Antonio Tarver: “Floyd Mayweather is gonna be tested in a way he’s never been tested before fighting with a Manny Pacquiao”

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Antonio ‘Magic Man’ Tarver is aiming at becoming a heavyweight champion after having success for many years as a light heavyweight champion. Coming off of a KO win over Johnathon Banks, Tarver is looking to challenge the top fighters of the division to get closer to his goal.

In part two of my interview with Antonio Tarver, I talk to him about the fights he had with Roy Jones Jr. and the significance of his win over Jones. Tarver also spoke about his desire to face Wladimir Klitschko and gave insight into how he would fight the reigning IBO/WBA/RING heavyweight champion. Lastly, Antonio spoke about the upcoming championship fight between Bermane Stiverne and Deontay Wilder and the possible Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown. Here is what Antonio Tarver had to say.

(Listen to the full 45 minute interview below)

Robert Brown: I want to talk about your fights with Roy Jones Jr. You lost a controversial decision in the first fight, going into the second fight, did you know you had to knock him out to win?

Antonio Tarver: I really trained to get him out of there and that was my focus because I felt that I clearly won the first fight but they took my titles like that. Understandably, he was the star of the division, he was the Floyd Mayweather of our time at that time, pound for pound king. I don’t think he lost two or three rounds in his whole career but some people said he was a shot fighter when we fought but I sure damn sure couldn’t tell by all of the tape I saw prior to that night.

They can say what they will, Roy was a beast, there was nobody trying to see Roy Jones until I saw him. There was no question who was the greatest fighter they had ever seen in all their life. He was fast, quick, had never been hit before, but when he fought me, he was a mere mortal and they don’t understand why. That’s the amazing part that I don’t understand, how could they not see me coming? How could they not see me coming after that illustrious amateur career I had, after I beat everybody in the amateurs: Cuban, Russian, German.

They should have see me coming, but it was a surprise to everybody that it was just me and Roy, and when the smoke cleared and when the dust settled, there was one man standing and that was me. They can twist and turn it anyway they want but that’s history, that’s the bottom line. Before Roy Jones stepped in the ring with me, there was nobody in comparison to him.

Robert Brown: You’re now aiming at fighting Wladimir Klitschko, what can you do that the other heavyweights haven’t been able to do? How can you crack the code?

Antonio Tarver: Those guys don’t know how to box, that’s the truth. They don’t have the skill, they don’t have the gift, they never won at this level of competition. I’ve won the Olympics, world titles five times, they don’t have the experience, they don’t know how to win under those conditions, they’ve never been there before.

You got to have a high boxing IQ to match wits with the Klitschko brothers because they’re from that computer age generation and that’s the generation I come from. I mastered that. It’s chess not checkers, I know how to fight, I’ve been a winner on every level. I know how to fight when it comes down to it, I’m a master in the ring.

Robert Brown: Do you believe you will knock Klitschko out if you fought him?

Antonio Tarver: I don’t know if I’ll knock him out. I think if he slips, he can get knocked out because the punch that hurts you is the punch you don’t see and that’s the one I’m gonna land, the one you don’t see coming. Those are the types of shots that I’m gonna be landing.

If I hit anybody on the chin with my left hand, they’re gonna be hurt. I’m confident that I can win that fight, I don’t know about knocking him out. Am I gonna go for the knockout? Of course, that’s the only way I know how to guarantee a win. It’s gonna be tough to do but I expect that.

Robert Brown: There’s a big fight on January 17th, Deontay Wilder vs. Bermane Stiverne. What are you thoughts on that fight and if you had a chance to fight the winner, would you fight either of those two for the WBC belt?

Antonio Tarver: Hell yeah, in a heart beat. WBC, that’s the green belt, that’s a legitimate championship, so becoming the oldest heavyweight champion, I would like to do it chopping down one of the great heavyweight champions of all time, Wladimir Klitschko. I would love to do it that way because there would be no doubt but at the same time, if it happens first with the winner of Wilder and Stiverne, then so be it.

