Carson Jones: “Antonio Margarito obviously quit on the stool and somehow they found a way to give him a win”

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Boxer Carson Jones has never been afraid of traveling to another fighter’s hometown or country, he has done it throughout his career. He most notably did this when he faced Kell Brook in two fights in the UK, with the first bout being close and competitive. Most recently Carson traveled to Antonio Margarito’s home country and saw himself on the wrong side of a controversial result.

In my interview with Carson Jones, I get his thoughts on the events that played out when he traveled to Mexico to face Antonio Margarito. Carson gave his views on the controversy and his view on the ending. He also talks about what he thinks boxing needs to do to stop these kinds of decisions. Additionally, Jones gives his thoughts on having a rematch and gives his prediction for Golovkin vs. Canelo. Here is what Carson Jones had to say.

Robert Brown: Carson, what did you think of the controversy surrounding your fight with Antonio Margarito?

Carson Jones: This is one of those things that gives boxing a black eye. As you already knew, going into Mexico we were going to have a hard time getting a decision on a win anyway, but I didn’t expect them to rob me in this manner. It’s kind of like they saw an opportunity to give him a win and I think they took it.

He obviously quit on the stool and somehow they found a way to give him a win, it was very disappointing to me. I’m hoping that there’s a possible chance that we can get the appeal and overturn the decision, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, but hopefully it doesn’t hurt me too much.

Robert Brown: You dominated the sixth and seventh rounds, then the fight was stopped between rounds, did the ref say anything to you?

Carson Jones: The referee didn’t come over and say anything but I couldn’t stop following the referee after the fight, just trying to get an explanation but he never gave me one. It’s like he was shocked by the decision he had made himself, he had no explanation and wouldn’t respond to me. I think deep down inside he knew he did wrong. I feel this is a great disservice to the sport of boxing and it gives it a black eye. It put a blemish on my career and it put a blemish on boxing.

Robert Brown: Boxing is constantly marred by either extremely controversial decisions or just blatantly corrupt decisions. What can we do to stop this problem?

Carson Jones: The only way to stop this problem is to have Jesus Christ and God himself come down and they be the judges of the sport. Other than that, there’s no way to fix it. When you get into a sport where there is business and money involved, there’s no way to fix it, there’s always going to be corruption in boxing.

Honestly, you just have to knock people the fuck out, that’s what you have to do. You have to go in there and take the officiating out of the sport. This is me joking but maybe we should go back to the fifteen round fights or maybe twenty round fights, that way the judges aren’t needed.

Robert Brown: If a rematch with Margarito was offered in Mexico, would you take the opportunity and go back?

Carson Jones: Without a fucking thought, I would take it in a heartbeat. They would have to give me a bigger paycheck because I don’t want to go over there and get robbed for nothing. If you’re going to rob me, at least give me a decent paycheck. I’m probably going to fight over there in November, I’m not going to say any names, I’m going to push for a rematch but it’s probably going to be against a different opponent.

Hopefully later on down the line, maybe next year, we can get a rematch for that. One thing I hope is that Antonio Margarito doesn’t get any more opportunities – I especially hope he doesn’t get the Cotto fight — until he proves that he beat me.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the Canelo vs. Golovkin fight that is coming up? Who do you think is going to win that one?

Carson Jones: Of course I have to go with the home team, I have to go with my boy Gennady. It won’t be easy for either one, but if boxing was easy, everybody would be doing it.

Robert Brown: Do you think the fight will end in a stoppage for Gennady or do you think it will go to the scorecards? If it goes to a decision, is there a chance for a bit of a dodgy decision?

Carson Jones: I can’t foresee anything, but I don’t see a robbery coming into play in this situation. I think they’re going to have some very solid judges officiating the fight. I don’t see the corruption of boxing coming into play, I just think it’s going to come down to who wants it more and who works harder. This is one of the biggest fights boxing fans have been waiting for, and I’m ready to see it.

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