Bobby Gunn: “I think this is going to be candidate for cruiserweight fight of the year when I step in there with Glen Johnson!

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If you are in boxing, you are used to the ups and downs and the politics of the sport. The hardest thing is for the fighters themselves as they often deal with fights being called off almost as soon as they come together. Former cruiserweight title challenger Bobby Gunn (25-5-1 18 KOs) knows this all too well, as he recently had a fight with former great, Roy Jones Jr. taken away from him, not long after he was given it. Gunn being a true warrior of the sport took in stride and with the aid of another former champion, he got another fight, and chance to end his career on a high note.

I recently had a chance to speak to Bobby Gunn and get his view on his upcoming bout with former IBO/IBF light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson, and also get his thoughts on the cancellation of his bout with Roy Jones. Bobby spoke on why he believes this is a tougher challenge for him and gives a preview of what fans can expect when he steps into the ring on December 18th. Additionally Bobby gave his views on Manny Pacquiao’s return and his thoughts on a potential Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that fans have been talking about since Manny’s latest victory. Here is what Bobby Gunn had to say.

Jenna J: Bobby, you were originally supposed to be fighting the legendary Roy Jones Jr, but now you have a new opponent for December 18th, that being former light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson. What are you expecting in this fight?

Bobby Gunn: Oh I expect it to be a great fight, but starting off with Roy Jones Jr, you got to understand something, this is the third time he has done this to me. First time was in 2006, second time was 2012, now 2013. It was never this far advanced, with a couple weeks remaining, it was never this close, negotiations all sealed and done.

Getting past him, Glen Johnson is well named for a reason, he is a road warrior, the man’s a great fighter and I’m preparing for a hell of a fight. I’m already in great shape. To be honest with you, styles make fights, and I would say this fight is going to be a better fight for the fans because you don’t have to go looking for either one of us, we are going to be right there.

For the fans I think this is going to be candidate for cruiserweight fight of the year, I think it’s going to be a barn burner, cause I know what he’s bringing and I know what I’m bringing, and I am a natural cruiserweight and I believe that is going to be on my side in the fight.

Jenna: Going against Glen Johnson, he is at a little different point than Roy Jones is. He has not fought at this weight and he had lost 4 straight before a recent win. What are you really expecting from him?

Gunn: I’m expecting tougher fight. One guy can’t take a good shot, the other can, it’s common sense. I think Glen Johnson is going to be a tougher fight. Like I said, I’m in a tougher fight zone, I’m in a different mind zone then I last I spoke to you. To be honest, I’m a little cranky, I’m a little mad with the way the situation has been done to me, the way people led me on, this fight here, I’m coming to fight and I know Glen is too. I respect Glen very much, but it’s going to be a fight the 18th.

Jenna: Your style is straight forward, aggressive, throw a lot of punches, and with Glen he doesn’t really throw that many shots anymore, but he is not really a guy that fighters have been able to knock out. Do you think you will be able to out work him?

Gunn: How can I put somebody down, if even at their worst they were fighting guys like Carl Froch, top guys in the world, I mean on his worst performances he still competes top elite, the guys a great fighter. I don’t look at a guy 44(years old), I looked a top great fighter coming to fight, and to be honest with you, maybe cruiserweight might be Glen’s best move in his career, he might be a monster at this weight, we are going to know on the 18th.

Jenna: Bobby, you told me when I last spoke to you that the Roy Jones fight was going to be the last fight of your career, that you were gonna put everything into it. Now with the change of opponent, has that changed your views at all?

Well, like I said, I’m a man of my word. My goal was to fight Roy Jones, unfortunately it never happened and I’m gonna fight this fight like my last fight of my life. Most likely it will be my last professional boxing match because I’m kind of sick of the politics that goes along with it.

I’m kind of disgusted with the game. Any good advise I can give to any young fighter that wants to get into boxing, I would tell you, “believe nothing you hear and half of what you see” and you will have a good career.

Jenna: Now Bobby, if you win your fight against Glen Johnson, and Roy wins his fight 3 days later in Russia, will that be a fight that you will be calling out for?

Gunn: You put me on the spot because like I said, I wanted this to be my last fight. It’s been kind of a roller coaster ride my last 3 months and I haven’t had any time to even watch boxing on TV to be honest with you. I go to bed early and I’ve been training so hard.

I’d fight Roy Jones on the street, in a boxing ring, in a bathroom, in a telephone booth. It wouldn’t make any difference in the world, that’s the fight I wanted. It’s hard to say, if that situation comes up and we are both victorious, am I open to fighting Roy Jones? Yes! my desire was to fight Roy Jones Jr, but I don’t think that will ever happen. I do believe I will be victorious on the 18th and I believe that will be my last fight.