My goal is still the same, to become heavyweight champion. Stiverne is the champion so that belt is out there and he has a tough fight with Wilder. If the fight ends within three, I like Wilder by knockout. The fight isn’t going six rounds, I believe from three to six, I like Stiverne to knock out Wilder. I think it will be a throwback classic, a real heavyweight fight. I can see them two coming to the middle of the ring and really letting it go like Hagler and Hearns.

I just think Wilder has a chance to clip him early. If Stiverne can withstand that and get that right hand in range and not take shots straight down the middle, I see him catching Wilder around round three or six but somebody’s getting knocked out before the sixth round. I don’t see think it’s going past six rounds, that’s my prediction.

Robert Brown: I want to ask you about the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Every one has theories about why the fight hasn’t happened, why do you feel the fight has yet to be made?

Antonio Tarver: Everybody has an opinion, I can’t really speak on what’s really going on but you can look at it from an economic sense where both of those guys figure, “If there’s 100% of a piece of pie and if I’m having to split 20% of that fighting this guy, shit I’m gonna keep fighting this guy. If I fight this guy, that means I’m gonna have to do 50%, I may even have to do 60-40 or something like that to get the fight done for the same amount of piece of pie.” If you’re looking at it from that way, that’s probably why the fight didn’t happen.

If you got a piece of pie, you better split it 80-20 or 60-40, or however it’s gonna be cut. From that standpoint, that’s why the fight didn’t happen, it didn’t make sense, it didn’t make money. It didn’t make financial sense, yeah it was a big fight but if you have to divide that pie up, you’re gonna get less for a tougher fight and it’s not gonna be worth it.

Robert Brown: If that fight does happen, who would you put your money on, Mayweather or Pacquiao?

Antonio Tarver: It’s hard to go against Mayweather. You really got to think that he’s gonna figure it out if he’s on his best day, then again, that’s Pacquiao man and Pacquiao is gonna go for it. I just know it’s gonna be a hell of a fight whenever they do fight, if that fight lives up to the billing.

I think styles make fights, I think it’s a perfect style that really lends to the fact that it could be a great fight because Pacquiao is gonna be pressing, coming from different angles, giving Mayweather movement. Mayweather’s gonna be sharp on his defense, throwing those pot shot accurate punches, working off of that beautiful jab to the stomach and to the head.

It’s gonna be a chess match but I think during that boxing match a fight’s gonna break out and when that fight breaks out, both guys are gonna have to lay it on the line, it’s gonna be about heart then. You can say who’s gonna win that but you never know because you can’t measure the heart of a man. I think in that type of fight, both guys are gonna be tested and I think Pacquiao’s gonna land some great shots.

I can see Pacquiao landing a good shot, we could see Mayweather hurt in that fight and you can see Mayweather fight back like he’s shown in the past, even when he’s hurt, he’s gonna fight through it. Mayweather’s shown he has big heart too — I’ll never forget the Zab Judah fight and also when he fought Shan Mosley, he got rocked but when he got hurt, he was more dangerous then.

I can see Pacquiao hurting Floyd and Floyd fighting back and taking over the fight and winning the decision but it’s gonna be an exciting fight, I can’t wait. Mayweather’s been in some tough fights and he’s proven he can handle the pressure so you can’t bet against Mayweather but you just know he’s gonna be tested in a way he’s never been tested before fighting with a Pacquiao.

That’s what we want to see, that’s why people have invested and paid their money all these years to see them fight the big fights. That’s a fight that has to happen. I think there’s urgency on it right now because both of them want to go down as the greatest.

One of them is gonna go down as the best ever. That will be Mayweather’s claim to fame, if he can beat Pacquiao. It’s a big fight on both parts. Pacquiao has the mark of a true champion, getting knocked out and still bouncing back and solidifying himself as one of the premier fighters in the game today, you got to respect and appreciate that.

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  1. jemsbom says:

    Still hoping Floyd would fight the Pacman?

