Deontay Wilder: “Floyd Mayweather is a man who has fought the best of the best, forget the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight!”

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Undefeated heavyweight contender, Deontay Wilder, has amassed an impressive 31-0 with 31 KO’s record and has positioned himself as a mandatory challenger for the winner of the upcoming May 10th WBC heavyweight title fight between Chris Arreola & Bermane Stiverne. Many wonder if Wilder is ready for his shot, but after dispatching what most people felt would be the toughest test of his career in just one round, he might be more ready than people think.

During the 211th edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to speak with Deontay and discuss with him his most recent victory in the ring and where he expects to go following the win. Wilder also give his thoughts on the upcoming Arreola vs. Stiverne fight, in which he is set to meet the winner. Additionally Wilder broke down the two highly anticipated fights, Pacquiao-Bradley & Mayweather Jr-Maidana, and also talked about what his dream fight would be. Here is what Deontay Wilder had to say

Discussing his recent 1st round knockout over Malik Scott and dealing with critics

Deontay Wilder: I feel great, I felt great in the fight. I was happy with the performance that I displayed, even thought it wasn’t much of me to show. You may have some salty fans, they may say my man dove, took a dive. You can’t explain the unexplained, it’s just like magic.

You can’t explain how it happened so you have to make up an excuse somewhere. It’s true power and I tell people all the time, do me a favor and sign a waiver and let me hit you. I will show you how it feels, then you make your judgment off of that.

On his future, and when he expects to return to the ring

Wilder: We’re gonna see what lies at hand after the May 10th fight. We’re gonna see how long it’s gonna take. We were in talks about maybe having another outing. I don’t like to sit out too long; I’m a fighter that likes to continuously fight over and over again, so sitting out won’t do me any good.

We’ll see how it goes, once we know something everybody else will know. I’m looking forward to claiming those belts and bringing them back to America where they once were and where they belong. I’m looking forward to it.

Thoughts on Arreola vs. Stiverne 2, and who he would prefer to fight between them

Wilder: That’s one of the biggest questions, I gotta stick with what I’ve been saying all along, it really doesn’t matter who I fight, I really don’t care. I feel both of those guys’ styles are tailor made for mine. I don’t see neither one having nothing for me. I can’t wait for them to fight, I will be there front row and center, wherever it’s gonna be.

I’ll put a little pressure on whoever really wants to fight, let them know, this is what you got next baby. It doesn’t matter, they can tag team me if they want to. I can’t wait for this fight for one particular reason, either or would be a test for me, here goes another test. Before I fight, maybe in the press I’m gonna let them know that I don’t wanna hear shit after this fight!

If I knock him out in the first round, under 90 seconds, lets say this one goes 36 seconds, I don’t wanna hear nothing from nobody. I want them to grasp on to me, I want them to crown me, I want them to follow me and realize that I am the next big thing here. I have arrived, this is my time, this is my season. I want people to know that I am the real deal, there’s nothing fake about me.

His views on Bradley vs. Pacquiao 2

Wilder: You know, over and over again we’ve seen Timothy Bradley definitely have heart, especially when he fought Provodnikov, he definitely turned into warrior mode. He said he fought with a concussion; he took a lot of punches. I love Timothy Bradley, a spiritual man definitely recognizes another spiritual man because he is spiritual and talks a lot about god, as well as I. You can tell he’s real, I like him for that simple fact.

I did feel that when he fought Pacquiao — and a lot of other people will agree with me — I definitely felt like Pacquiao won that first fight. This fight, hopefully it will be a better fight. We’ll see who wins, but Pacquiao looked good when he fought Rios, he looked damn good if I might say.

It’s all gonna depend on what fighter brings what to the fight. You always have a good day, you always have a bad night, it’s always gonna depend on those two guys, who’s gonna be the best man of the night. I wish them both well.

Thoughts on Mayweather vs. Maidana

Wilder: I think this is an interesting fight, I like both fighters. It’s gonna be great, I’m gonna be up in the building for that fight personally. I love Floyd, he’s a defense specialist. It’s crazy how you can be man on top of the world as far as boxing, and fought the best of the best, that just lets you know that people are never satisfied with what you do.

Here is a man who has fought the best of the best — and forget the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight, a lot of people wanna hold that one little thing against him and say “Oh he’s not the best because he ain’t fought this guy.” A lot of people have criticized him, he’s done a lot of things for charity and that never gets out. They always wanna talk about the bad that he does and not the good.

You just gotta give it to him, he’s the best in our time, and that’s just it. When he fought Canelo — and I think Canelo is an awesome fighter too, I think Canelo is better than Maidana, tough wise and skill wise, and Floyd played around with him. I’m just gonna imagine what he’s gonna do with Maidana.