I must get your views on Mayweather-Pacquiao. They started to make that talk again because Pacquiao was raised to number 1 in the WBC, becoming the mandatory for Floyd. Do you think that fight will ever happen?

Well you know something, I like Manny Pacquiao, I met him one time, he’s a nice person. But I think if those guys fought 10 times, I believe Mayweather will win a unanimous decision 10 times. Will the fight happen? If it’s true that Manny Pacquiao lost 18 million dollars to the IRS and he needs the money, he’ll maybe be a lot more easy to negotiate this time with Mayweather. That’s what it comes down to, to negotiations, so it may happen.

Jenna: I’m just curious from your view, what do you expect from Pacquiao? He’s coming off that knockout loss and he beat Brandon Rios but people aren’t really giving him too much credit for that win. What do you expect from him going forward?

Gunn: Well listen, he trains hard, he fought a beautiful fight, a technician fight. Floyd Mayweather would be a poor mans version of Sugar Ray Robinson, that’s how great he is in my eyes. He’ll be more respected 10 years from now than he is now. Not taking anything away from Pacquiao, he’s a great fighter too.

The only person who is gonna beat Mayweather is Mayweather himself, and that’s a fact. What I mean by that is, if he slacks off in training and takes things a little easier. Until that time, I can’t see it happening. I think he will walk away probably 50-0, I think he will get to that mark, he’ll beat Rocky Marciano’s record. That’s what I predict from Mayweather, a couple more years of fighting.

Jenna: I wanna get your official prediction, how do you expect the fight with you and Glen Johnson to play out?

Gunn: It’s hard to say. To be a realist, you can have a fight plan, you can say you’re gonna do this and do that, but until that bell rings and you two guys go, I really don’t know which way it’s gonna go, but I do know it’s gonna be a fight. That you can guarantee, you can bet your life on that, because of styles. It’s gonna combine and make a good exciting, fan friendly fight.

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  1. estong bicol says:

    This a shit talk.

  2. bigfoot says:

    Pac isn’t broke like what paparazzi spreading about Manny.his the victim of dirty pinoy politics.

  3. Barok says:

    If you think that Floyd Jr. will beat Manny 10 out of 10, why is it that Jr. is afraid to fight Manny. Actually it is Sr. who is afraid coz Manny KO’d Sr’s ward, Ricky Hatton, and others like Golden Boy and Cotto. Sr. thinks that Manny is in PEDS that is why he accomplished this feat. But the Pacman is a God-fearing person and does not even know what drug is. Just because Jr, Sr, and Roger are using drugs, they think that others are also doing it. These three were incarcerated, while the Pacman is a congressman and was even invited to the White House by the US president. The Pacman also changed the outcome of a US senatorial election, where Manny help Senator Reid win the election. Now, who would you believe as telling the truth. -the Mayweather family who were incarcerated or the Pacman who is revered worldwide?

  4. reyocs says:

    the real question is will lil floyd accept the challenge…thats the Q

    • Floyd’s Uncle (Roger) opined that Little Floyd would fight Pacquiao with the following conditions: Pacquiao would fight and convincingly defeat Canelo Alvarez; the Fighting weight would be in “Jr. Middleweight Division” and the PPV purse split would be “85%-15%” in favor of Floyd. What incredible conditions!!!

  5. yup, manny is too kind thats why he has money problems and in need now of big fights!
    pacman – floyd jr fight will materialize and we’ll see one of the most awaited exciting fight of the century…

  6. jays says:

    10 years from now, Mayweather will be remembered as a coward, a chicken. A man with no balls to fight Pacquiao. That‘s Floyd Mayweather, a legit candidate for boxings Hall of Shame.

  7. from now on i will boycott ppv fight of mayweather he continues ducking the pacman………boycott

  8. phil borda says:

    I love boxing so much that I would never advocate boycott of boxing except as a last resort and only in the most extreme of cases. With the recent pronouncements from the Mayweather camp, I think they are going to avoid a Pacquiao fight again. The feeling of frustration and despondency is setting in on me that the exercise of the last resort is becoming inevitable. So, with heavy heart, I beseech the boxing world not to watch any boxing fight until the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight comes to fruition. The media has to do its part to reflect the sentiments of the boxing fans. Giving any kind of credence to a Mayweather excuse to be politically correct merely adds to his ammunition to continuously duck Pacquiao. BOYCOTT!!!