Eddie Chambers: “I need to be fighting good level fights against the top guys in the world because I believe I have that kind of ability”

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I recently had a chance to speak with heavyweight contender, ‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers. After a rough patch in his career, Chambers reinvented himself by teaming up with UK trainer, Peter Fury. Now under the tutelage of Fury, Eddie experienced a successful return to the sport, winning five fights in 2014 and is climbing back up the ranks in the division.

In this interview, I get Eddie’s thoughts on his future plans and who he’s aiming to fight next. Chambers also speaks about potential fights with former champions, Antonio Tarver and Shannon Briggs. Lastly, ‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers speaks in depth about Deontay Wilder’s title winning fight over Bermane Stiverne, as well as the highly anticipated Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Here is what Eddie Chambers had to say.

Robert Brown: 2014 was about getting you back in the ring and getting your body in good shape. Who would you like to fight this year? Are you targeting anyone specifically?

Eddie Chambers: At this point it’s whoever I can get to take these fights. It’s not gonna be an easy thing and really right now there’s no one in particular. I’m looking at Wilder and Stiverne and their fight, any of these guys. I’m not pointing at anyone in particular.

I just want to have a good meaningful fight that will get me rated, at least to top ten or top fifteen this year. If it happens, I will be very happy, but if it doesn’t, I can’t say I didn’t expect it to be this way. This is just how boxing is in this day and age and it’s really difficult to make a real living as far at that level.

Of course I can go ahead and fight journeymen constantly, fight maybe ten or fifteen fights a year and make maybe what I can make in one fight if I’m fighting at the right level, but to me that’s not winning, that’s losing. That’s fighting at a level that I believe I’m above and that’s no disrespect to the guys at that level but I just feel like I need to be fighting good level fights and great fighters and against the top guys in the world because I believe I have that kind of ability.

Like I said, we can keep doing that for maybe six to seven times a year and just train and stay in the gym year round, but then I’ll be getting more of a beating in the gym than I would be in the ring and I’m not making any money for it. What’s the point at that point?

Robert Brown: Would you be interested in fighting someone like Antonio Tarver and Shannon Briggs?

Eddie Chambers: Those are good fights and those are great fighters. Those guys have done great things in their careers and honestly they are in the same position that a lot of these other guys are at that are looking for these big fights.

To be honest with you, I’m not sure those guys are really interested in the fights that I’m gonna be bringing because they’re gonna be looking for six to seven figure paydays, that’s what these guys are into, they’re not into fighting for peanuts.

These guys are former world titlists, they’re not looking to say, “Okay, give me the hardest fight I can find for as little money as possible,” that’s basically what I would be bringing to the table for them. They’re looking at it like, “Why in the world would I need to fight Eddie Chambers? What does that do for me? Where does that take me?”

In their eyes, they’re already past where I am, as far as the current standings of the heavyweights, so what’s the point in taking a step back to bring me into the fold, so I can go and beat one of them and take their position and then get a little bit more hype and then me getting their opportunity at a future title shot? They’re not stupid, they’re not willing to take that kind of a chance and risk that much. It’s very unlikely but I’d be welcome to fight whatever.

Robert Brown: What did you think of Deontay Wilder’s performance over Bermane Stiverne?

Eddie Chambers: Honestly, I was a bit surprised to a degree because Wilder actually stayed disciplined and actually went and boxed, but when he did hurt him, he went back to his old Wilder techniques. He went out there and tried to take his head off and threw any kind of punch to do it.

I still think there are elements of greenness there and inexperience because when you get a guy hurt, you gotta take your time and find the spots. I think he’s missing a few of those things, but he did a much better job than I would have thought he would have done but then again, it was how I expected as far as what Stiverne would do.

I thought Stiverne would be able to be slick and do some things in there but the fights that I’ve watched when he was doing that was against smaller guys, closer to his size and they were come forward fighters. Wilder’s people were smart and said, “We’re gonna make this guy come to use because if you go to him, then you’re taking a chance.” It worked and they stuck to the gameplan and that’s why he’s champion of the world right now.

Robert Brown: Can you give us your thoughts on the big Mayweather-Pacquiao fight now that it’s going to happen?

