Brandon Rios demolishes Mike Alvarado, makes him quit in three rounds. Where was this ‘Bam Bam’ Rios against Pacquiao?

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A trilogy (from Greek τρι- tri-, “three” and -λογία -logia) is a set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. With the ring as their canvas, Brandon ‘Bam Bam’ Rios and Mike ‘Mile High’ Alvarado looked to produce the final installment of a three piece pugilistic art piece. With two brutal displays of grit and resilience etched in the history books, Rios and Alvarado answered the opening bell to claim this defining victory of a thrilling rivalry.

As the bell rung for the 20th round of this thrilling rivalry, Rios and Alvarado staked their claim on center ring as they exchanged jabs. Following a cautious first minute with Alvarado switching from orthodox to southpaw stance, Rios opened up with numerous crunching body shots. In close quarters Rios nailed Alvarado with brutal uppercuts, doubling up the left hook. On the back end of the round, a solid right hand from Rios dipped the legs of Alvarado momentarily. Alvarado’s career mileage clock clearly has gone bust.

Rios opened the second round doubling up the jab. Sensing Alvarado’s vulnerability, Rios stalked Alvarado. Rios pounded the body of Alvarado relentlessly, digging in heavy hooks behind the elbows of Alvarado. Following a short pause in action after a shot from Alvarado strayed low, Rios went back to the task at hand and snapped the head of Alvarado back with a number of ferocious uppercuts. Both men closed out the round trading blows with Rios coming out on top. Rios spent the round breathing down the neck of Alvarado, beginning to suffocate his opponent.

The third round began as the second ended, with Rios banging away at the body of Alvarado and hammering up top with punishing hooks and uppercuts. Under a barrage of shots Alvarado finally cracked as his legs gave way. Rising at the count of nine on unstable legs, an audacious Alvarado would need to dig deep into his reservoir of resilience to see out the round as Rios continued to drain the fight from Alvarado. The bell sounded as both men trade in the center of the ring.

This was to be Alvarado’s last offering as referee Jay Nady stopped the fight following the third round under the advice of the ring doctor. Alvarado did not protest the decision, complaining of vision problems.

In the build up to the grand finale of their enthralling trilogy, both fighters had promised a fight worthy of being placed alongside their previous bouts. On his part, Rios held up on his end of the bargain in a one sided mauling of Alvarado from start to finish. One has to wonder how this Brandon Rios would of done in some of his recent bouts, as this was a aggressive and relentless version of ‘Bam Bam’ that was not at all seen in his fight against Manny Pacquiao, and rarely seen against Diego Chaves.

While Rios looked rejuvenated and has now placed himself in a position of opportunity, Alvarado appeared as shot fighter from the opening bell. Three comprehensive losses in a row could spell the end of the road for Alvarado. Despite Alvarado’s shortcomings tonight, ‘Bam Bam’s’ punishing and decisive victory has opened the door on the upper echelon of the 140lb division for the immediate future.

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14 Responses to "Brandon Rios demolishes Mike Alvarado, makes him quit in three rounds. Where was this ‘Bam Bam’ Rios against Pacquiao?"
  1. Jack says:

    Rios was really food in this last fight alright.

    Regarding Pacman, he can’t fight 3 Pacmen, as he saw 3 during the fight when interviewed, but he sure can beat 1 Alvarado and make Alvarado a punching bag. In this case Alvarado saw 2 Rios, the doctor showed 2 fingers and he answered 4 *lol*

  2. Jzone says:

    Where was Rios? He was trying to survive an attack from 3 octopus apparently. Hopefully someone gets this reference. lol

  3. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Mike has proven himself already that he could also beat Rios. Unfortunately for this rubber match he wasn’t prepared as he should’ve. His legal issues got caught him and he was psychologically unprepared going to this fight. Rios meanwhile was prepared for war! Now i want to see bam2 fighting Marquez. Rios called Marquez already but dinamita was afraid of him!

  4. ang sikip says:

    rios is the same man in the pacquiao fight and in this fight its just pacquiao is in different level. just like a bicycle to a race car. rios is the same bicycle that face the race car pacquiao. alvarado is a much slower bicycle to a rios bicycle.. thats why rios is impressive in this fight.. battle of lower levels.

  5. michael says:

    @ frank walsh where? your stupidity and ignorance shows how much knowledge you have in boxing………

  6. totoy bate` says:

    Rios, provodnikov or Maidana, any combo of these three will be one hell of a fight.. i bet a horse on it..

  7. Bob Marshall says:

    Where was Rios? Rios was there covering all night! He was a human punching bag against a human punching machine.

  8. frank walsh says:

    @michael Actually no it doesn’t. Did i say Rios would beat Pacman? Rios didn’t look right in the chaves fight either. He failed to even attempt to box Pacman. Think before you speak.

  9. jumo says:

    I appreciate you trying to be poetic about the fight or trying to tell a good story, but the trilogy relates to literature or films… or video games as wikipedia puts it if you bothered to read the rest of the definition you copied and pasted. However, it does not apply to paintings! The word you’d be looking for in that case is ‘triptych’. By saying ”with the ring as their canvas” you’ve kinda blended the two meanings and they aren’t the same (I’m an art teacher, sorry).

    You’re right about one thing, it would have been interesting to see this more aggressive version of Rios up against Manny when they fought in Macau. It was what I was expecting when he fought Manny but we didnt get it. I guess he gave Manny too much respect.

    I would not realistically see a Pac/Rios sequel happening any time soon though. No direspect to Rios but would you pay to see Manny fight Clottey again?

  10. Whelsh says:

    Rios didn’t attempt to box Pacquaio? Come on dude please… What did you expect? Rios is the same old fighter he used to be. If he’d face pacquiao for a second time he’d get a worse beating… You implying that rios should have tried to box Pacquaio just confirms that you have a serious lack of knowledge when it comes to boxing. Rios doesn’t box but he brawls at close range. He would have trouble with any fleet footed boxer that throws com binati punches. What will you say next? That Rios will outbox Mayweather? How much do you guys get paid to write this crap?

    • Dongskie says:

      Rios can’t box not against the likes of Pacquiao, because he’s never really a boxer on the first place. You’re right dude, the guy will get more busted up the next time he fights Pacman specially IF he tries to fight this aggressive… The moment he brings his hands down, he’ll get all beat up and probably get KTFO.

  11. frank walsh says:

    I don’t believe at any point i mentioned Rios out boxing anyone?