Not only is this a fight, but I think it’s a totally different fight for Floyd because it got a little bit more meaning on it because I think he’s looking for revenge for the Broner fight. When you’re looking for revenge, you’re gonna put a little more effort. I think he’s gonna come and try to punish him for a couple of rounds and I’m looking for him to try to knock him out. He wants to punish him, he wants to make a statement with this one, that’s for sure. I got Floyd for this fight all the way.

If he could face one fighter from any era, who would it be?

Wilder: I wouldn’t mind fighting Joe Louis, he was my all time favorite fighter back in day. It would be an honor to get in the ring with that man and fight him, for the simple reason that he was a champion. Also, he’s from Alabama as well.

A lot of people don’t know he’s from Alabama — they relate him to Detroit because he based his career off there, as well as Evander Holyfield, he’s from Alabama, a lot of people don’t know, they say Atlanta.

Joe Louis, I contribute my name to him as well. He’s ‘The Brown Bomber’ and I’m ‘The Bronze Bomber’ the bronze of course is from the Olympics, and the bomber is a tribute to Joe Louis. I would love to get in the ring with him.

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53 Responses to "Deontay Wilder: “Floyd Mayweather is a man who has fought the best of the best, forget the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight!”"
  1. Manny Niyut says:

    So Maidana and Khan matters more than Manny Pacquiao. You must be kidding. And you’ll still get clobbered if you ever fight Vladimir Klitchsko.

  2. With Brain says:

    How much did he pay you?

  3. reyocs says:

    they fight all the chciken boxer in america..just like lil floyd

  4. adan says:

    Manny is the best fighter in the world and you are afraid to take on him because your ass is scared. and is it OKAY? HUH? WHAT?

  5. LILO says:

    You are making us Filams look bad and people thinking that Filams are racist when it’s only a few uneducated Filipinos in the Philippines starting this BS.

  6. artjd says:

    When you interview an idiot, be prepared to get idiotic answer.

  7. Toughguy Manila says:

    We can also say that Pacquiao is a man who fought the best of the best, forget about the Pacquiao vs Mayweather…

  8. ed rabago says:

    until idiot floyd fights the mighty pacman, he will remains a quack. the cherry picker

  9. ed rabago says:

    deontay wilder, open your bloody eyes. if ever they square on top of the ring, floyd will kiss the canvas period

  10. Lewie Leonillo says:


  11. Kojie says:

    Yep, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was never meant to be and is now past it’s perceived competitiveness. I’m a Pacquiao fan but Mayweather is just totally in a different level. Pacman may give Mayweather some trouble early but Mayweather will eventually figure Pacman out and play with him after, winning by unanimous decision. But, since I’m a Filipino, I will always go with Pacquiao no matter what. O, ha! tama na satsat at dada kayong mga Pactards and just face the truth. And before you label me as a Floydiot, you may wanna see some of my posts, I am very much a Pacquiao fan, just not a pactard like you. o, ko-papabida pa! sasabat pa. wag na sopla ka na e!

    • cez says:

      kojie kupal!

    • mateng says:

      youre right their in diffrent level coz pacquiao fights whoever gives thegreatest challenge while mayweather chooses to fight the opposite. he doesnt even have the balls to stand by with what he said when he let the fans vote for his next fight.

      • julian says:

        Oh yeah your so clever idiot because De la hoya,marquez,Mosley ,judah and hatton and his closest battle to date in Maidana in rematch is the opposite of the Pacquiao your talking about ! Foolish statement !
        Newsflash dickheads Marquez destroyed Pacqiuo and Mayweather clowned Marquez !….argue with that !

    • Lorne Maraan says:

      You are a Floydiot not a Pacquiao fan. Floydiots comment like you do.

    • artjd says:

      To Kojie – I think you just don’t know boxing. Why do you think Floydie is avoiding Pacquiao? If you have seen Floydie vs Castillo, Floydie vs Zab Judah, Floydie vs Hatton you might have an idea why Floydie does not want to fight Pacquiao. Go watch those clips and tell me what you see.

    • Chongkikoy says:

      Kojie….Gago ka pala kaya ayaw lumaban si chicken floyd dahil TAKOT hinde matalo kundi masaktan….may pakontra kontra kapa ULOL!!!!!!!

  12. cez says:

    the issue here is why mayweather is full of excuses not to fight pacman. and not about who wins…. coz we cannot really get the result if mayweather keeps on running you idiot filipino moron. nakakahiya ka tanga!

  13. Ding says:

    .Mayweather fought the best of the best???….(hahahahhekhek) you’re kidding. You and Mayweather are like birds of the same feather. People are right, U R UNTESTED, it for yourself, you haven’t fought a worthy opponent, ..To claim the
    win over Scott who took a dive and just collected the money is a shame. .