Eddie Chambers: I think it’s happened later than it should have. It’s still popular, it’s still gonna be the biggest fight in boxing but I just think that a couple of years back, before the Tim Bradley and Marquez situation with Pacquiao happened — and even Floyd having these fights with Maidana, even though he still dominated to a degree and stayed on top and won the fights — it’s still taken a little bit out because now people are looking at Floyd and Pacquiao like they lost a step.

It’s not quite what Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins II was, it’s not that bad but still these guys have lost a little bit of a step so it’s not as popular as it could be. I think if they would have met a few years ago, $300 million, they could have generated maybe even more of that. It was that big of a fight and they were at the peak of their careers and it would have been incredible.

I still think it will be tough early for Floyd Mayweather because I think Pacquiao is gonna come out with that aggression and he’s gonna come out with the southpaw stance, throwing a lot of fast hard combination. But I think over the course of a few rounds, Floyd will figure it out and understand what he needs to do, and in time it will be a potshot contest, where he’s basically painting a picture on his face, one shot at a time. I think that will happen eventually over the course of the fight.

Pacquiao will get in there and he’ll be kind of shocked of how strong Mayweather is and then how fast and how sharp and precise his punches are. Mayweather probably hits a little harder than people give him credit for as well, so he will get that respect. Once Mayweather gets that respect out of Manny, Manny won’t be coming in throwing seventeen punches at a time trying to get to him.

It’s just like when Manny Pacquiao fought Marquez, those fights were razor thin and that’s because Pacquiao respected Marquez, not only his boxing ability but also his power. It just looks to me like Floyd Mayweather is favorite and over the course of five to seven rounds, it will start to become pretty one sided going down the stretch.

I think Manny’s tough, he’s been caught with that one in a million shot by Marquez but other than that, he’s never been stopped with a shot to the head. I think Floyd will go in there being smart, being safe and taking chances only when he has to, when it’s called upon, but I think he’s going to box his way to another win. It’s not gonna be that simple, it will be hard early but he’ll get through it I believe.

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19 Responses to "Eddie Chambers: “I need to be fighting good level fights against the top guys in the world because I believe I have that kind of ability”"
  1. erap says:

    Whom did Floyd TKO/KO/KD in his last 5 fights ?

    Ortiz does not count as it was a joke.

    Floyd’s got no power punches.

    Manny’s gonna steamroll him.

    Manny’s gonna bloody r@pe him.

  2. lds says:

    Once Mayweather gets that respect out of Manny, Manny won’t be coming in throwing seventeen punches at a time trying to get to him.

    Once Mayweather DOESN’T gets that respect out of Manny .. LIGHTS OUT SO CALLED TBE

  3. iriga city boy says:

    Floyd and Eddie Chambers must not forget that Pacquiao can ‘whack’,too. Mayweather will be surprised.
    The man in front of Floyd on May 2, 2013 is not named Corley,Zudah,Sosa,Bruseles ,Maidana,or Guerrero,just to name a few.Pacquiao will get hit with those “rights” of Floyd, but can Floyd handle the ‘haymakers’ that Pacquiao can dish out?It is not one way,a Floyd’s way everytime.Welcome to the unknown,Floyd!! on May 2.If Mosley ,Hatton and Cotto were able to hit Floyd,the destroyer from the Philippines will hit some,too.And that chance,from now till May 2 can give ‘fearful dreams” to Floyd.
    Boards and plywood don’t hit back,Mr.Chambers!!,Pacquiao will !!

  4. mike says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA………sorry guys eddie chambers is joking………..anyway they are both clowns in the making

  5. It takes 42 rounds before marquez finally figure out paquiao tricks he suffered 5 knockdowns before finally shot the pacman ironacally he and nacho does’nt want to fight paquiao again…..underdog paquiao is very very dangerous he beat the olympic gold medalist de la joya..it seems no reason not to beat the bronze medalist..mayweather..

