Carl Froch: “Amir Khan doesn’t deserve to share the same ring as Floyd Mayweather”

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In part 2 of my interview with IBF/WBA champion Carl Froch, he discusses some of the super stars of the sport and a few of the fights being talked about in the media. Carl gives his thoughts on a potential Bernard Hopkins match up for himself and what he thinks would need to happen to make the fight. He also breaks down the rumored Mayweather-Khan fight in great detail, and gives his honest view on who he thinks would win. Additionally Froch, who fights this weekend against George Groves, took the time to discuss the big fight between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios. Here is what Carl Froch had to say.

Jenna J: Carl, there have been rumors in the past about yourself potentially fighting Bernard Hopkins, is that a fight you would ever consider?

Carl Froch: If that fight could be made it would be an honor to step into the ring with some like Bernard Hopkins, but I would not take much pleasure in beating him. I’m not saying I would beat him, I think I could beat him, but I’m not saying if I fight Bernard Hopkins I will beat him easily.

I would not take great pleasure in beating Hopkins because I know he is not the fighter he use to be, he’s a different type of fighter now, he sort of gets through the fights if you know what I mean. He did the business against Tavoris Cloud, but I think that was more of Cloud’s limitations over Hopkins expertise, but it was probably a bit of both to be honest.

Jenna: Now Carl you mentioned that it would be an honor to step into the ring with someone like Bernard Hopkins, would you go up in weight if that fight were a opinion for you.

Froch: Yeah possibly, I would go up a couple of pounds, I wouldn’t go up to light heavyweight to fight Hopkins and give him all the advantages he needs to try and whoop me. I would not go up to 175, but if that fight could be made at 171, 172 then that would be fair. They are talking about going down to middleweight to fight Floyd Mayweather, and if they can go down to that weight, maybe they can do super middleweight.

Jenna: Carl, there’s a lot of talk that Floyd Mayweather Jr. may fight Amir Khan next, and a lot of people have been saying that they have no interest in watching it, and I have to ask you, would you want to see that fight?

Froch: Well I can see why people wanna see Amir Khan in with Floyd Mayweather because we’ve seen Mayweather against somebody who can fight and who’s tough and strong in Canelo, he’s strong, he’s rough and tough. People thought, “will his youth and his strength and his relentlessness be good enough to fight Floyd Mayweather?” The answer is no, Mayweather is too technical, he can sit behind his shoulder, defend and pick the guy off with his boxing ability.

Now what Amir Khan brings to the table is speed, fast hands, a lot of footwork, a bit of youth, so he’s fit for 12 rounds and work rate. So with that work rate and with that speed and with his style, his amateur style, will that be an answer and would that be the key to crack the code and beat Mayweather? I’ll tell you now, the answer is no.

Amir Khan cannot beat Floyd Mayweather, it’s impossible, but because it’s more of an interesting fight that any of the other potential challengers out there for him, he’s tailor made. From a fighters point of view, Amir Khan doesn’t deserve to share the same ring as Floyd Mayweather.

I’m not having a go at Amir Khan because I consider him a colleague in the sport of boxing, and I don’t wanna be coming across like I’m giving him any stick. But the reason I don’t believe he deserves a shot at Mayweather is cause I don’t think he can win the fight, I don’t think he’s got any chance of winning the fight.

He got knocked out by Prescott, he got beat by Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson. If these guys have beaten Amir Khan, what do you really think Floyd Mayweather’s gonna do? You know what he’s gonna do.

Jenna J: I have one more fighter I need to mention – Manny Pacquiao, he’s coming back after a devastating KO loss. You’ve seen a lot of fighters that have been knocked out, do you think he can come back from that type of KO and against Brandon Rios, do you think that’s the wrong style for him?

Froch: I think at his age getting knocked out against Marquez. The fight with Marquez he got caught badly on the way in and he got knocked out cold. That’s a hard fight to come back from at his age, and mentally getting himself up for it, knowing that he’s now vulnerable and his punch resistance is going.

He’s not looked the best in his last few fights. I watched him against Shane Mosley and I was quite disappointed in that fight cause I was excited about watching it, and I came away feeling disappointed with the whole occasion and the performance that was put in by both fighters.

So, I don’t know if Manny Pacquiao should be coming back. I think he’s been a fantastic addition to the sport of boxing, he’s had a fantastic career, he’s had some brilliant wins and gave us some unbelievable nights entertaining and he needs to be careful because it would be a shame now to see him get hurt similar to the way he got hurt against Marquez.

So in respect to him, I’m not really gonna say whether he should or shouldn’t cause no one can tell him not to come back. If he wants to come back then of course he should come back, but he needs to be careful cause it was quite a bad knock out.

Jenna: Alright back to your fight with Groves, that’s a fight that some fans have been looking forward to in the UK. What do you think they can expect most from the fight?

Froch: I think George Groves is gonna try to go on his back foot and run and survive like he did against James DeGale. I’d be very surprised if he comes out and stands in front of me and has a fight with me, especially early on.

I think it’s gonna be a tactical performance. If he tries to do that he will lose massively on points, but if he does come and fight, he will go out on his shield. He’ll get knocked out but at least he’ll get a bit of credit for doing that. Either he loses by knock out of loses by points.


To read part 1 of my interview with Carl Froch follow the link below.


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