Carl Froch vs. George Groves II heats up as both speak at Wembley stadium

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IBF and WBA super middleweight champion, Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch 32-2(KO23) and his fierce adversary ‘Saint’ George Groves 19-1(KO15) had the first of several scheduled press conferences ahead of the much anticipated grudge rematch which will take place at Wembley stadium in London on May 31st.

The presser went of without the amount of trash talking that took place in the first fight press conference. Nottingham tough man Carl Froch was very subdued and appeared to not want to rise to any attempts put forward from his rival Groves. As the challenger, the man hailing from Hammersmith London, Groves spoke about the rematch first.

‘Saint’ George Groves said: “Carl Froch has been mandated, he now has to fight a fight that he doesn’t want to take, a fight he knows he can’t possibly win.” Groves continued – “It was a stone wall robbery the first time, everyone knows it. The IBF knows it and that’s why they have installed me as the mandatory and the immediate rematch is now taking place.”

“It gives me great joy that this is happening. Carl Froch has openly said that this is not a fight that he can take, it’s a fight that he can’t get up for, it’s a fight he didn’t want and he struggled for motivation.”

“He wanted to go to Vegas, I believe he wanted to fight Chavez Jr. He didn’t want to take this fight. He’s been forced to take this fight, that’s round one to me. Round two is because we are sitting right here in Wembley, my home city. Carl has to travel all the way down to London–my home town–to fight in front of my fans. This will be a national event and people will travel for it.”

“This is my home crowd and maybe that’s fate, I’m not sure, everything for a reason maybe. Know this Carl, this is perfection for me now, everything I do in this fight now will be for a reason, there’s not one thing that will be chanced and whether it’s on fight night or whether I choose to hit you in the head or the body or if it’s on the chin or on the nose, on the ear or the wrist or the elbow, wherever I want Carl, that’s where I’m gonna hit you. Understand that, understand that now.”

“I wish you the very best in your training camp because it’s all systems go for me and I said this in the first fight, we went in believing, now we go in knowing and more importantly Carl Froch knows there is nothing he can take from the first fight, absolutely nothing apart from the gift he was given in the ninth round by referee Howard Foster. He had nothing, he was totally spent.”

“This time round he’s gonna have to go into his camp and look to his trainer, Rob McCracken, who I have a lot of respect for, but Rob is somehow gonna have to figure out what he can say to Carl that’s positive from the first fight because there is nothing. I don’t have a clue how they are going prepare for this fight. I wish him the very best, he’s certainly gonna need it.”

Four time world champion, Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch now had his opportunity to voice his opinion on the rematch. The champion had this to say: “Wonderful turn out, thanks for coming for what looks to be one of the biggest fights in British boxing. Fantastic stadium, Wembley, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

“The platform for myself to showcase my skills on this platform, I’m just so, so excited. Sky Sports Box Office and Wembley stadium, it doesn’t get any bigger than that. To be given this opportunity, I’m sure George Groves feels exactly the same. It’s a wonderful opportunity that we have to take with both hands.”

Nottingham man Froch continued: (This is when George Groves starts to play with a Rubik’s cube he has brought along for the occasion) “I’m excited that this opportunity has come along at this time in my career because I’ve been a pro over ten years and to fight in an outdoor event of this magnitude, the last time I can remember was watching Ricky Hatton against whoever he was boxing at the Manchester City football ground (Juan Lazcano) was over fifty thousand fans and I remember looking over my shoulder and seeing a carpet of people and thinking, ‘wow, this is a major event, will I ever get the chance to fight in front of this many people in an open air even in my career? Probably not,’ but it looks like now I am doing it and that for me is very humbling.”

“I’ve had an unbelievable break over Christmas with my family and got the chance to meet my new born baby girl, Natalia. She was born just before the Mikkel Kessler fight actually, so I didn’t get the chance to spend much time with her and after the Kessler fight I went straight into a dance tournament which we all know about and then from that straight into the fight with George Groves.”

