Caleb Truax: “I’m more than willing to go back to the UK and beat James DeGale up again!”

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Reigning IBF super middleweight champion, Caleb Truax, is riding high into the new year after his major upset win over James DeGale. Truax is looking to capitalize on the win and is not only hoping to repeat the feat against DeGale but also has his eyes sets on many of the biggest names between middleweight and super middleweight.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Caleb Truax, I get his thoughts on the rumored rematch clause with DeGale and if he prefers to fight him next time in the US or UK. Truax also talks about the super middleweight division and some of the fights that might interest him. Additionally, Caleb shares his thoughts on a possible rematch with Daniel Jacobs and talks about when he expects to return to the ring. Here is what Caleb Truax had to say.

Jenna J: Caleb, it has been said by some of the people in DeGale’s camp that there is a rematch clause for you to face him again, is that true?

Caleb Truax: I’m not sure if I’m contractually obligated to a rematch or not, but I’m more than willing to go back and beat him up again.

Jenna J: You would be willing to go back to the UK? You wouldn’t want him to come to the United States?

Caleb Truax: If I can get paid the same in the United States, I would want him to come here, but I think the market is so strong over there that they can probably offer more money. I’m willing to go back there.

Jenna J: What do you think of the 168lb division and the other champions out there?

Caleb Truax: It’s pretty hot right now. They got that World Super Series going on with four good fighters left. David Benavidez is a good champion. It’s a hot division. I don’t have my eye on anybody in particular, I’ll let my promoter, Warriors Boxing and Al Haymon map out what they think is my best option and we’ll just go from there.

Jenna J: What is it like to work with a guy like Al Haymon?

Caleb Truax: He’s been great to me. I’ve been signed to him for three years now and he’s gotten me some really big fights. One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that I was about to fight Fernando Guerrero after the Danny Jacobs fight and there was a problem with my MRI scan and Al and Premier Boxing really took care of me after that. They sent me to the Cleveland clinic to make sure everything was okay.

Al’s really looked out for me and really cares about fighter safety and cares about getting his guys paid well. It’s been great to be working with one of the most powerful people in the sport and having him on your side is awesome.

Jenna J: Would you have any interest in having a rematch with Danny Jacobs?

Caleb Truax: Yeah I’d love to get a second crack at him. He’s been on fire for a while now and after we fought he was stopping everybody. Even the fight with Golovkin, I thought he won that fight. He’s probably one of the top ten pound-for-pound guys in the sport, so it would be an honor to get back in there with him and fight for my title this time.

Jenna J: Your last fights have been at 168lbs, do you have any desire to go back down to middleweight for any particular fights?

Caleb Truax: If the opportunity presented itself in the future, possibly. I’m getting old and it’s a little tougher to get down to 160lbs these days.

Jenna J: Do you feel stronger at super middleweight?

Caleb Truax: Yeah, the main thing with the eight pound difference is that I don’t have to sit around in the sauna and I don’t have to starve myself to make weight. I think that’s beneficial for the day after when you’re in the fight and you haven’t killed yourself to make the weight.

Jenna J: When are you looking to get back into the ring?

Caleb Truax: I believe the IBF will set a date where I will have to make my defense. As long as I’m recovered from this fight and I’m healthy, I think it will be in April or May probably. I’d prefer to fight as soon as possible, so the quickest I’m able to get back in, I’m all for that.

Jenna J: Do you have any message you want to pass along to all your fans and supporters?

Caleb Truax: Thank you so much. I have great fans here in Minnesota and across the United States. Now I have a bunch of great new fans in the UK. All of Team Truax has been very supportive throughout my career, through the ups and downs. Thanks to all the British fans over there that kind of adopted me after the fight. The atmosphere was great, they really know their boxing over there. Thank you.

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7 Responses to "Caleb Truax: “I’m more than willing to go back to the UK and beat James DeGale up again!”"
  1. Tioboxing says:

    Caleb sounds like a nice guy and I am happy he lived his dream, but I think he loses the rematch to DeGale. It’s no secret that DeGale was coming off a lot of injuries and was clearly rusty. In a rematch he will be sharper and outpoint Truax.

  2. Mammoth says:

    If you can’t get good money with a Degale rematch fight Caleb Plant or J’Leon Love. Make realistic fights.

  3. DuckAdonis says:

    Jacobs could dominate 168

  4. Bronx2245 says:

    Truax should be seeking to fight the winner of Benavidez vs. Gavril II.

  5. Chollo Vista says:

    He would love a second chance at Jacobs? He didn’t even win 1 round in a 12 round bout before getting stopped

    No point

  6. bronx7 says:

    If Jacobs is tired of waiting on GGG and Canella with Saunders pricing himself out asking 5 mil he can grab Truaxs belt. He beat him easy first fight. Then him and Gilberto Ramirez a very good fight Ramirez under the radar

  7. Afi23 says:

    Much props for your Degale win but slow your roll now Caleb…

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