    • Sweet back says:

      Still hoping Bob arum stop trying to get a 50/50 split when publicly Manny said he’s willing to take less

  2. amor m. del rosario says:

    I love Antonio Tarver, besides being a good boxer he is one of the best boxing analyst. Not bias compare to the one sided Teddy Atlas. Tarver gave a very fair oppinion of how the two boxers will perform when they opposes each. Atlas should learn from Tarver how to be a good and fair commentator.

  3. I agree. Haven’t heard someone so clear and precise in his opinion and how he sees the fight going. No bias at all. He looked at the side of Mayweather and the same as he looked at Pacquiao’s. Terrific comments man.

  4. dan says:

    It’s a clear and a decent opinion, yes… not bias at all, Tarver knows how to respect and appreciate a true champion like manny…

  5. edel says:

    Good luck with your fights in the future. A lot of respect Mr. Tarver for your fair and non bias opinion.

  6. iriga city boy says:

    If people think that Mayweather will just run over Pacquiao,think again “people of this world”.
    That man from the Philippines can fight and whack.That’s the wild card that can destabilize Floyd come fight night.Pacquiao is no pushover.He is a boxer separated “skillwise”from the former victims of Floyd.Mark that in your blackboard.There is a saying: “Boards don’t hit back,Pacquiao will’.

    • Anonymous says:

      True that bro the only. Thing I’m afraid of is the size of the gloves they might give him pillow gloves then Manny will lose by points just like they did to Maidana

    • Sweet back says:

      Nobody with a boxing IQ thinks that only typical boxing fan’s who are just blindly in love with their fighter

  7. iriga city boy says:

    And that’s why Tarver has a good point.

  8. billabong says:

    taver should be a promotoer he makes fights sound exciting, the wilder vs silvrne prediction made me want to watch it now an his fight with klitchko is epic..

  9. Iriga City Boy says:

    To Anonymous:
    Pacquiao must not accept everything that Mayweather demands.Especially the size of the gloves.He must not become another “Maidana acquiesce to the glove” boxer.No,No,No.

  10. Norberto Manuel says:

    Mr. Tarver has expressed an honest opinion. He’s a good analyst , an expert.. Hope the great fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather push through.

  11. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Antonio Tarver sees the reality clearly and gives accurate comments. Mayweather has never fought an opponent with the kind of ability that Pacquiao has. He will be tested definitely, and if he commits an error Manny will knock him out. Manny has nothing to loose coz he tested defeat already and he will bring that psychological edge over Mayweather on fight night. They say defense always win agaisnt offense, if defense is good enough. Pacman’s defense is his offense so we could expect a hell of a fight. Gayfloyd will run and Manny knows what to do. Mayweather might win the game through decision knowing his fighting style but Manny will definitely go for a knockout!

    • Jay says:

      Barry Gil R. Pilar, Y, Y man? Damn Y did U have to start with the name calling? Wtf? After hearing both reporter and boxer/ sometime boxing analyst keep it clean and just b honest U have to ignorize yourself with anti semitic slurs. U r a child playing on the keyboards and its bedtime gdn!!!

      • barry gil r. pilar says:

        Wtf? just leave my comments Jay, we are all entitled to our opinions and you dont need to remind me of what im gonna say. Anti-Semitic Slurs are you fucking serious? We pick our winners arent we? and i choose Manny to win the fight dumb ass!

    • ybfake says:

      Although I love both fighters some of your comments about Pac or delusional. Pac hasn’t had a knockout in how long and you actually think he will ko May. We all know May can take a good punch what about Pac when he runs into that check left hook. May has the advantage in size, skill, speed and the power is even at 147.

    • boxingfanrox says:

      They aren’t different give sizes, they are all 8 oz gloves below 154, 10 oz above. The issue was padding. If you look at Mayweather vs Oscar, Mayweather accepted Reyes gloves….They and the Everlast MX have house hair padding. Grant, Rival and Everlast Power-Lock-which Maidana used, use foam padding. If you use two types of gloves, you are giving one fighter an advantage…..Mayweather will dictate the terms given he’s the bigger draw and technically the lineal division champion. If Pacquiao uses the gloves as an excuse….It just means he didn’t have the skill to bear him without done kind of advantage……but either give will weigh 8 oz. House hair gives can be manipulated to get your knuckles closer to the leather. That’s generally the objection. They are more dangerous….

