Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz II: Will there be an upset once again?

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The rematch between former Anthony Joshua and reigning IBO/IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz is only days away. Since the big upset back in June, Ruiz has been riding high with a press tour and media attention he had never seen before. Having beaten the odds in the first match, Ruiz is set to make a career-high payday of 10 million and has a chance to set new levels of stardom if he can put on a repeat performance.

In the first match, Andy Ruiz came into the fight as a heavy 25-1 underdog but overcame those odds to knock out Anthony Joshua in the 7th round of their June 1st encounter. To score the upset, Ruiz had to climb off the canvas in the 3rd round and survive an onslaught from an attacking Joshua. Not only did he survive, he thrived, knocking down Joshua twice in that round and setting the stage for the finish that happened later in the fight.

Going into the rematch this Saturday night, the odds look a little different but still see Andy Ruiz as an underdog again. Most online sites see him as a +200 underdog, suggesting Ruiz may only have a one-fight reign and Anthony Joshua could get the revenge he is looking for.

Since that match, there have been a lot of questions about Anthony Joshua. Some questions about his heart and how serious he took the first fight and others about if he was looking ahead to mega fights with Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. Heading into the rematch there is no question of what the stakes are for Joshua this time.

With both fighters having a ton lot to lose Saturday night, the excitement for this rematch is growing. Will the slimmed-down Ruiz having a training full camp make easier work out of Joshua this time? or will a fully focused Joshua right the ship and put himself back in line for a heavyweight unification? Only time will tell, but on December 7th “the clash of the dunes” is a must-see event for all boxing fans.

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2 Responses to "Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz II: Will there be an upset once again?"
  1. Heavyhitter says:

    Ruiz was so fat and lazy. I am starting to think he was paid to come in heavier. Not throw the fight, but paid more to come in fat. He probably thought he would still win, but its shameful to disgrace boxing this way.

  2. IrishBoxing says:

    Joshua is now klitchko 2.0. If this is how he will fighting going forward I hope wilder knocks him out. Boring style.