“There was a six or seven month period where I was just busy with work, busy, busy busy. Christmas and New Year for me I’ve had some bonding time with my little girl, some family time. I’ve been at home changing nappies and doing feeds, let me tell you that’s overrated, but I’ve enjoyed it.”

“I’ve missed the gym, I’ve missed boxing, I’ve missed hitting the bag and listening to Rob and working hard on the road runs. That’s bad news for George Groves because I’m now excited and looking forward to getting back in the gym and getting back in the ring on May the 31st and doing the business.”

“The last time in fact I felt this mentally switched on, happy and confident was the build up before the Lucian Bute fight and we all saw what happened there. Like I said, I’m just enjoying it so everyone else should just enjoy it and Wembley stadium, wow!” (as soon as Froch finished his comments, Groves put down his Rubik’s cube)

Both trainers were then given the chance to say a few words. Both Groves’ coach, Paddy Fitzpatrick, and Carl Froch’s coach, Rob McCracken, had little to say.

There was a little bit of a confrontation, more of a bit of hot air between Groves and Carl Froch’s brother Lee, who seems hell bent on goading Groves at any given opportunity. This tactic from the Froch camp has clearly been put in place.

As I said, it certainly seems that Lee Froch is looking for a rise out of George Groves to attempt to anger the Hammersmith man into some kind of retaliation. None has been forthcoming from Groves as yet. There’s plenty of time for that to come to the fore.

After the individual interviews of both fighters, the two parties then moved to Wembley stadium to do a walk around the pitch for the press who were gathered there for photo opportunities.

Both pugilists were stood either side of Matchroom Sports promoter, Eddie Hearn for the pictures to be taken by the press. This went down without any hiccups. Then after the pictures with promoter Hearn, both fighters were set to do a face off.

Groves was looking directly at Froch, quite close to the champion and Froch reacted to what he said was “invading his personal space.” Carl Froch pushed George Groves in the chest sending the younger man back a few steps.

Groves didn’t seem too alarmed by this move from Froch and said to Froch “For gods sake be a professional” and then Groves said “whoa hold up hold up.”

It appears that out of shot, Lee Froch (Carl’s brother) was wanting to get to Groves and he was saying something or other to ‘The Saint’

The London man then said to what I believe was Lee Froch “who’s talking to you sweetheart.”

The challenger then walked over to Eddie Hearn and said “Eddie sort your boy out”

Groves then said to Froch “How many fights have you had?”

The champion replied “You still haven’t learned have you?”

George Groves then said to Froch “Touch me again and that’s the end of it.”

He then told Froch’s trainer Rob McCracken to “sort his boy out” as Froch was being led away by his entourage.

Groves then said “We’re out of here.”

It certainly wasn’t a shock to me that a fracas actually happened. I predicted that something of this ilk would happen to help generate more PPV buys, which they clearly don’t need as there was a reported 60,000 of the 80,000 or so tickets shifted in the first few hours of them going on general sale to the public.

Here is the footage from pitch side at Wembley stadium. (Preview)

This will only gather momentum as the weeks an month pass. I dare say, not long before the fight takes place. Both fighters will appear side by side sat on the bench on Sky Sports flagship boxing show ‘Ringside’

Groves verbally attacked Froch on Ringside the first time round, I’m looking forward to see what transpires as they go head to head on the show once more.

There is a scheduled press tour around the major cities of the UK to help promote the battle at Wembley on May the 31st, so there will be plenty more occasions for both men to get in sly digs at one another and build the fight as the tension reaches boiling point in the closing stages of both fighters’ preparations.

Keep your eyes peeled because the fight is more than a grudge rematch, more than personal. This is all out war.

The fight will be screened by Sky Sports Live on Sky Box Office at a cost of £14.95 for the full card. Some of the under card fights will be shown earlier more than likely on Sky Sports standard platform channel to entice people into purchasing the PPV bout.

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    great stuff mate

  2. Gregory says:

    Lee Froch???? why is this asshole talkign shit now? Did Froch put him up to it? I think he did cause he can’t deal with the trash talk from groves ROFL

  3. SRV_74 says:

    Carl is gonna have to endure much more of that haha.

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