Demetrius Andrade: “I did everything I had to do to fight Canelo. If you are the best, then just fight the best!”

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Demetrius Andrade is the undefeated WBO middleweight champion of the world and has held titles in two weight divisions. While Andrade has had success in the ring, he has not had the same when it comes to getting the biggest names in the sport to face him. The one name he has targeted the most and for the longest, has been Canelo Alvarez.

In my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Andrade, I discuss with him how it feels to be a middleweight champion and how hard it has been not having the best want to face him. I also spoke to him about a potential Canelo Alvarez fight and why he thinks his style would give Alvarez problems. Additionally, I get Andrade’s thoughts on the recent Pacquiao vs. Spence fight announcement. Here is what Demetrius Andrade had to say.

Jenna J: Demetrius, you were recently in attendance for the Memorial for Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Could you let the fans know what brought you there on Sunday?

Demetrius Andrade: The man himself, Marvelous Marvin, the cream of the crop. It was just an honor to be there to show support to his family, support to the boxing world, because at the end of the day Marvelous did Marvelous things in that ring and also out of the ring.

For me I did not grow up actually watching him — I was watching Roy Jones — but as I got to the ages of computers and stuff, I watched and I looked up Marvelous Marvin and his history, his situation and how consistent he was and how he didn’t let the politics or the obstacles in his way stop him or slow him down, staying on top of the game and continuing to keep on working and every fight get better.

Jenna: Marvin was a middleweight champion, something you have risen to. What does it mean to you to be a middleweight champion?

Andrade: It’s great, but it’s time for the best to fight the best. Our weight class needs to be doing that because everybody else is doing it and unifying their division. For me to have that type of legacy, that’s what we need. For anybody, win, lose or draw, you need to get in there with the best to be a legend.

Jenna: One of the best has seemingly avoided you, that being Canelo Alvarez, how has it been trying to navigate those waters when the best won’t fight you?

Andrade: I did everything I had to do, we have the same promoter now, we are both on the same network. Golovkin and him fought to unify the division and I had the last piece of the puzzle, the WBO belt. If you are the best man, then just fight the best.

You’re avoiding, you avoid Charlo for the WBC, so you do this franchise champ thing. You don’t talk about it until David Benavidez loses his belt on the scale. Everybody else is weak. Colin Smith is weak, Billy Joe is weak — he’s in there playing tag with somebody like Canelo, that’s weak. How the hell did this happen? At the end of the day I’m competing and I’m willing to fight.

Jenna: Are you done chasing after Canelo Alvarez?

Andrade: Nah I’m alway going to chase to fight the best, I’m not gonna give up on fighting the best. That’s just it, or whoever they claim to be the best because if that’s the case, then what do I do? I can’t pick anybody, I can only fight the people that are willing to fight me. So while I’m in this game as long as I can, I’m going to keep putting pressure on all of the middleweight division itself, whoever has the belts.

Jenna: You have the kind of style that people say would give Canelo problems. He had problems with Lara and Trout, do you think that your style would give him the most problems?

Andrade: For sure, I’m slick and I have power. Everytime I step in the ring, people go down, they hit the canvas. I’m not fighting guys that come for a paycheck, I’m actually fighting hungry people that are looking for a life changing situation. I’m fighting undefeated guys or guys that have to make something of themselves with the opportunity of fighting me changing their life.

Jenna: What did you think of Canelo’s last fight against Billy Joe Saunders?

Andrade: I thought that Canelo didn’t really look like anything good, I just thought he fought a guy that didn’t step up to the level and he was playing tag with his punches. He wasn’t really sitting down on his punches. He was not showing a threat, he was just looking to land ok punches, but to just sit there and play tag with the little jab, no you got to sit there. The difference is, when I throw punches, I will hurt you.

Jenna: Manny Pacquiao is going to face Errol Spence in August. What do you think of that fight announcement?

Andrade: It’s definitely a good fight. I mean right now is the time, Pacquiao is unbelievable, he’s the man, he still looks young and fresh. it’s not going to be easy or a walk in the park to beat somebody like Pacquiao at his age, he’s the man.

Jenna: What’s your prediction for that fight?

Andrade: May the best man win. I’m happy for two guys that took it and are making it happen, showing the world that this is what it takes. Especially in my weight division, because in my division, it seems not to happen.

Jenna: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Andrade: Just thank you to everybody out there who’s supporting boxing and stay tuned.

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  1. GGGman says:

    Canelo does not want to fight this guy, period. He does not like these type of fighters so I don’t think with all the chasing that it will happen.

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  3. Im not on the path up to the good ship lollypop. Howd he wind up here..Too many people, bumped nd grinded Chocoa;ate to start..Yagern bhunner not to flollow. The march starts better still and yet.. Smiths from Englendo, GGG, Lemieux,, Briedus?, Jacobs, Deryvanchenko, Benevides, Mungi, and even Junior if he stays from Milan..vache a bade.. j…
    We are not sold! As true blood hounds..Why waiste spce… Lift off..

    • TruthHurtsboxing says:

      Some guys have fought the Whos who in boxing…..Andrade has fought the who the hell are these guys of boxing lol He passed up on Charlo and until he beats a name, Canelo should look the other way.