Carl Froch: “Marquez is 40, and Manny Pacquiao is getting old himself, so a fifth fight would be an even match”

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(transcribed by Michael Readman) In the third and final part of my “On The Ropes” interview with reigning IBF/WBA champion, Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch, I get his views on the current boxing scene, discussing a possible fifth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez and also the future of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Froch also discussed his rank among all-time great UK boxers, and if he thinks he’s surpassed Joe Calzaghe in accomplishments. Additionally, Carl talked about the possibility of walking away from the sport and what he would say to his fans if he did choose to retire. Here is what Carl Froch had to say.

Jenna J: I wanna get your view on the boxing scene. They are talking about a fifth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. What do you think happens in a fifth fight?

Carl Froch: I think Marquez probably wins that fight, he’s coming off the back of a great win and I’ve not seen Manny Pacquiao recently — I know he beat Timothy Bradley. It’s a close fight, it’s unbelievable they’ve had so many fights together. They are both really great fighters, they are both ageing athletes, especially Marquez, he’s forty now. You’ve gotta look at that and take that into account.

Manny Pacquiao has had a lot of fights and he’s getting old himself, so it would be quite a fair match up, an even match. It’s unbelievable they have fought each other so many times and are looking at fighting again, but yeah, I think it would be a great fight. I think Marquez coming off the back of the wins he had, he would probably edge it, even though Pacquiao just beat Bradley. It’s a close one, I’d probably edge towards Marquez.

Jenna J: Floyd Mayweather Jr. has that date set for his next fight, it’s going to be in September 13th. As a fight fan, who would you like to see Floyd fight next?

Carl Froch: Who will he fight? I don’t know. He’s just a master class of a boxer isn’t he? In my opinion there is nobody out there to touch him, so I’m struggling to pick a name. He’s beat them all, he’s beat the best of the best and he’s ruling the roost, he’s the main man in any weight division. He’s the best fighter in the world in my opinion, I just can’t knock him and I can’t pick an opponent for him. He could probably tell me better than I could tell you.

Jenna J: Well, they’re talking maybe about Amir Khan.

Carl Froch: No, no, no, no, mismatch. Pointless fight, mismatch. Floyd Mayweather wipes the floor with him, easily out boxes him and makes him look basic. It’s just an easy, pointless fight in my opinion.

Jenna J: Carl, after your win over George Groves, a lot of people have started to talk about your rank amongst the all time great UK fighters. Where do you rank yourself?

Carl Froch: Number two in Britain of all time greats.

Jenna J: Who do you have ahead of you?

Carl Froch: Lennox Lewis.

Jenna J: Do you think you can finish things out and be number one when it’s all said and done?

Carl Froch: Probably not, no. Lennox Lewis was the undisputed heavyweight champion and to eclipse a heavyweight’s record in such a sport as boxing, the heavyweight division seems to be different to any other division.

I think Lennox Lewis will always be number one to be honest. I’m quite happy with that, he’s a friend of mine and he deserves his accolades. He’s number one, he’s number one. There are probably a few things I could do but probably wont do to take the top spot, but I’m happy with my number 2 of all time British greats under Lennox.

Jenna J: If you were to beat Andre Ward, do you think that could push you over the edge?

Carl Froch: You never know, you never know. The Andre Ward fight won’t happen, he’s in a promotional dispute that’s gonna drag on, the TV companies don’t seem that interested in the Ward fight, nobody seems to be mentioning his name. It’s not a fight that I’m interested in.

He seems to say that I always chuck his name in the mix and I mention him every time I speak, well let me tell you something, I don’t. I’ve just boxed in front of 80,000 in the most financially lucrative fight in history and to fight Andre Ward, to me would be taking a backward step in terms of my legacy and my career and where I want to go.

I just think the Andre Ward fight is a boring fight. He’s technically flawed in the sense that people aren’t interested, people don’t wanna watch him. The broadcasters in England who I’ve spoken to in length are not interested in me fighting Andre Ward and if they’re not interested, then I’m not interested because they pay the wages.

Jenna J: Carl, A lot of fans are saying because of the level of opposition you’ve constantly faced in the ring, they rank you higher than Joe Calzaghe. What do you that argument the fans are making?

Carl Froch: Yeah, a lot of people are correct, I have surpassed Joe Calzaghe, simple as that. I’ve beaten more champions than Joe Calzaghe, I’ve faced the best of the best. I’ve gave everybody their chance, I gave a young up and comer two fights and beat him, faced and beaten more champions and I’ve done what Joe Calzaghe hasn’t done.