  6. PELTANO says:

    I totally disagree with Chamber’s breakdown with Mayweather-Pacquiao fight… Mosley, Cotto and Maidana are no Pacquiao… If these fighters succeeded on hurting Mayweather a couple of times, well Pacman is another story.. Let’s just see who’s the real deal…

    • PELTANO says:


  7. I would say Rev. Emmanuel
    Pacquio is a man that comes
    once in a life time…
    He can easily beat Floyd Jr.
    Watch the fight in May 2/15,
    you’ see what I mean…

  8. kitty says:

    You think so chambers… but most likely Pacman will outbox Floyd till his face swollen and give up. On May 2 Pacman will get his another win. Holla!

  9. kitty says:

    The lateral movements of Pacman combined with speed and power will absolutely deliver a first loss to floydie….I can’t wait to see and hear floydie saying to interviewer that he fought a best fighter in the world giving compliments to pacman.

  10. Mateng says:

    Yeah, he’ll be shocked asking how come this guy is undefeated? What’s so special about running, clinging and whining on the referee?

  11. Floyd VS the world, the strenghth of all boxing fans will be against Floyd on May 2. Fear and doubts will eat Floyd’s game plan and will succumb to the relentless agression of the midget.

  12. barry gil r. pilar says:

    ..Who the hell is this clown? I havent heard his name in boxing circles. Who is Eddie Chambers? nAh!

  13. Eths says:

    I’m a very loyal supporter of Pacquiao but i share the same view as Chambers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd displays a very good performance against Pacquiao. People think that he looked bad against Maidana because he’s lost a step but i think that Maidana hitting so hard has affected Floyd’s performance. However, i think that Floyd’s power is more respectable now compared to when he fought Marquez as i don’t expect him to be “clean” following the expose about his blood test that came out positive in his fight with Mosley, Cotto and Guerrero. And there is no indication to suggest that he is “clean” now considering the size of his next opponents afterwards. Going back to Pacquiao, his power is good only at Junior Welter but at Welterweight, he doesn’t pack a killer punch. So i hope that team Pacquiao focuses on adding power to Pacquiao’s training because power and speed will matter a lot on this fight, aside from, of course, fight plan/tactics. And i hope he doesn’t become too confident because he has never fought a fighter as smart as Floyd in the ring.

  14. edel says:

    Good Luck Manny!!! We’re proud of our “Pambansang Kamao”

  15. Jonas Lucas says:

    I still believe Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather, obviously as you can see to their record Pacquiao has 38 KO’s compared to MaMayweather’s 26. And in terms of speed, Pacquiao got the advantage. So, Pacquiao is quicker than Mayweather plus hits harder than Mayweather.

  16. Jessie Lenz says:

    Whatever… Manny has the edge to beat Floyd. But he should not be too complacent to think that Floyd has no Power to knock him out.. He should employ the same tactic when he fought Cotto and Marquez that will be the best to fight Floyd. However, Manny should avoid / abandon his double jab, which gives his opponent the timing to counter punch him.. Even against Algeire he used to do that and Algeire has timed him not only once but maybe thrice. The good thing Algeire’s hand does not have the same power as Marquez. If not, sorry to say this.. He should have been kayoed by Algeire in that fight. Manny please review your fight against Algeire to see those critical mistakes.. Floyd for sure will use the same power as Marquez did.

  17. waititi says:

    the last time i’ve seen pac this motivated was against cotto, the fire in the belly is back.. welcome to the pac jungle floyd, i hope your ready for a night of hellfire.. tik tak, may 2 is coming floyd.. don’t wet your pants too early okay, you’ve done too much already..

  18. Laughingatyou says:

    Well, it’s pretty clear there will be some pretty upset people come May 2nd. Pacquiao isn’t going to beat Floyd, not even on his best day. Floyd will be too smart, too slick and too good for Pacquiao. I agree with Eddie, Pacquiao will have some success early, but not enough to slow Floyd down in the later rounds where Floyd will have Pacquiao figured out and start picking Pacquiao apart. Great fight, but Floyd is a clear favorite and you’ll see why May 2nd.

    All of you that are so confident Pacquiao will win, this is your chance to win a lot of money. Why not risk your house, your childrens college funds and your vehicles by betting on the 4 to 1 underdog Pacquiao? If ya’ll are really that confident, put your money where your mouth is.