Devon Alexander: “Victor Ortiz’s weakness is his chin and his heart. I have to push his heart to the edge!”

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Former two-time welterweight champion, Devon Alexander, is set to make his return to the ring February 17th when he faces off against former WBC welterweight belt holder, Victor Ortiz. The fight is a crossroads match for both as the loser of the bout will likely find themselves out of the welterweight picture. Alexander is 2-3 in his last 5 bouts and hopes at age 31 he can get one more crack at a world championship.

In part 1 of my interview with Devon Alexander, I talk with him about his upcoming bout against Victor Ortiz. Alexander speaks on his advantages in the match-up and breaks down Ortiz’ weaknesses. Devon also gives his thoughts on the welterweight division and talks about what he would like next if he wins. Additionally, Alexander shares his views on this weekend’s fight between Errol Spence and Lamont Peterson. Here is what Devon Alexander had to say.

Robert Brown: You got a fight coming up with Victor Ortiz, how are preparations going?

Devon Alexander: For me the preparation is always good. We’re in full camp now, we just had the press conference last week. We’re in full camp mode now and it’s going excellent. We got some good work, good sparring and we will be ready for whatever Victor Ortiz brings.

Robert Brown: What strengths does Victor Ortiz have that you have to be concerned about? What weaknesses are you looking to exploit in Victor Ortiz?

Devon Alexander: I know Victor always comes to fight. He’s an all around good fighter but his weakness is his chin and his heart. I have to push his heart to the edge and see what he’s got. I have to outsmart him, I have to be quicker than him, and we’ll be victorious.

Robert Brown: Will you just box him in the early rounds and hope to put pressure on him as the fight grows longer and knock him out?

Devon Alexander: Yeah, I don’t want to share the gameplan but my thing is, I want to stick to what got me there. Speed and skill are hard to beat and we saw what happened when Victor Ortiz fought a skillful fighter in Floyd – Victor got frustrated and tried to headbutt Floyd. Speed and quickness and movement is going to kill Victor Ortiz, and that’s what we’re planning on doing. I don’t want to tell you the gameplan because he may be listening, but it’s going to be an exceptional performance.

Robert Brown: If you get past Ortiz, who would you like to fight next?

Devon Alexander: Well the 147lb division is action packed and full of talent and good fighters. Any fight that is made will make for a good fight that the fans will want to see. I don’t want to fight nobodies. If they’re not top ten, I don’t want to fight them.

I want to put a mark on my name, I want somebody big soon because if I don’t, they’re going to say “Oh he was supposed to beat him anyway.” I don’t even want to go that route, I want to fight the best. I think I’m the best but I want to fight the best out there. If they say that Garcia, Spence or Thurman is the best, that’s who I want to fight.

Robert Brown: What is your official prediction for the fight against Ortiz?

Devon Alexander: The prediction is that it’s going to be a masterclass and if it goes seven rounds, I’ll be surprised. My power and my speed if going to be there and if he can withstand the power, I’ll be surprised.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the upcoming fight between Errol Spence and Lamont Peterson? Who do you think will win it?

Devon Alexander: That’s going to be a very good fight. It’s hard to go with a winner. I think if Peterson fights a smart fight, I think he’s going to be a problem for Spence, but if he stands there and tries to bang with him, I don’t think he has a chance. Peterson needs to do what he does best and that’s being a boxer/puncher. If he goes out there and is smart, I think he will be a problem for Spence.

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    both his chin and his heart are the reason hes not a champion right now. Some fighters have all the skills, lack the rest needed to be great.