys.

Jenna J: What kind of problems do you think Canelo poses for Gennady?

Abel Sanchez: I think that early on the speed of Canelo and the combination punching that he does, but while he’s punching in those combinations, he’s going to get caught in between. Both guys are going to hit each other, that’s a given. I think in between those punches that Canelo’s throwing, eventually by the third or fourth round he will be getting caught in the middle of those and get hurt. Maybe not hurt, but getting the attention of Golovkin.

I think when Canelo hits Golovkin and he can’t hurt him, it will be a totally different mindset for the corner. We as trainers are going to have to be on our P’s and Q’s and make sure that we have the answer for whatever the other side is doing. I think eventually past the eight or ninth round, Golovkin will have worn him down enough to either stop him or win the last few rounds and a decision.

Jenna J: Do you still believe that Golovkin wins the fight by knockout?

Abel Sanchez: I believe that if he stops him, he stops because he’s worn him down and has hit him with some very good shots. Golovkin may drop him in the fight, but Canelo is a much improved fighter and has proven that he has a decent chin and he’s not going to wear out, he will go the twelve rounds throwing hard punches. He’s got good conditioning, but I think the strength and the constant pounding throughout the second part of the fight will be why the fight is stopped, if it is stopped.

Jenna J: Boxing is experiencing a nice resurgence, we recently had a big fight between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitscko. What did you think of that fight and boxing’s resurgence?

Abel Sanchez: I think the resurgence is because the fights that need to be made for the fans are being made. As far as the Joshua-Klitschko fight, I think that Wladimir in the last ten years has really pushed a lot of fans away, and I think this fight gained him all that respect back that he had ten years ago. They both fought a great fight, they both fought like warriors.

Anthony Joshua is going to be very dominant. I hope to see a rematch, I think a rematch would be just as good or even better. I think they know each other now and they know that the fans appreciate the great fight that they gave us. If there’s a rematch, then I expect the same thing to happen.

Jenna J: A lot of people think that Joshua can be one of those stars who could cross over like Gennady has. Do you see that with Joshua?

Abel Sanchez: Absolutely, he’s a good looking guy, he’s a big guy, very well sculptured. He’s the kind of athlete that the fans don’t mind paying to see. When he gets in the ring, he does his job with his hands as well as any heavyweight in the world right now. When you have all of that put together, it makes it appealing to a fan and they are willing to pay because they are getting their money’s worth.

The guy that just retired or is semi retired who won some titles and got fat and is talking all that stupid stuff, that’s not what the fans want to hear. It may sound funny to him, but I think the fans that are paying that good money to see them fight, they want their money’s worth, and I think that Joshua delivers that.

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    GGG will stop Canelo, as he knows he can’t win without a stoppage.

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