      • boxingfanrox says:

        House hair……meant HORSE HAIR….BUT BOTH GLOVES ARE 8 oz and guys like, oh, GGG, uses foam padded gloves abd has no problem knocking guys out… the excuse is weak……..Pacquiao fans still having nightmares over the first Makes fight when Morales, as champion, picked the foam padding over Reyes. Manny also uses Whinning padded gloves in sparring… addition to being safer to be hit with, they protect the hand better…..

  12. kino says:

    tarver has the best analysis of the outcome of pacquiao-mayweather

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tony! I hope you will continue to share your opinion to the boxing world and influence people in the sport .You have the best opinion regarding pacman -mayweather drama.

  14. jay says:

    Pacquiao is no Zab or mosley… if Floyd hits Pacquiao, Pacquiao will go to war.Pacquiao fights and throwsee punches all 12 rounds. Zab and mosley hesitated in the later rounds because they got tired. Not Pacquiao. If you observed majority of Floyd opponents it’s either they don’t have enough stamina to go all 12 roundso or they are slower. Pacquiao has speed power and stamina. That’s why Floyd is avoiding him. The only way you can neutralize Pacquiao is on a exchange and have power behind it. That means you must be willing to take Pacquiao’s punch. I don’t think Floyd is willing to do that. Remember Floyd is not use to being hit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, where have you been? This version of Pacquaio, the VADA drug tested version, is a normal fighter, no longer on the PED juice. He hasn’t had a KO since he was questioned by Floyd Mayweather Sr. about drug use. His unlimited stamina is gone.

      This VADA tested version of Pacquiao is just a normal guy, he won’t be KOing Floyd or any other fighter as long as he is “randomly” drug tested.

      • Joe says:

        Annonymous..If he can’t knock anybody out why is your boy Floyd still running from him like he has Ebola?

  15. nazeemshit says:

    thats why he beat roy jones jr

  16. jess says:

    Floydie Jr is either very afraid of Pacquiao or just installing, waiting for the biggest prize that promoters will offer him. But for me, he is scared of Pacquiao plain and simple. HIs fear can be clearly seen from his a-million-and-one outrageous ALIBIS!!!!!

  17. jess says:

    I think Floydie Jr is a mental case for all the things he is doing inside and outside of the boxing ring! Just look at his bad behavior on top of the ring and his police records, excluding criminal acts not entered into the police blotters. He is a shameless American and a coward living in the LAND OF THE BRAVES!!!!

    • Jay says:

      Jess stfu how can we look at something U just said wasn’t there yoself? Floyd has the MONEY, power, and respect as a great business man. So go tell Manny if he want it go and get it on May 2nd like Floyd said and whatever else Floyd want thats the POWER and nature of the beast/ game. U can change it to yo liking if and when your hand is raised. The rest is just fan nutt hugging

    • curtdog says:

      Really you don’t nothing about the man other than what’s on tv. If you don’t like him as a person, fine but you sound stupid if you think he is scared of Manny or anybody else. Sure he picks his fights but wait didn’t everybody feel like Alvarez was going knock him out. Why is everybody forgetting about cotton. He was no easy fight. Don’t be so blinded by your hate.

    • jovencio says:

      its crystal clear that floyd is scared of congressman manny!
      all his demands are almost given due course even as calls all the shots….
      he has already lost this fight!
      he has lowered his flag even before the fight has not been staged yet…

      i leave this year with hopes that manny vs. khan will transpire 2015….
      a true champion never bucks down!

    • jovencio says:

      its crystal clear that floyd is scared of congressman manny!
      all his demands are almost given due course even as calls all the shots….
      he has already lost this fight!
      he has lowered his flag even before the fight has not been staged yet…

      i leave this year with hopes that manny vs. khan will transpire 2015….
      a true champion never bucks down!


  18. Balagtas says:

    Pacquiao is like Filipino and American veterans that fight side by side against Japanese and Vietnamese.
    Mayweather is like TBE THE BEST ENEMY that run away and with TBE OR THE BEST EXC– USES.