I know he’s a Hall of Famer and he retired undefeated but you know, I’m above Joe Calzaghe and I’ll go on record as saying that. In a recent poll by the top British media they have Lennox Lewis at number one, Carl Froch at number two and Joe Calzaghe at number three. They have got it smack on.

Jenna J: If you do retire, what do you have to say to your fans? They don’t wanna see the end of ‘The Cobra’ they wanna see you fight back in the ring. Is there any message you wanna pass along to them?

Carl Froch: I’ve got a family to think about, I’ve achieved so much in my career, I’m so happy. If I bow out on that platform at Wembley Stadium, the national stadium in Britain, on the back of a fight of such magnitude and such needle in a revenge rematch stroke animosity needle fight, if I bow out now on the back of that, I’ll bow out a very happy man with an unbelievable record and to be one of the all time British greats.

I’d like to think I provided unbelievable entertainment for my fans to be happy and get behind me and say, “you know what, what a fantastic career Carl Froch as had, what a lot of exciting and entertaining fights he’s given us and good luck to you in retirement and enjoy it.”

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  1. wbox says:

    the issue here is PEDs, not a fifth fight, not age. use of PEDs is fatal and should be punishable by firing squad

    • LeBron's Menstrual Cramps says:

      Pee Drinking Marquez is now in his 3rd puberty.
      The Pee Drinker got some nice, fresh, & new firm muscles courtesy of Memo Heredia’s magic PEDs.
      He’ll need Clearasil for his new pimples – LoL

  2. Carl Froachs a BUM just simple as that….Philippines 2-0 against those wannabee lousy invaders…remember thier ATOM JIMMY WILDE that brutally KOED cold flatt on the canvas for about 5 min…courtesy of the worlds greatest FLYWEIGHT ever PANCHO VILLA of the Philippines….and who will not remember what the greatest fighter ever the PAC of POWER did to Carl Froachs fellow brits RICKY HATTON that went to his own HATTONIZE WONDERLAND lol…lol…MARQROIDs the worlds greatest STEROIDs user with full of ACNE right after he fought lousy freak ALVARADO…PEE drinker PEEDs MARQroids of mexico trully scared like that DUCKWEATHER JR to face the greatest fighter of all time…the only 8TH DIVISIONs world champ in 11 world championships!!! PACQUIAO is the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

  3. patrick reyes says:

    There will be no 5th fight, JMM and Memo Heredia (PED Guru) is afraid of VADA test….

  4. LATINO says:

    Froch is either blind or senseless. Marquez at 40 is the only boxer who suddenly became stronger and faster at that age. Angel Heredia well known and documented PED dealer working with him, and the pimples all over his chest and back are all signs of PED use.
    Nobody will say anything because they are afraid of being sued. Marquez is hesitant to do the fight because of possible VADA testing.
    Note: There was no testing done on Alvarado fight which is plain stupid for Alvarado not demanding, he just got cheated.

  5. vincent says:

    whether marquez is 40 years old or older, it is immaterial as long as he take roids. the great cheat is not afraid to box old, he is forever young because of rods!

  6. junjman says:

    Never heared of this Carl froach??, i think pacquiao will drop this guy in the canvass in a few seconds of round 1. Rookie boxers stepping into the picture are like one time movie actors in hollywood who are not popular and could not even make another movie. They havent proven their worth so they should not fight the elite, tested, phenomenal, Rated boxers. Mayweather is TBE, The best Excuse – afraid of pacquiao

  7. hagire says:

    Marquez at 40 yrs of age now unleashes a punch that almost making his opponent head’s off with a tremendous physique at the late of his boxing carreer,many wonder’s what is the new found fountain of youth that memo introduce to him that causes him pimples all over his body. His chasing for the 1st mexican to captured 5 weight division champion and I wonder that he is hesitant to fight pacman that he knocked cold and could handle him the legacy he is obsessed right now and another big payday. They can also sue conte on his direct allegations of using PED due to acne on his chest in Alvarado fight but remains silent on the issue. Beat pacman with VADA testing and you cleared your name on ped issues and another big payday and the bonus of the legacy youve talking,the 5th belt. But if you doubt of beating pacman with VADA testing then forever kiss memo’s ass for continues supply of power pellets.

  8. rommel says:

    Carl! What do say? May weather fights the best of the best? Did he accept offer of pacman to fight? Since pacman is in the climax of his career until now pacman is already 35. Carl you rank your self that you are the number 2 in UK as the greatest boxer of all time? but in my opinion your in 2nd to the last all time worst boxer in UK in terms of sharing your none sense answer.

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