    • julian says:

      Only an idiot would say floyd has not fought the best and also not recognise that this man has been at the top of boxing for as long as he has being also the richest boxer ever in history and his own boss unlike any other boxer is not special ! Quiet simply your all idiots to not recognise greatness !
      It’s funny cos people call floyd a coward when they forget that he refought maidana arguable his closest decision and most amount of pressure in his career to date just to show you clown’s what it’s all about and you still don’t get it cos your idiots!
      Dumb opinions are one thing and actual facts are another but dickheads don’t care.

  14. mateng says:

    oh yeah? just like you? 31 victories with the best of the best? nowonder youre still struggling to make a name. you wont make it because you have no class, youre just a puppet.

  15. Arnulfo Cruz says:

    Over-rated newbie Deontay….that just shows you don’t know boxing and what the fans want…..

  16. J.T says:

    His opinion is not relevant. He is entitled to his opinion, but it is not fact. A certain fighter is avoiding the “Pacman.” Even though, this boxer is a good and talented fighter. Let the man speak.

  17. Sonny of Sydney says:

    Deuntog is delusional – past 6 years the Mayweather family have been studying Pac and still come up with the same answer – lil floyd will be bashed by Pac . So no amount of money would lure the blackie boy to rumble with Pac. He knows inside the ring he could not run forever, come a time when Pac will catch him and make him pay for past years abuses. They KNOW – Pweh!
    On Tim Butteley – your boy the desert worm is a coward – he would not dare to fight toe to toe bs Pac as he bragged prior to 1st fight. With his girly punches – noo chance to KO Pac but more likey he will be KO;d – no old fart judges will save him this time – hear cross eyed Joel he he he. Pweh!

  18. PACMANUSA says:

    Same old story different day !

    I truely hope Pacquiao kills Bradley , Marquez and that bum Mayfagweather if he grows a set of BALLS and fights PACMAN !

  19. Brett says:

    Wow, another black guy who thinks Mayweather shouldn’t fight Pacquiao. I’m shocked.

  20. Glen says:

    Deontay Wilder who? Never heard. Why his opinion even matter.

  21. jess says:

    31-0 is nothing if you dont fight the best like any of the klitscko bros. On Fraud Jr., why does he have all the alibi not to face Pacquiao? But with other boxers there is not one reason not to fight? Why? Why? Why? His reason not to face Manny are ridiculous and outrageous!!! HIs health, his family, Pacquiao not good enough as an opponent (what? Boxer of the decade, 8 titles in different weight classes?), Pacquiao is with Bob Arum, Pacquiao was 108 before and now he is going after the big guys like Fraud Jr. himself, Pacquiao lost to Bradley & marquez, he has bigger PPV numbers than Pacquiao, etc, etc, etc.

  22. jess says:

    Additional reason not to fight Pacquiao according to Fraud Jr. is that Pacquiao is only after the big money so he can pay the taxman. Excuse me? Fraud Jr. mind your own monkey business, ok? Somebody in the know said Pacquiao paid all his tax dues. Nobody escapes the tax collection efficiency of the taxman, they are the best not only in their job but in the whole government bureaucracy. Kudos to them!

  23. jess says:

    If Fraud Jr retires without fighting Manny Pacquiao, he will regret it as he will never leave behind the kind of boxing legacy he wishes from the very beginning of his career. It will haunt him the rest of his life. Mark my word!!!!

  24. Ricardo says:

    What can we expect from Wilder? Like his idol, he also has 0 defeats which gives him the reason (he thinks) to identify with Floydie. But he never goes on to say why he thinks Floydie is the best of our generation which makes you wonder.
    Wait ’til this guy finally tastes defeat, and then for sure he will be singing a different tune. He will begin to realize (i hope) that zero losses means nothing if you want to be the best.

  25. bigfoot says:

    Oh yeah another stupid ass speaking again. so Robert Guerrero, Victor Ortiz, (washed up) Mosley
    (Pac leftover) Cotto are best of the best? anyway I see a black skin so its just a black supports black.

    • julian says:

      STUPID COMMENT….WHY BE “THAT” GUY WHO TALKS ABOUT COLOUR like that and de la hoya was not one of the best? And the other fighters ? Your the stupid ass it seems !

  26. Mario Hernandez says:

    Another stupid comment from a stupid boxer who fought bunches of tomato cans.