  19. Parzival says:

    even pacman lands more great shots he still going to loss cuz judges are all americans.

  20. jess says:

    With his loose behavior and way of life, I am beginning to think Floydie Jr, is not a human being. He must be from another planet where his acts are the positive norm there. If he lives there he must not be blamed but if he continues staying here he must follow at least the minimum requirement for a decent citizen of this planet. I am sick and tired of hearing about his series of crimes outside the ring and his glaring cheating committed against his opponents. I sense Floydie Jr has overstayed his welcome here on Earth!!!!!!

  21. jess says:

    It is about time that claimants to the title THE BEST EVER in boxing must not have records of cheating in the sports and he must act sportingly with consistency. The BEST EVER must be worthy of emulation of young athletes and sports fans.

  22. Mr. Tony,
    You gmines and all the respects in the boxing world by saying your insights.
    Replace Paulie at ESPN.

  23. Alex says:

    Pacquaio was always rated the underdog in most of his great fights. That’s nothing new to him. Mayweather made demands from his opponents making the playing field skewed in his favor which is technically cheating. Pac mostly adjusted and never demanded from his opponents. Without Mayweather’s demands, i wonder how it would have ended up?

    • ybfake says:

      Really. So pac never made demands to weight drain opponents who could have really tested him otherwise if not for being weakened.

  24. LeCramping James says:

    When JailWeather Jr. got hurt vs. SHAME Mosley, all Scum Jr. did was hold on to dear life. He grabbed & held SHAME, which was the smart thing to do, BUT ref should’ve warned him or deducted a point for excessive holding…. tsk tsk

    • curtdog says:

      Dude shut up. He didn’t hold on that long and if u look at the tape he held 3 times. He didn’t hold the rest of the fight!

  25. jackechobravo says:

    what i can say is that floyd mayweather is a trained boxer that’s why he’s keep on saying Hard work produce a champion..something like that.While pacman is a bofn boxer. So, I can’t wait to see these two in the ring.Whoever wins,fine for me. I would like to know ,how they land their

  26. ochads says:

    Thank you sir tarver for your great comment…
    I only hope that these fight will push through before they retire..
    I go for manny because i’m a filipino and i’m proud of it…
    Go manny… do whatt u do best… winning…
    GOD bless you….

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  28. kissjonez says:

    Then again, Pacquaio aint Zab Judah or Mosely. You never see Paq and marinate to get hit. NOPE! Paq is a busy bee fighter who throws punches in every angles! Mayweathers pot shots only works if you stand in front of him waiting to get him. Pacquaio has movements and great footwork plus a great counter puncher. What people failed to understand is that Pacquaio wasnt beatin’ by Marquez. Pacquaio got careless and got caught plain and simple! Pacquaio was winning most rounds and was putting a hurt on Marquez!

    Anyways, truth be told… That KO that Pacquaio suffered even made him a better, intelligent fighter! But people dont see that tho!

    • curtdog says:

      I agree, I hate having to tell everybody he was beating the shit out of Marquez. He said it himself, he needed a knockout and he had got hurt bad.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This version of Pacquaio, the VADA drug tested version, is a normal fighter, no longer on the PED juice. He hasn’t had a KO since he was questioned by Floyd Mayweather Sr. about drug use. His unlimited stamina is gone.

    This VADA tested version of Pacquiao is just a normal guy. He is likely a clean fighter now. He won’t be KOing Floyd or any other fighter as long as he is “randomly” drug tested.

  30. Everybody has a lot to say about the upcoming Floyd vs Pacman fight. Certainly good for boxing. I think the result of the fight will be nothing like anyone has accepted. Boxing is always full of surprises. I will not be surprised if this one will end up in a big controversy . perhaps a close points decision in FM favour after running away from an attacking Pacman. Also depending the nationality of the judges.I feel that Pacman will need a knockout to win this one or will either have to dominated the fight in such a fashion that the judges will have no option but to be fair in their scoring. The judges will score in FM favour if it’s close taking his undefeated record in mind
    Gordon from RSA

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