Chris Algieri: “The boxing world will change when I beat Pacquiao, so Floyd Mayweather is an option”

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The fight between Chris Algieri and Manny Pacquiao is now just over 2 months away, and with the press tour over and the fighters now starting their preparations, it won’t be long until these two champions meet in the ring. Pacquiao is already listed a heavy favorite, but this would not be the first time that Algieri has come up against heavy odds, and he looks to have another upset added to his record.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” interview with Chris Algieri, I get his views on the challenge he has ahead of him and how he plans to beat the odds. Algieri talks about getting a decision in Macau, and if he believes he has enough power to hurt Pacquiao. Additionally, Algieri speaks about the possibility of landing in the Floyd sweepstakes with a win over Pacquiao. Here is what Chris Algieri had to say.

Jenna J: Chris you’re going over to Macau China, do you think you can get a decision over there in that country if the fight is close?

Chris Algieri: I do, I’m not one who’s too concerned about poor decisions or bad decisions by the judges. I’ll let the judges do their job and I’m gonna do my job, and my job is to leave no doubt and to dominate the best that I can. With the game plan that my coaches are developing and my style of fighting, I’m not looking to have a close fight, I’m looking to make this a dominant performance.

Jenna J: You’ve been saying in the press you don’t expect to knock out Manny Pacquiao — that you expect to clearly out box him. Do you think there is any chance that you have enough power to hurt Manny?

Chris Algieri: Absolutely, absolutely do. I think in terms of boxing, you know it’s purely unexpected and anything can happen, and you got two guys and if you can hit someone and hurt them and if you can hurt them you can stop them.

I don’t go into this fight thinking that I have to win a decision or I have to outbox him or anything like that. If the knockout is there, the knockout is there. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, I’m looking to dominate either way.

Jenna J: I know you’re not at all looking ahead of yourself, but if you are too beat Manny Pacquiao, you know the fans will be clamoring for a fight between you and Floyd Mayweather. Do you see a possibility of that happening if you are able to beat Manny?

Chris Algieri: I mean of course, the landscape of the boxing world will change, if and when I beat Manny, so that’s an option. But as always, we’ll take it step by step and see what the best moves are gonna be and decide what the next move will be. For right now, I am 100% focused on November 22nd.

Jenna J: Let’s talk about the fight you have with Manny Pacquiao. From the opening bell — and I know you don’t want to give your game plan away — what’s the type of approach you’re going to take against Manny?

Chris Algieri: I don’t think there’s anything to really give away. I know a lot of people haven’t seen me fight, but I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna be myself. I’m gonna push the action, I’m going to utilize an authoritative jab and boxing stance and I’m going to go out there and set the tone. That’s how I fight.

Jenna J: If you do beat Manny, you will be a two division world champion, what will that mean to you?

Chris Algieri: At this point, it’s already a dream come true. I’m an undefeated world champion, but to have another title at the same time, while still being undefeated is gonna be pretty incredible feeling, pretty an incredible feat. But I guess I’ll figure that out on November 22nd.

Jenna J: Now in a fight between you and Manny Pacquiao do you think that there’s any chance at all that he might underestimate you looking at that fight with Ruslan Provodnikov?

Chris Algieri: It’s possible, but I know his team is telling him that this a very real challenge, and that he’s also gonna want to go out and put on the best performance that he can. He’s just gonna try to be Manny, so I’m not really concerned too much about what he’s feeling or if he’s underestimating me or anything like that. I got to go out there and be prepared for the best, as I said earlier.

Jenna J: What is your official prediction for November 22nd?

Chris Algieri: Chris Algieri, 21-0.

Jenna J: Finally for your fans out there, is there any message you want to pass along to them?

Chris Algieri: Please keep checking in, it’s going to be a great tour leading up to the training camp and everything. Going forward it’s going to be amazing, so definitely keep tuning in and hopefully you guys will be some new fans.

Jenna J: Chris, thank you very much for coming on “On the Ropes” I thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to your fight against Manny Pacquiao on November 22nd.

Chris Algieri: I appreciate it.

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  2. Ben Thompson says:

    this fight will be like Pac vs Margarito………….Trust me!!! If Pac Lose this fight the Mayweather Vs Pacquaio will be Off……. This Is like a Tune Up Fight For Manny To test him how he fight with a long reach… remember fellas chris algieri and Floyd are the same reach…

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if Manny wins in dominating fashion, still the fight against Mayweather will be only a dream. Gayweather is only pretending as if he wanted to fight Manny.

  3. barry gil r. pilar says:

    ..I consider Chris as a very lucky person, he has escaped death in the hands of Provo and snatched the latters belt. Now, Algeiri is envisioning himself as someone who will change boxing by beating Pacquiao. I admire the younger generation of boxers because they always manifest their passion concerning the Sport. I just hope Chris will back his words with fists on Nov 22nd because i am sure Manny is preparing for him. He should not forget that Pacquiao is a warrior and will engage someone who threatens to snatch his belt!

  4. reyocs says:

    this fight is just like dela hoya vs pacquiao match

  5. edel says:

    may the best win! Good Luck!

  6. glen says:

    Dream on Algieri… But reality kicks in you’ll seeing starts come fight night. That’s not even a joke.

  7. leo says:

    Very brutal K.O. round 3

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