  27. Barry Gil R. Pilar says:

    …wildEr knocks guys off in frOnt of him however, did he fought a seasoned fighter already? his victims are mostly mediocre fighters, there are lot of fighters in the heavyweight division and he should fight them in order to be tested as a legit fighter. Nevertheless, i respect his opinion regArding the debAte of a floyd and mAnny fight in the future. I think this will never happen since floyd hAs a lot of excuses just to avoid manny. The only legAcy of floyd is the truth that he ducks those fighters whom he knows could give him a lot of trouble. Floyd is too scared to fAce his nightmAre who is manny pAcquiao!…

  28. julius fogle says:

    I see alot of people on here that dont know boxing. As much as I would love to see a pac-mayweather fight, im still not gonna let my emotions take over common sense. Pacquaio for one, makes too many mistakes to beat floyd. Two, what type of fighter gives pacquaio the most trouble? Counter punchers. Alas marquez. Floyd is a master counter puncher with superb defense, better legs, speed, size, reflexes and less ring tear than marquez. Besides the haters dislike for floyd, how does anyone see pac winning. Pac aint knocked nobody out since he moved to 147 and the steroid rumors started popping up. The reason the fight aint gonna happen is bob arum. Floyds disdain for arum and his refusal to put money in arums pocket. In case you dont know theres serious animosity there. Floyd, when hes was with arum sat and watched arum put all his efforts into making delahoya a megastar, which he did. Floyd in the meanwhile was like hey, I could be bigger than De la Hoya When he left Arum, looked what happened. He was right. Hes shattering all of De leoya’s pay per view numbers. The pioneer of hbo 24/7. Now he got the game on lock. Pacquaio broke cause Arum pimping him like a bitch. Now he willing to do all drug testing, and take a smaller percentage of the purse for the purse. I take nothing from pac but he beats just about everyone but floyd. He better make sure hes focused on bradley. But if the fight was to ever happen, even when floyd would whip him, people wouldnt give him credit

    • cez says:

      Hey “Genius julius” you ‘re a comedian right? Again, how many times will i tell you that talk is cheap. You keep on saying that pac is no match with Gayfloyd, but he keeps on running and cites too many funny excuses. If he thinks pac is too easy to beat, how come he does not want to fight him for his biggest paycheck? we filipinos we dont talk too much. we just fight whoever we wanna fight us as long as everything is fair.–size of the gloves, weight & money. Pac does not care whoever is promoting gayfloyd, So gayfloyd should not make arum as part of his long list of cheap excuses. Pac also does not mind if gay injects xylocaine on his wrist. inject as much as you want if you must….just fight! You can never claim that gayfloyd will have an easy time with pac unless he fights him! Talk is cheap ASSHOLE!

    • julian says:

      Very intelligent and knowledgeable ! Thankyou.

  29. Jon McNeil says:

    Floyd’s undefeated record won ‘t mean anything unless he fights PacMan ! $200 million dollars in Floyd ‘s bank cannot earns the respect & admiration of the world that Ali ,Leonard. & Robinson had in tetms of legacy. ..

  30. noel says:

    this nigger is a misguided human being or apeman!!

  31. Vic says:

    Who is Deontry Wilder? is he a world champion?

  32. Michael says:

    If Wilder thinks Floyd fought the best of the best, maybe he is not ready to face the Klistscho brothers. I’ll be rooting for him thou. It will be great if he could bring the belts back to the US when the Champs of now in the heavyweights decided not to fight anymore for good. They are getting there.



    • julian says:

      What diabolical rubbish !.only a true idiot would say 48-0 is manufactured especially after fighting the people he has fought like de la hoya,Mosley, marquez etc and then re -fighting arguably his closest contest to date in Maidana ! The thing is you lot are such dumb haters that even if he beat Pacquiao you would all be saying the same thing about him and someone else.
      It actual shows how great he is that people like you still don’t get it !

  34. Divina says:

    PAC vs mayweather is a fight we would all love to see but it’s not that serious like everybody makes it. How about you get in the ring with either boxer. PAC can fight, he is a brawler but you need more than the ability to fight to get in the ring with mayweather. You need strategy! Boxing isn’t the same as before mayweather came in and changed the game. I won’t say it’s for the better but he has boxing in the palm of his hands. He is a very stubborn person and about his money so regardless of what people are asking for he is using his manly instincts and holding a grudge. So what he doesn’t want to fight PAC if you don’t like it don’t watch him anymore you have your choice but to me it doesn’t seem like people are talking boxing anymore it seems like more of a race war to me. We are all minorities. I’m Filipino and I feel we are minorities just like blacks. Once we stop focusing on race and just enjoy the art of boxing it’s going to always be an argument. But hey if this is what gets you through your day that’s fine. You’re just keeping the rich rich and letting them know that they still have control over us. To allow a simple fight rowl so many people up is a shame

  35. Wilder has gotten so much palm not to mention nuts and spinles from peabody and sherman. he hasnt performed up to snuff. it may be ambiguous why and still do on why do they invest in the product without return on investment moot and nehgative. is somebody laundering?
    Sure as helol aint Zhilloie Zhangs camp.
    This whole experiment has been a waiste of power and human…resourss.
    Dude does not have a rite to waiste the hboxing publics time. Arum should be committed to Spaden or something similar with a backyard view,
    Thanyou but heres 2 bannanas to beginthe gbegine with.